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Joyfully Green · 04:02 15 Sep 2017
I seem to have fallen into a natural pattern at this blog of posting only once per month, and let me tell you something: It feels good. It's not as if nothing is happening in my life. I ju… Read More
A Game About A Tiny Terrarium
Tiny Worlds · 16:21 11 Sep 2017
The next 3 months I'll make 3 games about nature & what inspires me. making 1 game per month I'm currently doing an exchange semester in Scotland at Abertay University. One of the… Read More
I'm Here.
Tiny Worlds · 11:56 04 Sep 2017
​On this beach I had my first "alone-time" since arriving in Scotland for my exchange semester.As much as I love being among people sometimes, I need time to unwind, time to be me… Read More
Above The Sea Of Fog
Tiny Worlds · 11:34 03 Sep 2017
Something a bit different, I want to challenge myself as a photographer more.After my sister left for the airport I took a bus to a wild, beautiful beach. Once the rain started, the peo… Read More
Abelmoschus Moschatus
The Green Drops · 12:47 27 Aug 2017
Abelmoschus moschatus Common Name:  Musk Mallow, Musk okra Malayalam Name: Kasturi venda, Latha kasturi,       Kattu kasturi.  Sanskrit: Latha kastu… Read More
Solar Eclipse
Explorethebirdworld · 22:09 21 Aug 2017
Today, August 21 2017, the United States witnessed the rare event of a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse. It’s been called the “Great American Eclipse.” However, the total… Read More
Diary Of A Failing N… · 14:46 21 Aug 2017
There was a light smattering of rain as I cycled into work today. Sometimes this would ruin my mood, but today I quite liked it. Perhaps it was because the sheen of water on the road wasn&rs… Read More
Diary Of A Failing N… · 14:35 15 Aug 2017
I have spent much of the day looking at cemetery trees. In accessible graveyards trees have a kind of double meaning: they act as living memorials but also provide a green landscape through… Read More
Joyfully Green · 17:16 11 Aug 2017
  Honestly, I don't know where the summer days go. They seem so long and hazy-dreamy while we're in the middle of them, and then all of a sudden, the calendar says we're in mid-August… Read More
Roger Gosden Musing … · 03:11 11 Aug 2017
Whatever the etymology of Passchendaele, the little Flemish village sounds to me like “Valley of Passion” in English. In 1917, it was a valley of mud and cordite, steel and fire… Read More
Tiny Worlds · 15:36 04 Aug 2017
All of my photos & articles on this site are licensed under the terms of CC-BY-NC 3.0!That means you are free to remix/share/adapt my works if you:Use it non-commerciallyI want to avoid… Read More
Diary Of A Failing N… · 12:48 27 Jul 2017
Today I had to go and look at one of the most attractive trees in the borough, a very impressive Paulownia. It has dropped two branches in recent weeks and a local resident has got very nerv… Read More