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2024-05-03 02:41
Before understanding Binomial distribution you have to understand Bernoulli trial. What is Bernoulli trial? A Bernoulli trial is a random experiment in which  there are two possible out… Read More
2024-02-26 19:12
Variance and Standard Deviation are both essential concepts in statistics and finance. Let’s explore the differences between them: Variance: Definition: Variance is a numerical value t… Read More
2024-02-20 09:35
  Suppose you want to solve an equation x2+1=0  then you will get x=√-1    which does not belongs to real number system. Leonhard Euler proposed to write √-1… Read More
2023-10-26 14:54
Servo Motor Servo motors is a  special type of motor which can not move 360 degrees, however, it can move 180 degrees. Furthermore, it can be used for making smart dustbin project,&nbsp&hell…Read More
2023-10-21 09:35
Arduino microcontroller is a very popular open source project which can be used to make prototype for electronics, robotics and IoT projects. In this post, I will explain how to on and off L… Read More
2023-09-01 14:29
Example-1- Write the solution set of the equation x2+x-2=0. Solution- x2-x+2x-2=0 x(x-1)+ 2(x-1)=0 (x-1)(x+2)=0 x=1 , x= – 2 S={1, -2} Example-2- Write the set {x: x is a positive inte… Read More
2023-08-25 02:46
In real life, we often come across collection of objects viz. #Cricket Team #Pack of Cards #Members of a Club In mathematics, we also come across collections, examples are. #Odd natural numb… Read More
2023-08-10 05:02
In this post you will see that how to make a program in Python which calculates factorial of a natural number, and how it works. You will see that how program is made line by line. First you… Read More
2023-08-02 17:09
Write a program which finds sum of natural numbers in Python. To understand sum of natural numbers in Python, first understand natural numbers. Set of natural numbers are denoted by N and it… Read More
2023-07-29 07:40
In this post,  I will explain how to make a Python program which will revere a number i.e. when input number is  325 the output would be 525. If you see the above code first line&n&hell…Read More
2023-05-16 13:31
Understand Decision Tree Learning Decision tree learning is a supervised learning algorithm, which can be used for classification as well […] The post Decision Tree Learning appeared… Read More
2023-03-24 16:54
Arduino Code- Description- See video:-     The post Glow Two-LED Alternatively Using Arduino appeared first on PostNetwork Academy. See Also:Display Three Names at Delay of 10 Se… Read More
2023-03-18 06:35
Arduino Projects  The post ATL appeared first on PostNetwork Academy Read More
2023-03-05 03:32
A  function is called quadratic, if its domain and range is set of real numbers i.e f: R–>R  and it […] The post Quadratic Function in Mathematics appeared first on… Read More
2023-03-03 13:40
A function is called identity function if its domain and range  is set of real numbers i.e f:R–>R  and is […] The post Identity Function in Mathematics appeared fir… Read More
2023-02-19 09:03
a is refering to 5 which means wherever a is used its value would be 5 b is refering to […] The post Multiplication of Two Numbers in Python appeared first on PostNetwork Academy. S… Read More
2023-02-19 08:50
a is refering to 5 which means wherever a is used its value would be 5 b is refering to […] The post Addition of Two Numbers in Python appeared first on PostNetwork Academy Read More
2023-02-04 03:52
Adding two numbers in Python is very easy to understand, if you want to learn Python it is your starting […] The post Add Two Numbers in Python appeared first on PostNetwork Academy… Read More
2023-01-10 16:38
Ungrouped data- Ungrouped data refers list of individual observations which are not categorized or summarized. Basically, ungrouped data are  collected  […] The post Ungroup… Read More
2022-11-11 15:53
Covariance and Correlation- Covariance and correlation both measure linear relationship between two variables.  However, they differ at some points. In […] The post Covariance an… Read More
2022-10-17 19:50
Group in Algebra Let G be a non-empty set and * (multiplication) be a binary operation defined on G. Then […] The post Group in Algebra appeared first on Hub and Network of Posts… Read More
2022-10-10 17:57
If X is a random variable having mean μ , then variance of random variable X is denoted as Var(X) […] The post Variance of a Continuous Random Variable appeared first on Hub and N… Read More
2022-09-29 13:13
Mathematical or Classical Probability- If a random experiment is conducted which results in n exhaustive, mutually exclusive, and equally likely […] The post Definition of Probability… Read More
2022-08-22 18:57
Entropy of a random  variable measures uncertainty  inherent to possible outcomes of the variable. H(X)= -Σi=1n    pilog2pi Where pi ... The post Entropy: A Me… Read More
2022-08-03 08:15
In this post, I am going to explain how to attach a Servo motor with Arduino. I will explain about... The post Servo Motor with Arduino appeared first on Hub and Network of Posts. See Als… Read More
2022-07-05 16:50
Linear regression Linear regression  is a supervised learning algorithm and tries to learn a  linear function from a given data... The post Linear Regression using Gradient Decent… Read More
2022-05-06 15:14
Python Programming Python is very popular Python character set These are character set The post Python table of contents appeared first on Hub and Network of Posts. See Also:Create Table… Read More
2022-05-06 08:39
The post Python Quiz test appeared first on Hub and Network of Posts. See Also:Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programs in Python using tkinter Package Develop a Simple WordPress Plugin… Read More
2022-04-08 13:52
In Python you can create an abstract class using library, but by default   there are not any mechanisms to provide […] The post Abstract Class and Method in Python appeared… Read More
2022-03-30 12:25
R programming language is very popular for data science, machine learning and statistical computing. Furthermore, the syntax of R is […] The post Addition in R programming language ap… Read More
2022-01-28 15:04
An array in Java is a collection of values having contiguous memory locations and share a common name. Suppose you […] The post Array in Java appeared first on Hub and Network of Pos… Read More
2022-01-27 09:30
Generators in Python are like ordinary function the difference that it contains yield statement instead of return.  Furthermore, when a […] The post Generators in Python appeared… Read More
2022-01-25 05:22
Suppose that in Python you want to   expand  an expression (x+y)2  to  x2 + y2 + 2 xy, this can […] The post sympy Library in Python appeared first on Hub an… Read More
2022-01-08 12:26
COUNTIF() and SUMIF are very important  functions  in excel which are used to automate manual tasks. Furthermore, these  functions are […] The post COUNTIF and SUMIF Fu… Read More
2021-12-25 13:27
K-nearest neighbors algorithm is a machine learning algorithm which is used for classification and regression, and it can be applied […] The post K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm in Pyth… Read More
2021-04-08 13:10
Python is a very popular language for data analysis  and data manipulation. Furthermore, Python has a lot of libraries to manipulate Excel data. In this post, I will explain how to writ… Read More
2021-03-31 14:49
Not only variables but a list can also be passed and manipulated in a Python’s function. If you want to read about function read the post     User Defined Functions in P… Read More
2021-03-26 17:17
Microsoft Excel is a very popular spreadsheet program which is easy to use and it has a lot formulas which are related to finance, statistics, logical and arithmetic etc.. Furthermore, this… Read More
2021-03-18 11:31
If value of a parameter is already known then you can assign default values to a Python function’s parameter. Further, the default values can be specified in the function header. For e… Read More
2021-01-04 14:45
Array in PHP- In PHP, there are three types of arrays , and array()  function is used to create an array in PHP. 1- Indexed or Numeric Array- In a numeric or an indexed array... The pos… Read More
2021-01-02 13:28
ORDER BY Keyword is used to sort record in ascending or decending order. If you want to learn how to create a table, insert data into it and select record from table see my previous... The p… Read More
2020-12-09 19:25
Dictionary in Python is a very important data-structure which can have elements in the form of of key value pairs key:value. Moreover, dictionary also provides different methods to manipulat… Read More
2020-11-03 18:00
A list in Python is collection of values of any type such as integer, float, string or a complex number in a square bracket separated by comma. For example If you can create a list... The po… Read More
2020-08-15 16:53
Set is a fundamental concept in mathematics and each object of interest in mathematics is set of some type. Set theory was developed by German mathematician George Cantor, who defined set as… Read More
2020-08-14 18:19
Geogebra is a very powerful tool to visualize mathematical concepts. Such as, points, lines functions, circle, and three dimensional objects cylinder, sphere, cube and many more objects. Fur… Read More
2020-07-03 06:07
List comprehension in Python refers to the shortcut and concise way to create a  list using for loop  or creating a Python list in Pythonic way. If you want to create a list l1 in… Read More
2020-06-27 18:45
  Operators in python play very important role to compute mathematical, relational or logical expression. Operators in Python are tokens  and when they apply on variables they prov… Read More
2020-05-22 07:52
Online Python Interpreters with Their Links : Google Collab                     https://co… Read More
2020-05-07 14:39
During lockdown a number of webinars are conducted by several experts. Some are giving session on Yoga some are on parental care of kids during lockdown many more. I have also attended a web… Read More
2020-03-18 08:19… Read More
2020-03-13 13:37
File Handling in Python What happens when you run a program and input some data to be processed. You get result and if you again run your program your previous data are lost. Since Random… Read More
2020-03-13 06:58
In Python, lambda keyword is used to create anonymous function in Python. User defined functions in Python are defined using def keyword. However, anonymous functions in Python are defined u… Read More
2020-02-18 09:41
Chi Square Distribution Chi square variate is a square of a normal variate having 1 degree of freedom and  chi square distribution is a special case of Gamma distribution. If X is follo… Read More

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