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Can Pregnant Women and Babies have A2 Cow’s Milk?

Health Benefits of A2 Gir Cow Milk

Nearly 1.5 years ago, I learnt about A2 Cow’s Milk when a few farmers advertised their organic A2 Cow’s milk in my city, Pune. In India, Native Gir Cow’s milk is the most popular A2 type milk. Ever since my kids started drinking full A2cows milk, they have rarely skipped on the daily dose. If you are getting supply of full milk without dilution then you will feel the difference in taste. It doesn’t taste like usual cow’s milk. I feel lucky that I get hands on this heavenly nutritious milk every day.
This was the video I saw and learnt about A2 milk:

What is A2 Cows’ Milk?

gir cow

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A2 cows are the Indian native indigenous breed cows that include the breeds like Gir, Red Sindhi, Deoni, Rathi, Sahiwal and Tharparkar. These cows have hump on the back. In the ancient times, such breeds of cows were selected considering various parameters like capacity to produce milk, ability to adapt with Indian climatic conditions and need for feeding. Also, these cow breeds were treated with extreme care for optimum pure milk production. A2 cow’s milk is thick and sweet and hence loved by kids. This type of cow’s milk is also known as Deshi cow milk and it is more nutritious and curative in comparison to the hybrid cow’s milk.

Health Benefits of A2 Cow’s Milk

The primary reason why doctor’s suggest Indian kids and adults to have A2 cow’s milk is the rich beta casein protein content that has many healing properties. A2 cow’s milk is completely organic. Apart from beta casein protein in A2 cow milk, there are many essential compounds too like beta laef albumin, phenol, 4-methyl, Glucolyte and Dephthenotoxin.A2 cow’s milk also helps fighting cancer.

How is it Different than other Brands/A1 Cow Milk?

Unlike A1 cow breeds, A2 cows aren’t cross-bred to enhance milk production. They naturally produce significant amount of thick and sweet milk. A2 cows look different from hybrid cows. They have hanging skin on the neck, hump on their back and long ears. A1 cow’s milk contains mutated beta casein which may trigger allergies in kids and adults. On the other hand, A2 or native Indian cow milk bestows us with a healthy life through purity, nutrition and oodles of medicinal characteristics. Some people are sensitive to opioid peptide BCM-7 present in A1 milk. A2 milk can be easily digested without the fear of any trigged allergy.

Can Pregnant Women, New mom and Babies Drink A2 Cow’s Milk?

During pregnancy, a woman needs many essential nutrients including calcium which strengthens teeth and bones. The calcium in your body is supplied to the developing baby. The deshi or Gir cow’s milk is considered as the best milk for pregnant women as it is pure, full of nutrition and easy-to-digest. During pregnancy, loss of fluid from the body is very common and A2 cow’s milk helps a pregnant woman stay hydrated. Also, A2 cow’s milk is beneficial for newborns(through mother’s milk) and babies (above 12months old). For the babies suffering from poor weight gain, full cream A2 milk is suggested. A2 cow’s milk provides complete nutrition to a pregnant woman, a new mom and babies.
Due to being thick and sweet, A2 milk is widely used in making yogurt, ice-cream and formula milk. Protein and calcium are the two essential nutrients needed by pregnant women, new moms, kids and adults. A2 milk fulfils complete calcium and protein requirement of the body. By drinking A2 milk, one can cut down on the risks of diabetes, autism and other mental health issues and coronary heart problems.

Where to Buy Pure A2 Cow’s Milk?

With recent awareness in A1/A2 difference many farmers/dairies have started selling organic A2 specially the Gir Cow’s milk. Best way is to get it from local farmer who is trusted for no-adulteration/no-dilution. The prices are somewhere 70-90Rs/Liter.
In metro cities many brands have emerged in last 1 year. Be careful in your selection and compare the color, thickness, taste of the milk from different sources. Get information from Local farmers on what do they feed the cows, how do they avoid hormone injections, Antibiotics overdoses. Also visit the farms/dairy if possible.

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Can Pregnant Women and Babies have A2 Cow’s Milk?


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