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The Holistic Therapy Directory is a unique marketing suite than helps holistic therapists generate leads and clients in their local area. Holistic Practices can promote locally, nationally or globally.
2023-09-02 18:36
For decades, gurus have been singing the praises of meditation as the cure for all of our aches and pains, both mental and physical. It’s been touted as a certain path to tranquility a… Read More
2023-08-30 12:36
What is Grief?Grief is a natural part of being human. The emotions that come with grief are complex and can go beyond what we might have imagined.It's a deeply personal journey that cannot b… Read More
2023-02-20 03:49
The first episode of the 21 Virtues podcast, featuring survivalist and former military member EJ Snyder, is a thought-provoking exploration of the Spirit Warrior mindset. Snyder's experience… Read More
2023-02-11 03:58
The secrets are in the plants. To elicit them, you have to love them enough. - George WashingtonPlant MedicinePlants have been utilized by people since B.C., in the form of herbs, as a topic… Read More
2023-01-27 07:21
There is always a potential that you may lose concentration, have continual anxiety about specific things, unable to get better sleep, always be in a foul mood, and occasionally notice yours… Read More
2023-01-18 17:00
Our network assists individuals in obtaining what they desire for their health, healing, the people around them, and themselves.We also consider ourselves a community where we work or collab… Read More
2023-01-05 15:27
What is Reiki?Nowadays life is full of inevitable challenges, where self-care is vital. Reiki is considered one of the best self-care activities.Building a self-care plan requires us to lear… Read More
2023-01-02 15:40
The indigenous Khoisan people of South Africa's Capearea had long utilized the plant buchu as medicine and thought it was an elixir of youth. It is a protected plant and a member of the… Read More
2023-01-02 09:01
If you're having trouble regaining your energy and feeling caught in a rut— it is because you need to start taking care of yourself. How many of us ignore the signs of self care.You ma… Read More
2022-10-18 14:00
WHAT IS REIKI?The Japanese word "universal life energy" is Reiki. It is a complementary medicine that says it may address body, mind and spiritual issues. It's sometimes referred… Read More
2022-10-02 16:19
Let’s say you’ve entered a stage in your life wherein you are now monitoring every food and beverage you consume. Not that we’re implica… Read More
2022-08-27 19:51
Psychotherapy has been with us for many centuries but the “talking cure” that we know of today came into use in the 19th century.  A boring fa… Read More
2022-07-23 15:18
Growing hemp has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. The main reason that federal law has changed is to allow individuals to grow industrial hemp on their farms… Read More
2022-07-20 10:07
An essential oil called CBD is made from hemp plants. It has been used for decades to treat ailments like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other conditions. CBD can assist vetera… Read More
2022-07-19 06:50
WHAT IS ENERGY MEDICINE, AND HOW CAN WE USE IT TO HEAL?Energy Medicine is a holistic approach to mind, body, and soul healing. It is an evolutionary practice that recognizes the… Read More
2022-06-25 09:10
 WILDERNESS THERAPY “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit”. Edward Abbey The wil… Read More
2022-06-14 04:32
BEETROOT JUICEBeetroots (Beta vulgaris) are a type of root vegetable that is also known as red beet, table beet, garden beet, or just beet. They belong to the Chenopodiaceae family, which in… Read More
2022-06-03 18:16
Holistic Medicine may be the best route for your health: find out why with these four reasons!Holistic medicine is not a new buzzword; it is a philosophy and practice that has existed for ce… Read More
2021-09-26 13:13
What is Angel Therapy?Humans like to live in peaceful environments and this is why they strive to keep their life peaceful. Every human dreams of living a blissful and comfortable life, in w… Read More
2021-09-16 23:08
In summer, mosquito season reaches its peak, and mosquito bites become a common problem. Mosquito bites are not only itchy and painful, but mosquitoes also transmit diseases such as malaria… Read More
2021-05-22 14:02
The world is changing and oftentimes not for the better. However, one aspect that is changing for the better is how we live our lives and how we are trying to make how we live — an exa… Read More
2020-10-15 13:43
There are tiny unseen invaders found everywhere in the house corners such as in the air, cupboard, counter and bed. These invaders make your house dangerous for your health and hygiene depen… Read More
2020-06-30 14:21
Earth is an ever-evolving planet with millions of species inhabiting worldwide. From eye-catchy flora to the unique fauna, every kingdom has its features and antiquities. One such kingdom is… Read More
2020-05-15 17:20
Air quality is essential for a good quality of life, especially for those with allergies and asthma, who may be hypersensitive to the quality of the air around them. The Environmental Protec… Read More
2020-05-15 16:49
Sleep is one of the most important parts of life. After all, it accounts for almost a third of a person’s lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to make the most of sleep, and… Read More
2020-03-13 12:55
Eczema is a condition that can cause a lot of distress for the people who suffer from this problem. However, eczema can be managed with the right natural remedies and the professional advice… Read More
2019-12-10 21:45
Losing weight should be easier than ever thanks to the many quick-fix weight loss methods available these days. However, the reality is quite different, because those quick-fix weight loss m… Read More
2019-11-01 02:35
There are many natural ingredients that have proven to be beneficial for the human body. However, one of the less known - but still extremely beneficial for health - is black seed oil. The n… Read More
2019-08-15 02:19
The web has replaced all the traditional methods of marketing & advertisement in the last three decades. In fact, we can safely say that the “World Wide Web” has indeed revol… Read More
2019-07-09 16:48
In the past year, I have struggled tremendously with dental problems. Last November, I was hit with a dental abscess, which frankly gave me the worst pain I ever experienced in my life perio… Read More
2019-06-18 12:31
Have you been wanting to set up your own holistic therapy business for years, but not really sure how to get started? No need to worry, as this useful guide will tell you everything you need… Read More
2019-06-18 08:31
When it comes to holistic therapies, aromatherapy is among the oldest holistic treatments. It was integrally a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is designed to treat specific di… Read More
2019-06-07 21:51
In most straightforward words, a hearing aid is a small device that can be likened to a PA system. The hearing aids are made of four components, which are the m… Read More
2019-05-30 19:27
If you’ve been doing a general yoga routine for weight loss but don’t seem to be making any headway on your goal, you might want to take a step back and look at the asanas you&rs&hell…Read More
2019-03-24 17:12
Most of you already know several benefits of traditional psychotherapy but adding a holistic approach can be even more effective.  Why holistic?  This approach (addressing the mind… Read More
2019-03-15 09:07
A practice that is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture as a holistic health therapy is one of the most beneficial holistic therapies available today. You may find it har… Read More
2019-03-13 18:59
One of the main branches of holistic health therapies encompasses aromatherapy, which is the use of aromatic essential oils for pain relief. Aromatherapy specializes in the use of essential… Read More
2019-03-03 17:39
Lately, my mail box has been flooded with feedbacks from coaches. They share their greatest challenge and deepest concern in their business. “I put in a lot more effort preparing my co… Read More
2019-01-27 18:29
Very few names in the modern day go hand in hand with natural health or holistic living. If you believe in the thought that mother nature gives us all you need to remain healthy in a world s… Read More
2018-12-20 15:34
The Supplements of 21st Century: Combining Modern Technology & Organic Ingredients for Supreme HealthThe dawn of the 21st century has brought about a remarkable revolution of our underst… Read More
2018-05-12 18:24
Sleep, like water, is the one thing that you can't do without. It's even more important than what you eat, though what you eat can also be detrimental to your sleep. It is a sad fact that ma… Read More
2018-03-07 03:11
On Valentine’s Day, something amazing happened.  My 3-year-old son Eric ate a few of the heart chocolates I had given him, and then unwrapped the next one and asked, “Can I… Read More

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