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The posts are about Self-Improvement, Success, Business Online, or Laptop Lifestyle while some of them are genuine stories which reflect bits of my Life, my Thoughts, and my Adventures throughout this world. The objective of my posts and articles is to unveil, disclose, and reveal information, advice, and useful tips.
2023-01-25 10:32
To be the person you want to be, you need to take a few steps Who is the person you want to be? Let's start with this provocative question. The cruel truth is that many have a very vague id… Read More
2023-01-17 09:35
The topics that baby boomers search on YouTube do stick out How do baby boomers search on YouTube? Is there a pattern or just random surfing around behavior? Reports state that 67% of bab… Read More
2022-12-15 03:03
There is a reason why your New Year starts today Your New Year starts today and not within four weeks. Reading my New Year Resolution blog from last year will give you a good entrance to my… Read More
2022-09-06 14:13
When you close a business deal, you are not selling, but... Close a business deal should always be the easiest part of a successful commercial relationship. If you are shaking like an autum… Read More
2022-08-16 10:31
Probably the best ways to make money from home To make money from home is something most people reading my blog posts would like to do. However, it could often be easier said than done. In… Read More
2022-07-19 07:52
How to know when it's time for you to retire? Finding out it's time for you to retire is not as easy as it seems. Typically, we take a standard path toward life, ending with retirement. The… Read More
2022-07-19 07:52
When you fail forward, you are already a winner To fail forward is part of the journey when entering the space of entrepreneurship. If you fail, and for sure you will do, to fail forward… Read More
2022-04-28 06:31
Nilichelewa kujiunga na masomo ya kidato cha tano, matokeo yalipotangazwa nimefaulu mtihani wa kidato cha nne, ilikuwa ni njema yenye msisimko. Iliyo nikuta kati kati ya kazi ya utengenezaji… Read More
2022-03-23 03:41
Are you still searching for the true way to success? Have you ever tried to find out the relationship between passion and the true way to success? This provocative question will probably in… Read More
2022-03-08 02:01
What the heck, I'm turning 70! Turning 70, yes, it's about to come within a few weeks. It's not a surprise; I have seen it coming for some time. But, three days ago, when for the first tim… Read More
2022-02-27 12:52
To stay wealthy after retirement is the path... Stay wealthy after retirement could sound easy, but it is a huge hurdle for many. To begin correctly, let's figure out what wealthiness rea… Read More
2022-02-20 12:02
For more Elysium''s Passage Blog Posts, go to for over 180 links or f… Read More
2022-02-20 12:02
Date: February 12, 2022 To: All Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada Re: Information on the COVID narrative Dear Members of Parliament For almost two years, I have ca… Read More
2022-02-05 22:32
Will wealth and time play your game when approaching retirement? Wealth and time are essential ingredients to a happy life. It sounds weird at first view, but let's slim it down and start f… Read More
2022-01-17 20:21
Do what you love to do starting today! To do what you love to do, I assume everybody would like to do in life. However, the reality is somewhat different. Your objections probably pop up f… Read More
2021-12-09 02:44
To start a new career could be the best you ever have done Start a new career and find the joy you always have been searching for. How many are not struggling through their lives just to… Read More
2021-12-09 02:44
If an hour for you will be longer or shorter than an hour depends on you. An hour for you is and will always be 60 minutes. But how come some people can achieve a lot during these 60 minute… Read More
2021-10-12 20:20
Make your golden age lifestyle feasible with the right mindset The golden age lifestyle is a dream for many but at the same time far away due to the missing mindset. The lifestyle for ret… Read More
2021-09-10 06:30
Happy retirement for everyone by default Happy retirement sounds so natural, but the truth is often the opposite. You work hard for many years. When approaching retirement, you start drea… Read More
2021-08-27 04:23
To disconnect to connect could be what you need right now Disconnect to connect, tune out to tune in, or unplug to unwind, and what else comes up in your mind? It's all about opposites and… Read More
2021-08-14 03:21
You only have one life to live! That's the snag... Sorry, but you only have one life to live. The somewhat weird question in the title has a specific purpose. To get the attention of people… Read More
2021-07-14 09:42
Today, I'd like to introduce you to my next-door neighbor. His name is Ned. I've only met him a couple of times over the past few years and seems like a nice guy. He's always wearing green … Read More
2021-07-14 09:42
Imagine living life just birdwatching every weekday morning without a worry in the world -- hanging out in nature with all creatures great and small. If you can imagine it, and if you love… Read More
2021-07-14 09:42
Once upon a time, there lived a young man who could see into the future. After graduating from college, he knew that if he followed in the footsteps of his seniors, then he would eventually… Read More
2021-07-07 21:11
To generate revenues while sleeping has one single keyword for success Have you ever tried to generate revenues while sleeping? It can sound like a weird question. But the truth is that wit… Read More

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