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Website tips, tools, tutorials and articles for website building and videos. Get software and tutorials to design and build your website or online business. We specialize in videos for Internet marketing.
2021-05-01 13:50
A real nice Mockup Video Creator app. Which is an upgrade bonus tool that comes with Video Creator. This cloud based video editing app features templatized mockup videos that can be edited… Read More
2021-04-24 12:42
Hi all, found this Catalog Flipbook animated template in Video Creator app. Also found this canned 'sell etraining' voice over in Voice Suite, I combined all the elements in Camtasia Studio… Read More
2021-04-22 15:30
Are you looking for a video creation app that does it all? Good luck with that one. Video Creator (VC) offers 1000's of templates and variations and scripts and animations and fast rendering… Read More
2021-04-21 14:01
Video Player (VP) is one of the bonuses that comes with Video Creator app. This app creates a video player alternative to YouTube. Sort of! VP does have some features that are normally block… Read More
2021-03-19 14:40
Florist promo added to 3d animated avatars. This video features 'Riku' 3d avatar. We chose Riku as our spokesperson for this video because she is beautiful, elegant, unopposing and a lttle e… Read More
2021-03-15 13:52
Hi all, just a note to tell you about BWT PCI DSS compliance certificate and some website tips. Every webmaster should have a "Poilcies" or "Privacy Policies" page on their website. This ver… Read More
2021-02-16 17:28
Hi all, Jenna here, let me tell you this spokes person gig is great. I get to work from home, watch the kids, and get a free make over, all at the same time. Here's my latest on screen perfo… Read More
2021-02-12 21:32
The talent pool is filling in nicely. So far BWT Videos has screen tested several spokes person (3d animated avatar) wannabes. BWT Videos continues to promote talent from around the neighbor… Read More
2021-02-08 17:51
Hi all, I figured it out. That is, how to have 2 (or more) 3d avatars in the same scene. Yes, it does involve recording seperate tracks and editing them together. It opens up a whole range o… Read More
2021-02-01 18:16
Hi All, need a video for your business? I got a million of them. Just not all made yet. We got our hands on 100s of professional voice overs for social media marketing. Combine that with ou… Read More
2021-01-27 20:22
Hi all, we got started on making 3d animated promo videos for BWT Video Services. We have about 100 to do so this is a big project. These promos can used as a starter video for any type of m… Read More
2021-01-16 17:10
Hi all, I would like to introduce "Kami" a virtual assistant I created with Avatar Builder. Kami is very intelligent Artificially that is. She speaks 26 languages and can translate between m… Read More
2021-01-14 17:16
Hi all, we thought it woulld be cool to combine Graphics Empire with an 3d avatar from Avatar Builder. This video is what we came up with. What do you think? Inside Graphics Empire Digital… Read More
2020-12-25 15:56
Hi all just a quick note before closing up for today. Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing this is the last Christmas I have to stay home for the holidays. For me I get to work from home but co… Read More
2020-11-26 16:41
Happy Thanksgiving from Dear Santa for Christmas this year I would like a vaccine for the coronavirus. I also want to see my friends, relatives and family. But I am no… Read More
2020-10-29 14:10
Hi all, don't know if its just me or YouTube introduced a new feature and that is the channel introductory video. Probably just me ignoring an obvious marketing tip that I missed. Anyways, i… Read More
2020-10-22 11:40
Are you looking for the perfect background music for your video creations? If so look no further. We have THE solution for you. Infinitunes is the culmination of years of technological advan… Read More
2020-10-02 20:37
Charles Darwin wrote his observations in his book The Expression Of Emotion In Man and Animals. He noticed both people and animals use body language to communicate. People use body languag… Read More
2020-10-01 14:54
Hi all, I have been working with a new tool called Infinitunes, and thought I would update a video I made for my friend Dave's birthday. It was a silent video with captions added. But with I… Read More
2020-09-07 16:11
Did you know that today Setember the seventh is National Beer Lovers Day. It is also Labor Day in the USA. A day when laborers get to celebrate by staying home and drinking beer and getting… Read More
2020-08-20 17:27
That's right It's "National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day. Who'da thunk it? A day reserved for a yummy dessert, pie. Since this website is about website tools we'll dicuss how this video was mad… Read More
2020-08-13 15:25
Leads Gorilla is the most advanced lead generation tool ever. Is your business struggling after the lockdown? Are you looking to find new clients for your business? This low cost online tool… Read More
2020-08-12 15:25
The ultimate lead generation software now available to local advertising agencies. Is your business struggling after the lockdown? This low cost tool could be the answer to your prayers. Ar… Read More
2020-08-03 12:34
Are you looking to quickly and easily create videos of your properties? If so this app is for you. Impress your clients with professionally made videos and share them on social media or down… Read More
2020-07-29 18:30
So I see these two jokers in the park just hanging out. I say "hey clown, where's your mask?" And this clown just turns to his partner cracks a shit eating grin and shakes this monkey's hand… Read More
2020-07-16 12:37
Are you out of work? Looking for a work from home solution? How about considering generating income from what you already know? With your own home based business you can solve all these prob… Read More
2020-06-15 19:46
SBI has everything your online business will ever need, Ideal for small businesses and do-it-yourselfers. $100 Off Sale Extended until 21Jun2020 Get $100 off Solo Build It All In One Online… Read More
2020-05-30 13:24
Hi all, today I want to discuss Video Robot a video creation tool. VR has been around for 3 years now and has sold 1000s of copies. The first OTO (one time offer) is a deluxe upgrade which i… Read More
2020-05-03 12:23
A Walk To The Park is a short story about a local event. It is a story about a cat chewing up everything, a sick friend and a crime scene. This is my first project on a new computer. It repe… Read More
2020-04-28 16:22
I wanted to see an old friend in the park but decided not to go out. Instead I pretended I was there with a collage of images from past visits. Here in Michigan we are under an executive sta… Read More
2020-04-14 01:47
Aloe variegatum pageDon't you just love new apps? The following app will show the most popular succiulent species, eventually. For now I developed this prototype for experimentational purpos… Read More
2020-03-21 15:27
A solution for the stay at home worker, and a good way to battle the symptoms of unemployment. We are all affected by the Coronavirus. Many have been ordered to stay at home for an undetermi… Read More

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