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Fruit Juices for Babies: When to Start and How to Make?

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All You Need to Know about the Fruit Juices for Babies

Your Baby needs immensely special care till 6 months from the birth. The pediatricians suggest that a baby should only be offered mother’s breast milk as it contains all the essential nutrients and hydration that the little one needs. Introducing the other liquid diets to your baby is not recommended till turn 6 months old. Exclusive breastfeeding is all your baby needs for first 6 months. Once you start with solids, you can introduce the fruits juices to your baby. In fact Fruit juices (of selective fruits) are best first foods for babies.

When to start Fruit Juices for Babies and How to make it?

Introducing the fruit or vegetable juices and the Solid foods for baby are suggested when they turn 6 months old. Please note not all of the fruits are perfect at the first stage of solid introduction to baby. Pediatricians suggest that after a specific time only a baby’s early dietary regime should be altered. Here is a list of top questions that every new mom asks or wants to ask an expert.

When to Start Juices for Baby?

The nutritious juices are suggested for the babies of 6 month age or more as the juices displace the solid food, breast milk or formula milk and even cause diarrhea in many cases if given in early months or in excess after 6 months old. Fresh fruit drinks, especially those with rich Vitamin C proportion, are suggested for the 6 month old or older babies.

How to Make Fruit Juice for Baby?

Even at the age of 6 months, you baby needs a significant amount of dietary care. You can provide them seasonal fruit by thinking that they need enough nutrients now. Every pediatrician suggests a list of fruits and a certain amount of fresh fruit juices to feed a baby. Fruits that are sticky, big in size and slippery should be avoided. Oranges, pomegranates, lemon etc. are the great picks. There is a special way to make the fruit juices for babies. Big juicers are not useful for your little one’s juice diet. You can go for the baby fruit juicer which is small in size and portable. Here are the best ways to make different fruit juices seamlessly like a pro mom.

Grape Juice for Baby

Grapes are soft and hence you don’t need any kind of juicers to extract the juice. Just take a clean cotton cloth, put few grapes in it and then smash it covering the grapes with the cloth. Collect the juice in a clean container.

Orange / Sweet Lemon Juice(Mosambi) for Baby

orange juice
Cut the lemon into two equal pieces. Rotate it on the top of the juicer to extract the fresh juice. Collect the extracted juice in a clean bowl.
For Oranges you can simply blend the carpels after removing the seeds or Squeeze one or 2 carpels in a cotton cloth. (Like that of Grape Juice)

Pomegranate Juice for Baby

For extracting the pomegranate fruit juice for your little one, you need a small lemon juicer. Put the pomegranate seeds in the juicer and press it slightly. Collect the juice in a bowl. Easy, right? Do not let the hard white seeds go in baby’s tummy.


Feeding Banana

mash the top of banana
Your 6 month old baby may not be able to eat the whole banana and hence for feeding banana to baby, you need to smash it well with a spoon after cutting the banana in slices.
Read more About Feeding Banana: Here

FAQs: Feeding Fruit Juice to Baby

Feeding Fruits Pieces Vs Smashed Vs Juices

The fruits which need to be chewed should not be given in big pieces to babies as there is risk of choking. Unless your baby is ready for finger foods (10months old), feed the juices.
Once you start the fruits as finger foods, do not leave the child alone with fruits in his/her hands, even if it is a piece of orange. Babies tend to swallow the foods. They want to try new things.
The fruits like watermelon must be given without seeds as their seeds cause diarrhea in babies.
Banana is the only fruit to be given smashed always. Other soft fruits like Papaya etc. should be given smashed or strained.
Apple is one of risky finger foods as babies can cut the piece which can choke them up. But you should not always puree/juice the fruits as after they turn 1 year old you want them to train for baby led weaning and fruits are best to start with.

Can I add Sugar/Honey/Jaggery to the juices?

No. Sugar/Honey/Jaggery are prohibited foods for babies (Below 1 year old)
Your baby will get enough nutrient and sugar through the fresh juices. Moreover, adding extra sugar, honey or jaggery while giving baby fruit juice may reduce the goodness of the fluid and cause digestive troubles. Also, the branded honey has preservatives and you can’t afford any threat to your little one’s health.

Can I Add Milk to The Juices?

No. Banana is the only fruit in which you can add the breast milk or formula milk and serve it to your baby.

100% Juice or Diluted Juice?

apple juice
The diluted fruit juice must be prepared cautiously so that your baby can drink it easily and attain a good health. You can also go for 100% pure juice but starting with small doses is recommended. Fruit juices are diluted in order to make it easy to digest. But in case of small amounts, its ok to feed 100% pure juices. As anyways, fruits are easy to digest.

What is the Quantity of Juice Required by a 6 Months Old Baby?

Your baby is small and with a fragile digestive system. Going for a huge amount of fluid or solid food can be dangerous. The experts suggest 120 ml vegetable or fruit juice for baby at a time.

Shall I go for Homemade, Canned or Bottled Juice?

Your baby’s health is very sensitive and hence it’s better to trust the homemade things only. When you choose homemade juice for 6 month old baby, you say NO to the external impurities, chemicals and contamination.

Can I Store and Use the Juice for Later After Making it?

Well, a big NO is in this case. Wondering why? Here are the reasons –
The pediatricians suggest feeding the fresh juices or smashed solid food to the babies within one hour as the maximum amount of nutrient remains intact with the food till that period. Also:
– The stored juices start lacking the nutrients with time
– The stored juices start accumulating bacteria and various contamination
– The big industries go for pasteurization to keep the juice away from the bacteria which is not the case at home
– The stored or refrigerated juice lacks the amazing flavor
– The color of the stored juice may not be vibrant and appealing
– Feeding stored (Not fresh) fruit juice can upset baby’s stomach

Does Fruit Juice Replace the Solid Meal?

No. Solid meal is a totally different thing with a huge amount of nutrients but you can go for it till your baby is grownup.

Should I Give Juice When Baby is Having Cold or Fever?

The citric foods may add to the irritation in the throat of your baby during fever. It’s better to go for any recommended fruit for baby except the citric ones.

What Kinds of Juices are The Best for Babies?

There are few does and don’ts when it’s about feeding your baby fresh juices. The homemade baby fruit juice is a great way to boost the nutrition level of your baby while the basic dietary elements like milk and water contributes to his basic growth. Here is the list of most suitable fruits juices for baby.
– Tender Coconut Water
– Orange juice
– Water Melon Juice (Without Seeds)
– Carrot Juice
– Pear Juice
– Sweet Lime Juice (Mosambi)
– Peach Juice
– Grape Juice
– Grapefruit Juice

How About Frozen Fruits?

The experts suggest that the babies below 2 years can digest the seasonal riper fruits better than the frozen fruits. The seasonal fruits have all the necessary nutrients and goodness.

The Most Important Points to Consider

– Never blend the bananas. Sticky elements can make it difficult for your baby to swallow and digest the eatables. Make sure the solid food or fluid is not sticky or gooey.
– Eliminate the Fruits seeds specially the watermelon seeds every time you prepare the fresh juice for your baby
– Don’t add artificial flavors
– Feed fresh fruits/juices, don’t store or refrigerate
– Avoid boiling fruits

Selecting the right fruits and opting the right methods for extracting the fresh juices can bestow your baby with a great health and fulfill his daily nutrient requirements. Your baby is special and his happiness is the reason for your delights. Turn into a smart mom and make a productive dietary regime for your baby and help him attain a thriving health.

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Fruit Juices for Babies: When to Start and How to Make?


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