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Comic Book Addicts, your source for online comic book and graphic novel news, reviews, and information. your source for online comic book and graphic novel news, reviews, and information.
Oni Press Informs On SKIN POLICE #1
#image_titleOni Press Informs on SKIN POLICE #1 – A Violent & Visceral Futuristic Thriller from Creators Jordan Thomas & Daniel Gete Beginning in October From the Writer of… Read More
LAWFUL #2 First Look (@boomstudios)
LAWFUL #2 First Look (BOOM! Studios)Threats of Exile in Your First Look at LAWFUL #2 Discover the Dangers of Breaking the Rules in New Series by Greg Pak and Diego Galindo LAWFUL #2, t… Read More
Captain Marvel #9 (Marvel) New Comics
Captain Marvel #9June is heating up, and so are the new comic book releases! This month promises a thrilling ride for Marvel fans, with Captain Marvel getting a brand new look and a new dire… Read More
BLOW AWAY #3 (@boomstudios) New Comics
BLOW AWAY #3 (BOOM! Studios) New Comics BLOW AWAY #3 (BOOM! Studios) New Comics Risk Your Life for the Truth in BLOW AWAY #3 A Neo-Noir Paranoid Thriller from BOOM! Studios Continues i… Read More
Briar #6 (@boomstudios) New Comics
Briar #6 (BOOM! Studios) New Comics Briar #6 (BOOM! Studios) New Comics Potential Madness & Secret Origins in Your First Look at BRIAR #6 The new chapter in the reimagined Sleeping… Read More
Injustice League (DC Comics) Villains
Injustice League (DC Comics) VillainsInjustice League (DC Comics) Villains Injustice League are a series of unrelated villainous counterparts to the Justice League. Their original team wa… Read More
Elders Of The Universe (Marvel Comics)
Elders of the UniverseElders of the Universe (Marvel Comics) The Elders of the Universe are some of the oldest sentient beings in the Marvel Universe. Each has achieved virtual immortalit… Read More
Doctor Double X (DC Comics) Villains
Doctor Double X (DC Comics) VillainsDoctor Double X (DC Comics) Villains Doctor Double X is a super-villain mad scientist who fights Batman. During experimental research on human auras, h… Read More
Unicorn (Marvel Comics) Villains
Unicorn (Marvel) VillainsUnicorn (Marvel) Villains Unicorn was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 56. Milos Masaryk was once a Soviet Intelligen… Read More
Count Nefaria (Marvel) Villains
Count Nefaria (Marvel) VillainsOriginally a powerful crime boss in the Maggia, Count Nefaria eventually gained incredible powers thanks to the ionic machine that empowered other characters l… Read More
Scarlett #2 (@Skybound) First Look
SCARLETT #2 Takes Scarlett Undercover into Clan ArashikageScarlett #2 (Skybound Entertainment) First Look SCARLETT #2 Takes Scarlett Undercover into Clan Arashikage Scarlett #2 hits co… Read More
Lawful #1 (@boomstudios) First Look
Lawful #1 (BOOM! Studios) First Look Lawful #1 (BOOM! Studios) A brand new urban fantasy saga by Greg Pak for fans of Wynd and Monstress! Magical meets modern in a walled city with stran… Read More
Lifeform (Event) Marvel Comics “Lifeform” was a four-part storyline running through Marvel’s 1990 Annuals. The story took place entirely through Annuals with a cover dat… Read More
Iron Man #168 (Marvel)  Comic Covers
Iron Man #168 – The Iron Scream released by Marvel on March 1, 1983 – Classic Comic Covers Machine Man comes to Tony Stark seeking help. Stark, severely drunk, puts on h… Read More
S.I.R. #1 (@boomstudios) NEW COMIC
S.I.R. #1 (Boom! Studios) NEW COMIC Burst:● Romantic Motorcycle Fight Club for Fans of Motor Crush and Fence? Say No More!Synopsis:● Get ready for your new obsession… M… Read More

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