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This is my blog of me, especially if you are interested in or have a question about food, leadership, music, projects, or technology.
2024-05-20 20:38
Battling addiction is a journey laden with trials and a quest for redemption that often requires a multi-faceted approach. A tapestry of evidence-based therapies, robust support systems, and… Read More
2024-05-14 21:07
Have you ever encountered the term ‘body graph’ and wondered about its significance? What is a body graph, exactly? In the realm of Human Design, a captivating system that b… Read More
2024-05-11 17:48
In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, resilience has become a trait of enormous value. It is the ability to bounce back from adversity or stress, learning and growing from the… Read More
2024-05-08 01:00
The retail landscape is changing, and along with the transition, shop owners are turning their attention to current marketing approaches. Follow our guide on how to build a retail marketing… Read More
2024-05-01 15:44
Embarking on a career in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) presents an exciting opportunity for individuals passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of those with development… Read More
2024-04-21 16:52
Worked on a Laos poster board to help celebrate TLC new year this year. Please use if it you need one too. The post Laos appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
Looking For A New Hobby? Consider These!
2024-03-06 15:36
Are you looking for a new hobby? There are a range of different hobbies available for people to try out, and it’s important that you give a few different ones a go. We know that s… Read More
2024-02-16 20:43
There will always be a demand for tradespeople like plumbers, electricians, painters, mechanics, and builders. But there is also a lot of competition out there. Building a strong brand can h… Read More
2024-02-08 19:15
What makes the perfect wedding? While the style and theme of each wedding are different and personal to the bride and groom, the actual components of a wedding day remain the same for every… Read More
2024-02-08 03:51
If you are keen to expand your cooking repertoire and improve your cooking skills generally, one of the best ways to do that is to learn to cook a new cuisine. There are so many wo… Read More
2024-02-01 04:27
Life has a way of developing complexity, especially for me. I’ve been retired for 4 months now. It’s very easy to find ourselves becoming tangled in numerous responsibilities as… Read More
2024-01-25 17:34
Letting a learner use your car is a really nice thing to do to help them build up their confidence, but if we’re honest, it can make you feel even more nervous than they do getting beh… Read More
2024-01-25 05:32
Cars. Most of us need them to get around and live our lives, and many of us love them too, so it is weird how many of us seem to neglect our vehicles and let them get out of shape, so to spe… Read More
2024-01-25 05:28
Apartment complexes are often the option for first-time renters or buyers because of their multitude of security options. Often, apartments have gates or require visitors and residents… Read More
2024-01-16 18:31
Going through career struggles is not a unique experience. Everyone comes to a crossroads in their work when unsure what to do next. They might not even know if the job they have i… Read More
2023-12-12 08:02
It’s exciting to go camping, but the packing part is only some people’s favorite cup of tea. Being able to hop behind the wheel of your van and drive off into the sunset for… Read More
2023-12-11 08:49
A car is an expensive purchase, so it’s one that you want to get right. Not only this but once you have made the purchase, it’s important that you are keeping it safe and pr… Read More
2023-11-10 08:03
If you want to make sure that you enjoy your car as much as possible, there are many things you might want to focus on. One thing in particular that is going to be as useful as pos… Read More
Da Kitchen In Maui
2023-11-01 07:18
We’re back from a long vacation from last month. We’ve gathered more topics and hope to release them out soon. For now, here’s one place we visited while in Maui. Da Kitche… Read More
2023-10-03 07:49
You know that feeling when you treat yourself to a spa day? Well, guess what? Your car deserves that level of pampering! Beyond being a means of transportation, your car is like a companion… Read More
2023-09-29 07:19
Data holds immense value in our modern digital landscape. Losing this data can be devastating as it can compromise your cherished personal memories, vital business records, or confident… Read More
2023-09-28 07:36
We’re getting ready for Halloween and getting the cars into it too. How do you decorate your car? The post How Do You Decorate Your Car? appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
2023-09-27 07:27
Are you ready to embark on a flavor adventure? Look no further than Kitchen 15, a delightful eatery nestled in the heart of Sacramento. I recently had the pleasure of trying their mouthwater… Read More
2023-09-25 07:57
Flowers are a vital part of any wedding day, and choosing the right blooms can enhance the beauty and elegance of your event. However, it can be daunting and overwhelming to choose the perfe… Read More
2023-09-21 07:06
Watching this to prep to see what I have to do next month. The post Making a Chef Knife appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
2023-09-20 07:27
Are you a bacon lover looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite breakfast treat? Look no further than crispy bacon chips! This snack is a delicious and easy-to-make alternative to traditi… Read More
2023-09-19 07:16
Loving this Zartan. The post Zartan appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
2023-09-18 07:17
Started playing the guitar? The guitar itself is the most important part of equipment you’ll need (and an amp if you’re playing an electric guitar). But there are many other acce… Read More
2023-09-17 07:16
In today’s world, computers are an essential part of our lives. Whether we are working, studying, or simply browsing the web, we need a good computer to help us achieve our goals. When… Read More
2023-09-16 07:53
We’re so tempted to make one of these. The post NZXT Build appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
2023-09-13 07:21
The internet has made it easier for private sellers to advertise cars. These are often advertised at a much cheaper price than the prices offered by dealerships. This begs the question: why… Read More
2023-09-07 07:41
One of the best treats you can bring back from Hawaii are these 3D Pineapple Gummy candies. They are shaped like pineapples and have the right amount of sweetness to them. The post Pineapple… Read More
2023-09-05 07:42
Working on a new setup. Thanks for the inspiration Edward Lee. The post YouTube Desk Setup appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
2023-09-04 07:24
Stuck with the traditional way of tying a tie? Check out these interesting styles. The post New Ways to Tie a Tie appeared first on Edel Alon Read More
2023-09-03 07:48
Keeping for notes. Thanks Ross Dave. Ingredients: 1 kl Goat Meat 1 medium size potato 1 medium size carrots 1 red bell pepper 1 green pepper 1 can green peas 30 ml Butter 3 small bay… Read More
2023-09-01 07:48
Getting a new or used motorcycle is a great feeling, but there are a couple of things you might want to upgrade or change quickly. Your motorcycle needs to be comfortable and safe, and the u… Read More

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