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Beautiful Sanskrit Baby Girls Names inspired by Moon

Rare Baby Names for Girls which mean Moon

Moon is one of the most beautiful elements in nature and it is often linked with beauty and calmness. Apart from the tradition and spirituality, Moon has a great importance on our lives too. New moon and full moon has an impact on our health. When a girl child is born, parents try their best to bestow her with a name which reflects positive traits and adds a spark to her personality. The below given moon names for baby girls are uncommon and inspiring.
All of the names below are rare Sanskrit inspired by Lord Moon

Beautiful Names of Lord Moon for Baby Girls

1. Abheri: A Raaga in indian music
2. Abja: Moon/Born in Water
3. Adhira: Lightning / Strong (Alternate Spelling: Adira) lightning/Moon in sanskrit
4. Akalka: Free from impurity / Moonlight
5. Amati: Moon/Splendour/Time/ Beyond intellect
6. Dakshaja: Moon’s wife/ Daughter/Goddess Durga
7. Darshee: Blessings / Lord Krishna / Moonlight (Alternate Spelling: Darshi)
8. Drapsa: Flag/Banner/Drop
9. Glau/Glo: Earth/Globe
10. Himosra: Cool Rayed
11. Hrushu: Glad/Happy
12. Iyla: Moonlight (Aila originally)
13. Jyotsni: Moonlit night Sanskrit
14. Kairavi: Moonlight
15. Kalapini: Peacock / furnished with a bundle of arrows / peahen / Night /moon
16. Kara: Moonbeam/ Karaay, Lord Shiva Name, The Lord is the doer of all actions
17. Kausudhi: Moonlight
18. Kuhu: New Moon /Cuckoo bird sings Kuhu / (Laxmi) New Moon Day (New moon)
19. Maanada: second kala or digit of the moon (मानदा)(Lord Vishnu: One who causes, by His maya, false identification with the body)
20. Maghi: Day of full moon in the month mAgha
21. Makali: Moon
22. Raji: Heaven and earth or the sun and moon
23. Saumyi: Moonlight (of next in Sanskrit)
24. Sharadhi: Moon of autumn /Day of full moon in the month kArttika
25. Shraavani: The day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan (Shravani/Shravni)
26. Suvana: Fire/Sun/Moon
27. Shuchi: True Friend / Moon / Clean(Lord Vishnu: shuchih: He who is spotlessly clean)/Shining/Glowing/Radiant
28. Sipra: Moon/Woman
29. Sitamshu: White Rayed/Cold Rayed
30. Srini/Sruni: Durga Name (Moon)
31. Srinisha: Beauty (Srini : moon , Nisha: Night)
32. Sthuma: Light/Moon
33. Tamishvara: King of Night
34. Tamoghna: Buddha/Vishnu/Shiva/One who distroys darknes
35. Tamohara: moon/ one who removes darkness
36. Tapasa: Bird/River/Manyu
37. Tuhina: MoonLight / Snow/ Dew/mist: Sanskrit Tuhin / (also mean zukanAsa tree)
38. Ushesha: Night’s Lord
39. Vaidhava: Son of Moon
40. Vihaga: Bird/Planet/Arrow/Sun
41. Vipra: Holy/Wise/Singer/Poet/sage/Enthusiastic/Moon/Excited/Learned/Inspired
42. Yajata: Holy/Adorable/Worthy Worship/Priest
43. Yamira: The Moon / Night
44. Yuvana: Young / Healthy / Moon
45. Yuvani: Youthful/Moon

100 Beautiful Baby Girl Names
In Hindu tradition, moon is the symbol of peace, beauty, mortal existence and creation. Moon is a widely worshipped planetary deity in Hinduism and often worshipped on the festivals like Karwa Chauth, Guru Purnima etc. Moon also has a personal connect with Indian children. The above moon names for baby girls are suitable for the baby girls who are adorable, calm and composed.

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Beautiful Sanskrit Baby Girls Names inspired by Moon


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