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How To Start Ending Gun Free Zones
Time to start doing some serious soul searching on Gun Free Zones. After all, all they really do is get people killed. Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses an amicus br… Read More
NEW For 2024: The Evoke Rifle Lineup
The all-new Evoke. It’s time to Pursue Your Legacy.™ Shipping March 2024 // Starting at $898.99 MSRP This innovative rifle is offered in four distinct, feature-rich models tha… Read More
Beyond The Podium Trailer
The pilgrimage to Three Forks Ranch in Colorado has been a magical and healing experience for so many. For Ivy O’Guinn it became a transformational adventure where each moment trans… Read More
Vote Or Shut The Hell Up
Over 10,000,000 hunters and gun owners ARE NOT registered to vote nationwide. YOu think that’s brutal, wait until you see us start breaking down the numbers as to where those prole… Read More
This is the SARUSA SAR9 SOCOM! An excellent pistol to add to your collection! ***NO FIREARM SALES*** Drop It Like it’s Scott Merch is ready and available. https://drop-it-like-its… Read More
My 5 Favorite Striker Fired Pistols
These are my 5 favorite semi-automatic striker fired pistols. Ways to support our honest content: Follow me on X: Make sure you subscribe to the channel and h… Read More
A Dynamic Parking Lot Shootout!
In this episode of First Person Defender, we focus on the challenges of a dynamic violent scenario where quick decisions are the difference between life and death. Our Defender, Trent, ca… Read More
Laser Precision In A Lower Profile
Brian Steere of Crimson Trace joins Guns & Gear’s Ryan Gresham in the studio to unveil the new @crimsontrace MTL (Modular Tactical Laser) for rifles. The MTL is available in vis… Read More
Top 10 Smoking Hot Air Pistols Of 2024
Air pistols are great for various activities, including target shooting, marksmanship training, and just having fun plinking at cans in the backyard. The variety and sophistication of mod… Read More
AXIL Extreme 2.0 Ear Protection
These are the AXIL EXTREME 2.0 Bluetooth Ear Buds. Tell me in the comments, what do you think of AXIL. This is the first time using Bluetooth Ear Pro from AXIL. I think I am a fan now. *… Read More
Almost Nobody Knows This!
Almost nobody knows this! APO-1 Dealers: ➜ Europe/USA: ➜ DE/Österreich/Schweiz: Off-Grid Solar Panel: https://bit… Read More
Top 5 Baits For Pond Fishing!
Are you a pond fisherman? Do you walk the bank, fish from a kayak, or tin boat? If you fish small waters there are a few key baits that you need to know how to use. You can carry whole t… Read More
An Instant Pistol Accuracy Upgrade!
Ballistic Advantage’s Adam Wainio joins Guns & Gear’s Ryan Gresham in the studio to showcase their new pistol barrels for GLOCK and SIG SAUER pistols. @BallisticAdvantage… Read More

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