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2020-09-06 09:33
Have you ever wondered how to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria? or the best Bitcoin investment in Nigeria? Then let's show you the most ideal one out there. Even if it's Tron (Trx) you want to… Read More
How Important Is The Software Interface?
2019-07-26 13:27
When you are designing software, you need to look at it from the perspective of the user. Many people who use specific packages are not experienced in software design or complicated tech pro… Read More
2018-08-09 10:46
The given below is a Pascal Program of Matrix Multiplication that takes advantage of the logic behind matricesWhat it does is use the FOR loop statement in Pascal to multiply a matrix (A) wi… Read More
Is NNU Income Program Yet Another Scam?
2018-08-06 19:15
NNU Income Program (NIP) is one of the latest money-making schemes that is currently trending on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Bing.The registration and promotion must have also beco… Read More
Best Weather App For Android 2018
2018-06-11 12:19
Best Weather App For Android 2018: Being able to predict the weather at any point in time with the best weather apps has its advantages.Why would anyone want to install smartphone weather ap… Read More
How To Make Money On Topbuzz [Instantly]
2018-04-12 09:44
You are definitely wondering, how can I get views on Topbuzz, how can I make money on Topbuzz, and what's the working Topbuzz earnings trick in April 2018?Does this sound like you?That would… Read More
How To Get Retweet Link On Twitter
2018-03-11 10:54
How to get retweet link on Twitter are steps outlined in this post. A Twitter URL enables you to share the content found on this Social network on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram as… Read More
How Fivebuckx Works - Register And Login
2018-03-10 13:17
How Works - Register and 5buckx login: You may be wondering, what Is, Is Fivebuckx real?,  Is Fivebuckx legit?, Abi diz scammers don come again? ㈴……Read More
2018-02-28 15:58
On sites like Movietube, you can watch HD Movies, and TV Series online for free.Movies categorized in Genres on MovieTube alternative websites like, 123Movietube… Read More
Best Movies About Silicon Valley
2018-02-27 13:52
Movies about Silicon Valley try to depict the startup Tech culture of people and companies in Silicon Valley.At first thought, What is Silicon Valley and Is it actually a Valley?I'll tell yo… Read More
Amazon Nigeria Shipping Address
2018-02-26 18:31
You may be wondering, does Amazon ship to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, as well as some other African countries?Yes, they do.Amazon shipping to Nigeria in 2018 involves series of simple process… Read More
Best Android Apps And Games For BB10 2018
2018-02-19 10:02
Given below, are the best Android Apps And Games For BB10 in 2018.BlackBerry10 devices such as Z10, Q10, Z30, and, Q5 have an impressive feature, which is being able to run Android apps… Read More
How To Find Bluetooth Received Files On Z10
2018-02-17 07:31
Given below, are steps on how to find Bluetooth received files on Z10 which is one of the BB10 smartphones.The Z10 as a smartphone from BlackBerry running on both the Android and BB10 operat… Read More
2018-02-16 10:45
How to remove audio from a video using VLC and Youtube, are steps outlined in this post.To each person, there's a reason if not more than one for wanting to delete the audio track from a vid… Read More
GooApple I7 IPhone 7 Clone Specs
2018-02-13 15:20
GooApple i7 iPhone 7 Clone Specs and Price:  The Gooapple i7, is an iPhone 7 replica made in China by the Chinese clone maker, Gooapple.The same was the case of 2014's iPhone 6, whose r… Read More
Blogger Social Media Buttons Widget
2018-02-12 10:55
This is a free social media widget for blogger that includes follow buttons to your social media accounts.It is one of the best blogger gadgets which allow your readers to follow y… Read More
Lagos ZIP Code Or Postal Code
2018-02-11 09:06
The Lagos ZIP Code for Ikeja, Surulere, Egbeda, Ikoyi, Yaba,  Ogba, Victoria Island, Lekki, Maryland, Satellite town, and many more regions in Lagos State have been given in this p… Read More
Flash Share For Android And BB10
2018-02-08 11:18
Flash Share For Android and BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5: The Flash Share For Android app is mostly used on smartphone devices running on Google's Android operating system.But then, can Flash Sha… Read More
2018-02-08 09:00
Disable Right Click CSS/HTML For Blogger: Learn how to disable right click on blogger to stop copy paste of your blog's content.We'll be looking at the effects a simple click on the rig… Read More
Update Facebook Status Via Fake Device
2018-02-07 20:30
Now, you can update your Facebook StatusVia Gadgets like iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox, iPad, and iPod even without using any of these.Been seeing your friend's posts on Faceboook indicating that… Read More
How To Install A Blogger Template 2018
2018-02-07 20:07
Given below are steps on how to install a blogger template in 2018 and if you're searching for this topic, then I believe you have successfully created your blog and want to improve its desi… Read More
How To Hide Videos On Java - Video Hider
2018-02-07 20:06
This tutorial will show you how to hide videos on java phones or put a lock on videos in order to create some privacy on your phone when it is locked.Java or S40 phones unlike devi… Read More
GTB Internet Banking Login Details
2018-02-07 10:34
Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking Nigeria, as well as Online banking platforms managed by Diamond, Access, and Zenith banks, make it easy for their account holders to carry out transactio… Read More
Help! My Galaxy S6 Won't Turn On
2018-02-06 15:55
An issue among some users of either the Samsung S6 or S6 Edge smartphone is that their Galaxy S6 won't turn on or charge.If you are experiencing this you may be wondering, what do I do if my… Read More
IPhone 5S Price In Nigeria
2018-02-04 10:09
iPhone 5S Price in Nigeria: The iPhone 5S was released in September 2013 by the California-based smartphone manufacturer, Apple.Five years later, it isn't an uncommon smartphone among mobile… Read More
IPhone 7 Price In Nigeria
2018-02-04 04:09
iPhone 7 Price in Nigeria: Wondering how much is iPhone 7 in Nigeria in order to make a budget for your next iPhone?I'll tell you, but wait a second!😉The price of iPhone 7 in Ni… Read More
IPhone 6 Price In Nigeria
2018-02-03 13:46
iPhone 6 Price in Nigeria: If you're wondering how much is iPhone 6 in Nigeria, then we've got you covered.This legendary smartphone from the California-based Brand, Apple, launched in 2014… Read More
Gionee S11 Specs And Price
2018-02-03 05:46
Gionee S11 Gsmarena Specs and Price: Three smartphones released in the Gionee S series with varying features are the Gionee S11, S11 Lite, and S11s.Their China-based manufacturer, Gionee, de… Read More
Gionee S11 Lite Specs And Price
2018-02-02 13:24
Gionee S11 Lite Gsmarena Specs and Price: Released in November 2017 by the China-based smartphone company, Gionee, is the Gionee S11 lite.This phone is a variant in the new S series tha… Read More
2018-02-01 08:08
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Gsmarena Specs and Price: Released by the China-based smartphone company in December 2017, is the Xiaomi Redmi 5.As a developer of one of the best Android devices that are cur… Read More
Gionee Steel 3 Specs And Price
2018-01-31 11:26
Gionee Steel 3 Specs and Price: The Steel 3 smartphone from the Chinese Company, Gionee, was released in late 2017.As with most of the devices from this brand and a reputable known fact, the… Read More
Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Android
2018-01-15 12:02
An Auto call recorder Android app automatically keeps track of all calls made on your smartphone.Some calls relay important information whose detail must be remembered precisely,Some from a… Read More
Free Ringtones For Android 2018
2018-01-13 18:24
Free Ringtones For Android, Name Ringtone: Your phone's ringtone can be an appealing sound that turns heads or a non-appealing sound that every one wishes would just end before it even begin… Read More
10 Free Flashlight Apps For Android
2018-01-13 18:12
Free Flashlight Apps For Android: A flashlight/torch on Android is one of the most important and most used utilities including an Alarm, Calendar, Notepad, and Calculator.Several reasons tha… Read More
Tecno Camon CM Specs And Price
2018-01-09 21:22
The Tecno Camon CM (C MORE) is the latest variant in the Camon series and a successor to 2017's Camon CX and CX Air.It is a midrange device from the Chinese smartphone company, Tecno Mobile… Read More
Android Games Like GTA
2017-12-18 11:13
For lovers of Action crime games, Grand Theft Auto as the best and most popular would be their first pick.But then,There are other Android action-adventure games like GTA that would allow yo… Read More
Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor
2017-12-14 07:52
For users of the Windows OS on a Laptop, Tablet, or PC, experiencing a Windows Black screen with cursor on booting or sudden freezing of Windows might be inevitable.How well you arm yourself… Read More
Windows 10 Activator
2017-12-05 07:46
Windows 10 Activator: As common is knowledge, there are various versions of the Windows Operating System.Not limited to these, we have the Windows 7, 8, and the latest Windows 10, each of wh… Read More
Best Android App Ad Blocker
2017-11-30 09:24
An Android App Ad Blocker does precisely what its name says!Imagine if you've successfully downloaded an app, and it has cool features even ones you'd not expected.But then,The app is clumsy… Read More
Best Android Music Downloader Apps
2017-11-28 21:23
At one point or the other, any Android smartphone user must have wondered,How do I download music on my Android phone?orWhat is the best free music download app for Android?If the same has b… Read More
Xiaomi Redmi 5A Specs And Price
2017-11-27 16:31
Xiaomi Redmi 5A Specs: A successor to the Xiaomi 4A recently launched by the world's largest smartphone company Xiaomi, is the Xiaomi Redmi 5A.The mi 5A was first launched in China in Octobe… Read More
Gionee P8M Specs And Price
2017-11-27 16:07
Gionee P8Max Specs and Price: The Gionee P8M is one of the latest smartphones released by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Gionee.This manufacturer has ensured that everyone has a device… Read More
Huawei Honor 6C Pro Specs And Price
2017-11-25 07:18
Huawei Honor 6C Pro Specs: Launched by the Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei in October 2017, is the Huawei Honor 6C Pro also known as the Honor V9 Play in China.It is a successor t… Read More
BlackBerry Motion Specs And Price
2017-11-24 12:07
BlackBerry Motion Specs: The Canadian smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry, reputably known for designing devices with QWERTY keyboard layout, has released another high-end device runnin… Read More
2017-11-23 07:43
An Android Arsenal is a collection of resources, each serving a particular purpose.These resources include open source tools for the development of Applications, Games, and Utilities majorly… Read More
10 Best Android Download Manager 2018
2017-11-22 13:08
An Android Download Manager is an application that features top sites you can download music, movies, games, apps, ringtones, themes etc from.This Manager organizes all your downloads in one… Read More
10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives
2017-11-20 22:49
Best Alternative App Stores to Google Play Store: Third-party Android app stores provide a market for you to download Android Apps, Games and Ebooks either for free or a stipend.Other than s… Read More
10 Best Android Tower Defense Games
2017-11-19 22:06
Little wonders what a game can do for you especially if it is one of the best tower defense games in 2017.Starting with the relaxation of your mind, development of your logical skills, turni… Read More
How To Remove Glass Screen Protector
2017-11-19 03:39
Here's how to remove a glass screen protector on iPhone, Android, and Tablets, and replace it with a new tempered glass screen protector.What is a Tempered Glass ScreenThe glass is usually k… Read More
Best Weather Apps For Android 2018
2017-11-18 04:39
Being able to predict the weather at any point in time with the best weather apps has its advantages.Why would anyone want to install smartphone weather apps and weather widgets on their And… Read More
15 Best Android Games 2018
2017-11-17 05:55
You might agree with me that:Everyone loves games.Now if the above statement is false, I'll like to believe those who do not, have not found any of the best android games offline, that can c… Read More
10 Best Android Video Player Apps 2018
2017-11-15 17:58
Best Android Video Player and HD player Apps 2018: Android phones can be an excellent source of entertainment especially when you use the best media player apps on them.When one compares the… Read More
20 Best Iphone Apps 2018
2017-11-14 22:57
Best free apps for the iPhone: The iPhone is the most expensive and popular smartphone in the world.Due to its popularity, even those who haven't used an iPhone, at one time or the other hav… Read More
12 Best Root Apps For Android 2018
2017-11-14 00:15
Top Apps to Download After Rooting Android 2018: Rooting of a phone is a process of granting administrative privileges to specific features and settings via ROM flashing.Rooting an Android h… Read More
2017-11-02 17:43
Gionee X1S Specs and Price: China based smartphone manufacturer, Gionee, has released the Gionee X1S as an upgraded variant of the X1 launched in August, 2017.When one makes mention of… Read More
Nokia 7 Specs And Price
2017-11-02 04:23
Nokia 7 Specifications: In numerical form, we have the Nokia 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and now, the Nokia 7 also launched by HMD Global, a Finnish company with the license to sell their devices using th… Read More
2017-11-01 17:52
Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL Specs: On first thought of the name Google, what comes to mind is either the Google search engine, Google AdSense, YouTube, Gmail, or the Android operating system.All… Read More
Tecno Spark K7 GsmArena Specs And Price
2017-10-30 08:45
Tecno Spark K7 GsmArena Specs and Price:  Lately, the China based smartphone company, Tecno mobile has been launching devices in different segments of the market.This way, they hav… Read More
Tecno Phantom 8 GsmArena Specs And Price
2017-10-29 14:40
Tecno Phantom 8 Review, Specifications and Price: The latest smartphone from the China based company and Africa’s leading mobile phone manufacturer Tecno Mobile, is the Phantom 8… Read More
2017-09-23 07:49
Iphone X Gsmarena Specs and Price: The Iphone X is one of the three devices launched in September 2017 by Apple, the others being the Iphone 8 and 8 Plus.Of the trio, this smartphone is… Read More
Iphone 8 Gsmarena Specs And Price
2017-09-16 20:12
Iphone 8 Gsmarena Specs and Price: Three of the latest smartphones released by Apple in September 2017 are the Iphone 8, 8 plus and Iphone X.These high end devices are a successor to 2016's… Read More
Apple IPhone 7 Plus Gsmarena Specs & Price
2017-09-15 07:07
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Gsmarena Review, Specs and Price in Nigeria: The iPhone 7 Plus is a smartphone released by Apple inline with their pattern of designing a higher model of the year's… Read More
Apple IPhone 7 Gsmarena Specs & Price
2017-09-15 07:07
Apple iPhone 7 Gsmarena Review, Specifications and Price in Nigeria: Recently released by the Californian based tech giant, Apple are the IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus as predecessors… Read More
Infinix Hot 5 Lite Gsmarena Specs And Price
2017-09-02 10:04
Infinix Hot 5 Lite gsmarena specs: The Hot 5 as the latest phone released by Infinix Mobility has a variant, which is the Infinix Hot 5 Lite.Should you be excited or not?For its price, defin… Read More
Infinix Hot 5 Gsmarena Specs And Price
2017-08-25 18:30
Infinix Hot 5 Gsmarena Specs and Price: Infinix Hot 5 and Hot 5 Lite are the latest devices from the Chinese smartphone company, Infinix Mobility.Released about a month after the launch of t… Read More

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