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Review - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
George Miller expands the wasteland in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, a rip-roaring prequel that blends high-octane action sequences with a story of a warrior’s quest in a sun-scorched world… Read More
Review - Arcadian
The post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror Arcadian is an exceptional creature feature of intense scares and strong performances, director Benjamin Brewer making his mark as a genre filmmaker to wat… Read More
Review - Riddle Of Fire
An ode to adventure and the mischievousness of children, Riddle of Fire is a magical debut feature from writer and director Weston Razooli who delivers a one-of-a-kind movie experience Read More
Review - Know Goes Away
Knox Goes Away features solid work by Michael Keaton as star and director in a character driven crime drama that is as absorbing as it is heartbreaking Read More
Review - The First Omen
Director Arkasha Stevenson delivers a creepy and dread filled religious horror in The First Omen, a prequel to the 1976 classic that chronicles the birth of the antichrist with suitably omin… Read More
Review - Late Night With The Devil
The demonic possession movie goes retro in Late Night with the Devil, a brilliantly conceived and executed mockumentary that taps into the cultural impact of horror and TV during the gritty… Read More
Review - Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
A case of too many ghosts in the firehouse, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire constantly loses focus with its cluttered assemblage of characters new and old jockeying for screen time in a film dri… Read More
Review - Cabrini
An underdog story of faith and ambition told with impeccable craft and commanding performances, Cabrini does justice to the legacy of a saint who stood up for the downtrodden against those i… Read More
Review - Hunders Of Beavers
A beautifully crafted and performed blend of Looney Tunes madness, physical comedy gags, and silent film artistry, Hundreds of Beavers delivers filmmaking ingenuity at its most energetic and… Read More
Review - Ordinary Angels
Alan Ritchson and Hilary Swank deliver powerful performances in Ordinary Angels, an inspiring true story of faith and community during extreme hardship Read More
Review - The Beekeeper
A blast of an action thriller headlined by a solid Jason Statham and slimy villainous turn by Josh Hutcherson, The Beekeeper takes its B-movie premise to deliriously entertaining heights Read More
Review - Dream Scenario
An excellent Nicolas Cage headlines the equally impressive Dream Scenario, a surreal comedy that examines the current state of influencer and cancel culture with wild imagination and grounde… Read More
Review - Land Of Bad
Land of Bad succeeds as a high-stakes war thriller that features intense action scenes and engaging performances from Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth Read More
Review - Welcome To The Darkness
Welcome to The Darkness succeeds as an intimate and entertaining rock and rock resurrection story that delves into the personal and professional consequences of living life on the edge Read More
Review - The Bastard Sons
The Bastard Sons is a gritty and engrossing crime indie that strays from gangster movie tropes in favour of grounded, intimate filmmaking Read More
Review - Ferrari
Adam Driver stars in the biopic Ferrari, a stirring character study of obsession and duplicity directed by Michael Mann Read More
"A serial killer movie void of exploitation and filled to the brim and smarts and depth." My review of No Man of God. Starring Luke Kirby and Elijah Wood. Directed by Amber Selaey Read More
"Neill Blomkamp’s return to feature filmmaking is underwhelming in its approach to world building and scares, resulting in a banal movie experience." My review of Demonic. Starring… Read More
"Its intense atmosphere and dramatic stakes results in a creepy movie experience." My review of Woe. Starring Adam Halferty. Directed by Matthew Goodhue Read More
"Feels especially odd in its inability to conjure any semblance of emotional or psychological impact in a film that deals directly with that most primal of fears: we will all inevitably die… Read More
"Director Cate Shortland has said the goal for Black Widow was to make it gritty, grounded, and real. She should have aimed for engaging, entertaining, and comprehensible." My review of B… Read More
"An entertaining horror comedy mystery that masterfully weaves in commentary about current day social divisions without sacrificing quality of filmmaking." My review of Werewolves Within… Read More
"A fantastical outback adventure that is equally silly and sweet, and definitely not made for Australians." My review of Buckley's Chance. Starring Bill Nighy. Directed by Tim Brown Read More
"A beautifully crafted and performed drama sure to pull on the heart strings of the hardest of men." My review of A Father's Legacy. Starring Tobin Bell. Directed by Jason Mac Read More
"A genuinely engaging and perplexing gumshoe documentary, filled with twists and turns that the finest screenwriter could not replicate." My review of The Penny Black movie. Directed by J… Read More
"Szczepanowska delivers a film dripping in sensuality, thrilling in its character strong drama, and ambitious in its artistry." My review of Touch Movie. Starring and directed by Aleksand… Read More
"An engrossing and poignant psychological thriller that delves into the nature of time and free-will in its story of a young man facing a crossroads in his life." My review of Flashback… Read More
"A horror movie that portrays what it is to live, as opposed to thriving on the spectacle of death." My review of A Quiet Place Part II. Starring Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy. Directed… Read More
"A moody and moving comedic drama in which the ramifications of a life put on hold is explored with a huge heart and great sense of humour." My review of DRUNK BUS. Starring Charlie Tahan… Read More
"Delivers its point that the fight against racism is one that should be fought across all barriers and by all people." My review of Son of the South Movie. Starring Lucas Till. Directed b… Read More
"A highly entertaining serial killer satire that delves into violence, sex, and filmmaking." My review of I Blame Society. Starring and directed by Gillian Wallace Horvat Read More
"Expertly utilises the skills of action man Jason Statham in a heist film where revenge bloody and brutal is the main focus." My review of Wrath of Man. Starring Jason Statham. Directed b… Read More
"Delivers a strong sense of place that helps tell its story of small time hustlers with big time dreams." My review of Schemers. Starring Connor Berry. Directed by Dave McLean Read More
"Repels against the usual tropes and ups the stakes through a great use of drama that elevates the scares." My review of Initiation. Starring Lindsay LaVanchy. Directed by John Berardo Read More
"Takes those who love the strange and provocative on a journey the are unlikely to forget." My review of Fried Barry. Starring Gary Green. Directed by Ryan Kruger Read More
"A throwback to the worst aspects of ‘90s thriller filmmaking." My review of Above Suspicion. Starring Emilia Clarke and Jack Huston. Directed by Phillip Noyce Read More
Could have used more of a critical eye on Penn’s bullish brand of activism." My review of Citizen Penn. Directed by Don Hardy Read More
"A comedic drama that delves into the isolationist nature of our times and its detriment to community and relationships." My review of The Outside Story. Starring Brian Tyree Henry. Direc… Read More
"A cautionary tale on the perils of social media and celebrity obsession that balances cringe comedy with heartfelt drama." My review of Eat Wheaties. Starring Tony Hale and Paul Thomas H… Read More
"A winning sports sismance comedy that blends the right amount of sweetness and vulgarity." My review of Golden Arm. Starring Mary Holland and Betsy Sodaro. Directed by Maureen Bharoocha Read More
"Relies too heavily on replicating the superhero movie formula rather than the intense martial arts spectacle it should have been." My review of Mortal Kombat. Starring Lewis Tan and Josh… Read More
"A bittersweet Australian drama with strong performances and scene stealing scenery." My review of Moon Rock For Monday. Starring Ashlyn Louden-Gamble and George Pullar. Directed by Kurt… Read More
"An excuse in church bashing presented in the form of a lifeless haunted house movie." My review of The Banishing. Starring Jessica Brown Findlay and Sean Harris. Directed by Chris Smith Read More
"Great performances from Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden headline a bloody good vampire film." My review of Jakob's Wife. Starring Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden. Directed by T… Read More
"Director Antaine Furlong’s uncompromising vision keeps this potential franchise starter afloat." My review of Ascendant (Rising Wolf). Starring Charlotte Best. Directed by Antaine… Read More
Matt’s Movie Reviews, on behalf of Studio Canal Australia, is proud to give you the chance to win a double pass to see the action thriller Wrath of Man starring Jason Statham and direc… Read More
A new feature on the Matt's Movie Reviews is 'Faith on Film', in which I review a faith based movie every Sunday. This weeks film is 'Calvary', a witty, thoughtful, and relevant examination… Read More
Strong performances headline Crisis, a character driven, multi-story exploration of the wide-ranging effects of the opioid epidemic engulfing America Read More
'A supersized superhero spectacular that carves its own identity amidst an overcrowded market." My review of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Starring Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. Directed by… Read More
Rage is a slow burn crime drama that takes a patient and carefully constructed approach to the revenge thriller, even though its resolutions do not match the investment given Read More
A new feature on the Matt's Movie Reviews is 'Faith on Film', in which I review a faith based movie every Sunday. This weeks film is 'Risen', a retelling of the Resurrection story within a d… Read More
"Lazy in its reliance on nostalgia and lacking bite in its material, Coming 2 America is void of the inventiveness and charm that made the original a beloved cult-classic, all the while cent… Read More
"A highly entertaining sci-fi action romp that stars an on-top-of-his-game Frank Grillo and a grizzly Mel Gibson in bad guy mode, Boss Level makes the most out of its time-loop structure whi… Read More
"Led by an on top of his game Jason Clarke as an old-school-cop who hunts down a new-school-criminal." My review of Silk Road. Starring Jason Clarke and Nick Robinson. Directed by Tiller… Read More
"Successfully blends genre thrills with an important story about how an industry of vultures exploited a vulnerable class of people while in the pursuit of the American dream." My review… Read More
"An excellent exploration into the stern, eccentric ways of Frank Zappa and his pursuit for musical perfection." My review of Zappa. Directed by Alex Winter Read More
"A film that is as intense as it is a trip-tastic odyssey into how a man’s pursuit for excess and greed takes him to a faraway land." My review of Imperial Blue. Starring Nicolas Fa… Read More
"Proves to be a compelling end-of-the-world spectacle that is as intense as it is heart-wrenching." My review of Greenland. Starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. Directed by Ric Rom… Read More
"Charms with its understated filmmaking, fine performances, and excellent indie rock soundtrack." My review of A Ghost Waits. Starring MacLeod Andrews and Natalie Walker. Directed by Adam… Read More
Director Nora Unkel joins Matthew Pejkovic on the Matt's Movie Reviews Podcast to talk about her new film 'A Nightmare Wakes', what inspired to create a movie about Mary Shelley, her visual… Read More
"As Kightley’s film proves, the sun may have gone down on Dawn Raid, but their legacy will live on forever." My review of Dawn Raid. Directed by Oscar Kightley Read More
My review of the sci-fi horror ‘Possessor’ starring Christopher Abbott and Andrea Riseborough. Directed by Brandon Cronenberg Read More
"Works as an action thriller of high stakes and an excellent lead performance." My review of Run Hide Fight. Starring Isabel May and Thomas Jane. Directed by Kyle Rankin Read More

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