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Viral Infection Rash Causes and Treatments

Viral Infections Rash, which are common in babies and children, can cause a rash with other symptoms. You have to make sure that the rash is not part of serious infection like meningococcal infection. If you have any concerns, you should contact your doctor.

Viral Infection Rash
Viral Infection Rash

Generally, the symptoms that are caused by viral infections depend upon the virus itself. One of the most common symptoms is rashes, which are known as viral rashes.

Roseola infantum, slapped cheek, Hives, coxsackia virus, hand foot and mouth disease, and fifth syndrome are viruses that may cause rashes.

Rash Appearance

Viral Rashes vary in size and shape; however, they often appear as blotchy red spots. Many types of rash are non-specific which means the rash is not specific enough to identify the underlying cause. Doctors can’t say which virus is the cause.
Commonly, the rash spread to most of your body. It may last from two days to two weeks.

Is it serous?

Viral rash itself isn’t serious. But it is important to make sure that the rash isn’t a part of a serious infection such as meningococcal infection. The rash of meningococcal infection is usually red spots or purple that don’t fade away when you put them under pressure. In babies and young children, becoming floppy and unresponsive, being very sleepy , having fever and a high temperature are the symptoms that may suggest having meningococcal infection.  The rash which appears with meningococcal infection is usually red or purple spots. These spots don’t fade when you put them under pressure.

You should to be attention if there are other symptoms or problems that occur with the rash because it’s matter. For example, the measles virus causes  a nasty illness, a chest infection with a rash.

How can you prevent spreading the viral infection?

The best way to avoid spreading the viral infections is to wash hands after touching any bodily fluid. Moreover, you should avoid sharing item like cups, towels, and clothing.

Viral Infection Rash in pregnant women

The common viral infections that cause the rash don’t harm to your baby. But some may do such as the rubella (German measles) virus. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid people who have a Viral Infection Rash. And if you have rash during the pregnancy, it is better to contact your doctor.

What about Treatment for viral infection rash?

Actually, there is no specific treatment for the viral infection rash itself. You should treat the symptoms that appear with the rash. For example, you should use paracetamol for fever.

Itchy rashes can be treated by an antihistamine tablet that you can be obtained from your doctor. In addition, you can use various creams to alleviate itching.

 Common viral Infections Diseases that cause a rash


Viral infection is caused by Herpes zoster, the virus that causes chickenpox. The virus hides in the nervous system after the infection with chickenpox. Having chickenpox may reactivate the virus. People who aged over 50 are most likely to get shingles.

Because of the inflammation of the sensory nerves, shingles causes painful symptoms. As you know, the nerves responsible for the perception of touch, pain, and temperature. Shingles’ rash is characteristic that appears as a band-like strip of red and oozing blisters. The rash usually occurs on one side of the body. Shingles can be contagious if the infected person has close contact with those who have not had chickenpox yet.


It is a contagious illness that is caused by the varicella zoster virus. This illness lasts 5-10 days and it causes an itchy rash, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite and headache. Chickenpox’s rashes are crusty, red and ooze. They often start to appear on the chest and back and then spreads to the head, face, legs and arms.

Fifth Disease (erythema infectiosum)

It is  a viral illness that is caused by parvovirus B19. It is common in children and it may affect adults. They may get a rash on face, headache, fever and runny nose. The Rash may spread to other parts of the body. Other symptoms of fifth disease are usually self-limiting and mild.


It is a viral infection that lasts 1-2 weeks. The first symptoms of measles are fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. The next manifestation is the rash. It consists of red flat spots that appear on the face and spread to other areas of body.

Measles can be treated by providing supportive care to relieve the symptoms.

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Viral Infection Rash Causes and Treatments


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