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We aim to unite like-minded individuals with a passion to become more self reliant, self sufficient, and to build a homesteading lifestyle, regardless if they live on 100 acres in the country, or on the 34th floor of a tower block. A homesteading lifestyle is different for everyone, but one of the best things you can ever do to fight back against big corporations, poor food quality, transport related pollution, and to just enhance your life, is to take control of where your food comes from. To grow your own, or source as much of it locally as you can is a massive statement. It doesn’t matter if you are new to homesteading, living off the land, growing your own food and vegetables, harvesting, rearing animals, we at Better Homesteading are here to help. There are many components to the homesteading lifestyle, and these can be different for everyone. Some people love living in the city, building an urban homestead in the city can be hugely rewarding (and it saves on the bill for shopping at Whole Foods!). Many people live in, or love the idea of moving to the country and building a smallholding or micro-homestead on an acre or two. This is a great dream, and is achievable with a little vision and planning. Whatever your homesteading dream, we are excited to build Better Homesteading into a community hub where those of us that want to kick the conventional lifestyle in the butt, and build our small homestead where we can live the self sufficient dream, can meet like-minded people to share our journey with.
2021-12-09 16:36
There has been a lot of discussions lately about the benefits of fermented foods. But does cooking fermented food kill the bacteria in the foods that make them beneficial? Does warming versu… Read More
2021-12-02 16:51
A question I get on a fairly consistent basis is can you freeze homemade sauerkraut? Many people like the idea of making a gargantuan batch of this king of fermented vegetables and then not… Read More
2021-11-30 14:21
From a reader who is keen to start making their own sauerkraut, I got this question in the last couple of days. “Can you make sauerkraut with red cabbage?” They had been looking… Read More
2020-04-16 18:58
Termites can be a real bother if left unattended; they can devastate your house if ignored. They work in numbers, and it does not take the long to chew through a structural beam, thus leadin… Read More
2020-04-15 18:32
How long a termite treatment will last vary dependant on the treatment type, the kinds of materials and chemicals used, and who performs the install. That being said though, it is good termi… Read More
2018-02-04 11:31
Are you looking for smoking alternatives that produce higher temperatures? Are you looking to use a flavored smoke alternative to traditional briquette? Then smoking with lump charcoal or ch… Read More
2018-01-12 11:38
Digital thermometers are devices that are used to take temperature readings orally. Most of them are made such that they use their resistive aspects to take the readings.As a result of this… Read More
2018-01-12 11:21
In this article, I'm going to provide you with the specific steps you need to learn how to season a new smoker or grill. The same procedure can be used for seasoning an offset smoker or an e… Read More
2018-01-07 19:19
I love to grill, smoke and barbecue. I use wood, charcoal and natural gas, depending on how I'm feeling and the task at hand. One question I hear a lot is, "How long does a propane tank last… Read More
2017-11-03 14:15
Climate change is upon us, or so so the scientists say. Yeah, there are plenty of naysayers out there too, it's often difficult to know who is right and who is wrong.But even going back 10 y… Read More
2017-10-16 20:51
There is nothing more useful to the larger homestead or property than a tractor. And even more useful than the tractor itself is all the really handy hydraulic attachments you can run from i… Read More
2017-10-16 15:53
Many people go out and make an impulse purchase of an expensive log splitter, without even giving consideration to the question, 'what size log splitter do I need to do the job quickly and e… Read More
2017-10-14 19:24
Having spent a lot of my adult life using firewood as the means of heating my home, I've struggled with axes and splitting wedges to prepare firewood for the winter. It's good manual labor… Read More
2017-10-09 16:06
Bokashi tea is the liquid that is generated from the kitchen scraps you compost in your Bokashi bin. The greater the amount of food waster that is fermenting in the bin, the more of the liqu… Read More
2017-10-09 13:00
Ladybugs have long been seen as a great friend to have in your garden. But when there appear in massive numbers, many people look for DIY ladybug pest control strategies to mitigate the infe… Read More
2017-10-08 17:45
How long to ferment sauerkraut? I guess the answer you're not looking for depends! But to put you out of you're misery, sauerkraut fermented under ideal conditions should take around… Read More
2017-10-07 09:53
I had an email from a reader of the site the other day, who had read my article about Bokashi composting [link] and was worried. It went something like this:'Dear Steve, I have maggots in my… Read More
2017-09-29 11:41
How long does Kimchi last? This is a question that I get asked time and time again. Not just be people who follow my fermenting antics, but by friends and family who I invite (read...force!)… Read More
2017-09-10 12:18
Welcome to this guide to making water kefir. We’ve done all we can to make the process of making your first batch of tasty water kefir as painless, and successful as possible.Understan… Read More
2017-09-09 15:02
If you haven’t heard of trench composting (AKA in-situ composting) and you’re the sort of person who likes to maximize efficiency, while minimizing hard labor, then composting di… Read More
2017-09-06 14:06
If you’ve got Bermuda grass as your lawn, you’ll know it’s a super tough, resilient type of grass, great for heavily used lawns (pets, kids?) But that resilience comes at a… Read More
2017-09-03 17:37
This article is going to focus on a cheap (and often free) sustainability project you can do in a very short time. We're going to be looking at how to make your own rain barrel system t… Read More
2017-09-02 17:50
Welcome to this uber detailed guide on how to make kefir milk. I’ve done all we can to make the process of making your first batch of milk kefir at home as painless, and successful as… Read More

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