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French Baby Boy Names to fall in Love with

Unique and Meaningful French Baby Boy Names

French men not only have an extravagantly adorable personality but their unique names also make us fall for them. There is a unique naming system followed in France. Some men are named after the popular French saints while some use capital letters for their surname, some people have a hyphenated name while some have unisex name. Usually the French names are a bit difficult to pronounce and hence many versions of those names exist in different regions. Below are some uncommon but easy to pronounce French Boy Names to cater to your naming requirements.

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Selected French Names for Baby Boys

Name Meaning
Adnet Earth, Man
Adnot Earth, Man
Advent Born during advent
Agrican From the field
Alban From Alba
Aldric Ruler
Aleron Winged
Alfred Wise Counselor
Aloin Noble friend
Amadour Lovable
Amauri Work Power
Amo Powerful Eagle
Amou Eagle wolf
Andrion From Hadria
Ansel Divine Protection
Anton Priceless, Inestimable, Praiseworthy, Invaluable
Aramis Fictional Swordsman
Archard Powerful
Armel Stone Prince
Artus Noble
Astor Goshawk
Audric Long term ruler, Wise ruler
Auhert Noble
Avenall Lives near the Oat field
Avent Born during advent
Beall Handsome
Benoit Blessed
Blaize Stammerer
Boyce Dweller near the wood
Brice Strength, Speckled
Bryant Virtuous
Byron From the cottage
Carlo Strong and masculine
Carolus Manly, Strong, Masculine
Cesaire Hairy
Chaney Oak
Chauncey Church Official
Cheney From the Oak wood
Chevy Horseman, Knight
Clovis Famous Battle
Colbey Dark, Dark haired
Corin Men Together
Corvin Raven Haired
Coyan Modest
Curcio Polite, Courteous
Curtis Polite, Courteous
Cyprian From Cyprus
Cyrano From Cyrene
Davin Brilliant Finn
Delancy Son of the challenger
Delano Nut Tree
Delmar Of the Sea
Delmon Of the mountain
Delray Belonging to the King
Delrico Belonging to the King
Delron Belonging to the King
Delroy Belonging to the King
Deon God of wine
Deston Fate
Dimitri Of the Earth
Duran Firm, Enduring
Durant Firm, Enduring
Duron Strong
Duval Of the valley
Eloy Chosen one
Emilien Rival
Ernest Sincere
Eudo Child
Firmin Firm
Florian Blooming, Flowering
Florus Flower
Garen Mighty with a spear
Garion Mighty with a spear
Garlen Wreath, Prize
Garnet Pomegranate Seed
Garon Mighty with a spear
Garrin Mighty with a spear
Gaston From Gascony
Gill Trustworthy
Guarin Protection, Shelter
Gustav Staff of the Goths
Hamnet Small Village
Hamon Home
Harbin Glorious warrior
Harmon Noble
Ignace Fiery, Ardent
Irene Peace
Jay Blue Jay
Jehan God is gracious
Joel God is willing
Jori Farm worker, Farmer
Kalman Strong and masculine
Kerman From Germany
Lamar Of the Sea
Lance Attendant
Leonce Lion, Brave
Leroy The King
Lucien Bringer of light
Lyle From the Island
Macaire Blessed
Mael Prince
Mahieu Gift of God
Mallory Army Counselor
Noel Christmas
Oda Wealthy
Orvil Golden Village
Paris Lover
Pepin Seed of a fruit
Satordi Saturn
Sevrin Severe, Stern
Silvestre Forest dweller
Sinclair Prayer
Somer Born in Summer
Soren Thunder
Talbot Boot maker
Tavin Royal Staff
Telfor Works with Iron
Theo Gift of God
Theron Hunter
Travers From the Crossroads
Tristian Bold
Troy Foot Soldier
Tyce Fiery
Tyson Firebrand
Valary Healthy, Strong
Valiant Brave
Vardan From the green hill
Vardon From the green hill
Vernon Youthful, Spring like
Yvon Archer

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Parents spend a lot of time in picking a suitable name for their baby. The list of chicer French names is helpful in picking a name for your adorable baby boy. These names are a blend of classic and trendy essences.

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French Baby Boy Names to fall in Love with


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