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From stress head to health coach

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Food is seriously powerful stuff! But, as a holistic health & nutrition coach, I fully appreciate all the other factors that influence health and wellbeing. My story is a perfect example of this, I followed all the ‘rules’ and yet my health was still spiralling downwards…

Growing up…

Growing up in my family meant modest, home cooked meals squeezed in between horse events, training and feeding, school and part time work. All four of us had lots on our plate (no pun intended!) but we almost always sat down together, as a family for our nightly meal. I did the occasional baking, but rarely helped Mum in the kitchen – instead I drove her nuts asking ‘Whats for Dinner?’

Aside from annoying Mum with my daily dinner inquiry, I never really put much thought into my food. I wasn’t ‘overweight, but I was still unhappy and uncomfortable in my own skin. My head was already overflowing with everything else I had going on in my life that I didn’t even THINK about food and nutrition.

Before health coaching - Kirsty Horse of Year

Here’s me at one of my horse events in 2006 – I’d just won ‘Horse of the Year’ and won runner up Rider in my class!

Moving out & making bad food choices…

After graduating from year 12 in 2007, I moved out with my Boyfriend (now fiancee!). While paying rent on a low wage and still feeding a horse (they’re not a cheap interest!) I was driven 100% by convenience and affordability. Think 2 minute noodles, white bread, chocolates, pre-made sauces and convenience dinners.

I gained weight, my childhood Asthma flared up, I had acne, I was lethargic and lifeless, living coffee-to-coffee. My immune system was so overloaded with all the toxic junk I was putting into and onto my body that I got sick with a terrible stomach bug (Gastro). For days I was bed ridden until I got myself to the GP who prescribed a heavy dose of antibiotics.

GETTING HEALTHY STEP ONE: Trying to work things out for myself…

Once I had ‘recovered’ from the Gastro, I got on a health kick and cut out the foods I knew were bad for me. Instead I ate the foods that claimed to be healthy, including fat-free, sugar-free cereals, yoghurts, juice, tinned, frozen and pre-packaged meals.

Even though I was following all the ‘rules’ I had never felt so unhealthy. My body was literally screaming at me, sometimes doubled over in pain with tummy cramping. I always knew where the closest toilet was! My acne was worse, I had no energy and I was miserable in my own skin.

Before nutrition coaching.. bad food choices

Me and Scott at NYE 2009 – a very unhealthy, toxic lifestyle!

GETTING HEALTHY STEP TWO: Seeking medical help…

Under the impression that I was on a super healthy diet and my symptoms couldn’t possibly be from what I was eating, I started to worry. This thought kept eating at me until I finally got my brave up and I went to see a GP. I nearly died of embarrassment, talking with a stranger about my bathroom issues. I felt like a complete idiot! In a very short 5 minute consultation with a quick tummy palpitation, I was told it was all in my head.

I was afraid of getting disappointed by another doctor, so I started trying things for myself again. I went lactose free for a year, tried Herbalife supplements for 2 and all the while eating my SAD Standard Australian Diet…


A few years later I marched into the GP for a referral to a GI specialist. I was in and out of his office in less than 10 minutes, more confused and concerned than ever. While waiting for my colonoscopy and endoscopy I spent 3 months worried about cancer. Those months were rough!

After my procedures and I had the all clear, he gave me a looonggg list of foods to avoid and some drugs for tummy cramping. Since there was no official diagnosis of anything, he told me I had IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

GETTING HEALTHY STEP FOUR: Back to the drawing board…

I was relieved that they didn’t find anything more sinister but still so confused. Would I really need to avoid all of the foods I enjoyed for the rest of my life? The doctor did not give me any definitive answers so I turned to trusty Dr Google once more. I found a plethora of contradictory articles about IBS online. At this point I was at my heaviest, working very long stressful hours at a desk with zero exercise.

GETTING HEALTHY STEP FIVE: Serious research and a holistic approach…

With all my own health problems, I found a new interest in learning as much as I could about nutrition. I tried all kinds of voodoo and woo woo but no one thing did the trick. Eventually, through hours and hours and hours and hours of research I finally started to feel healthy in early 2015. Only after I completed my studies at IIN and learned to look at life holistically I started to notice improvements.

Life after IIN…

Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle that works for me has made such a huge impact on my life.

Not only am I symptom-free, but I have clear skin. I’m also a healthy weight with enough energy to manage energetic twins, build a new business and complete university studies!

You don’t need to go through all this to find happiness and health! If any part of my story has resonated with you, send me a message. YOU are not alone, two heads are far better than one and as your health & nutrition coach, we will work through your challenges TOGETHER.

It is my goal with this website and through personally coaching those that are ready, to share a ripple effect of health & wellbeing.

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From stress head to health coach


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