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Is It Safe To Eat Paneer During Pregnancy?

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Can I eat Paneer While Pregnant?

Most of the Pure-Vegetarians in India love Paneer i.e. Cottage Cheese. It’s very healthy and tasty.

If you are a pregnant woman and wondering if it’s safe to eat then please know that
Here are some precautions and note tips for you.

Homemade Vs Market Made

There are more differences between homemade Paneer and the one available in the market. Dairy product sellers make Paneer differently than how we make paneer at home. At home, we keep quality and hygiene on priority which may not the case for market available Paneer. Homemade Paneer is tastier and healthier but you must make sure it is not dry and hard otherwise you will experience digestion issues.

Shelf Life of Paneer

Paneer is undoubtedly nutritious but that doesn’t mean make it once and have it for a week or so. Like other fresh dairy products, Paneer (home made) also has a short shelf life of 24 hours. If you want to get the best out of it, consume it within 24 hours only. After that period, it will show the signs like sourness, bad odor, generate gooey residue or slightly yellow color. It means, your Paneer is of no use and you must not consume it; especially if you are pregnant.
Deep the paneer block in the water in a bowl or air tight container and then store in refrigerator

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Best Paneer Dishes for Pregnant Women

Paneer Tikka on Pan – The calcium rich and less oily Paneer tikka is the perfect treat for the up the duff women
Paneer Bhurji – Yumm! It’s mouthlickingly awesome and the health remains in the top gear
Paneer Malai Masala – Well, sometimes taste buds seek priority and you can’t say NO when you are a to-be momma

Can I eat Raw Paneer?

Though Paneer is a great source of nutrients, eating raw Paneer should be avoided as it may contain bacteria. Even all the Paneer recipes are not suitable for to-be moms. Pregnancy is a crucial phase that doesn’t happen pretty often. You need to take special care of your diet during this phase even if you are a hardcore Paneer lover or thinking of giving it a try.

Best Way to Cook Paneer for a Pregnant Woman

Deep fried foods may lead to gestational diabetes and the chances simply double during pregnancy. Also, your digestive system may get affected by deep dried foods. So, eat Paneer but only shallow fried. You can confidently ask for a plate of Paneer Bhurji and that won’t let you end up in a regretful situation.

Health Benefits of Paneer during Pregnancy

Paneer is a popular food item in Indians, especially among the vegetarian communities. It is a vital part of Indian cuisines. Paneer is rich in protein. Pregnant women need around 100 gm of protein every day and Paneer is the best pick if you don’t want excess fat in your diet. There are plenty of health benefits of Paneer.

Keeps Your Weight in Place

Eating Paneer Bhurji or Paneer Tikka won’t jounce you while standing on the weighing machine. The fat content in Paneer is relatively low and it doesn’t add extra kilos to your body.

Saves Your From Inflammation

Paneer is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. Be is the pain in your joints or swollen muscles; eating Paneer can offer you a sense of relief.

Strengthens Your Bone

Since Paneer is a dairy product, it is good for your teeth and bones. Paneer contains Calcium in abundance which is very much required by the pregnant women.
Doctors also give the green signal to shallow fried or less spicy Paneer recipes during pregnancy. Pregnant women need energy and Paneer perfectly fits the bill. You can try various healthy Paneer recipes during this phase and satisfy your taste buds. Just take care of the basic instructions and avoid excess intake of Paneer as when you consume more protein than your body demands, adverse effects are seen.

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Is It Safe To Eat Paneer During Pregnancy?


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