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500+ Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Rare and Meaningful Hindu Names for Baby Boys

Letter A is probably most common starting letter in Hindu Names especially in Baby Boys Names.
Some names are too common in recent years. If you are looking for name for your baby boy, starting with letter A then select a rare, meaningful and attractive name.
To help you in baby name hunt, we have collected the most beautiful, meaningful and most importantly unique names. Most of them are sanskrit origin.

Unique Names Starting with A for Indian Baby Boys

Aabhas Feelings / The sense (Alternative Spelling: Abhas)
Aabheer A cowherd / Name of dynasty (Alternative Spelling: Abheer / Abhir)
Aachman Puja / Intake of a sip of water before a Yagya (Alternative Spelling: Achman)
Aadavan The Sun (Alternative Spelling: Adavan / Aadhavan / Adhavan)
Aadhira The Moon
Aadhish King / Counselled / Commanded
Aadi Most important / Beginning / First
Aadia Being a gift
Aadim Entire universe
Aadipta Bright
Aadish Full of wisdom / Intelligent
Aadit Peak / Lord of Sun
Aaditey Son of Aditi (Alternative Spelling: Aaditeya)
Aadith Peak / Lord of Sun
Aaditva Aditya / the Sun
Aadiv Delicate
Aadvay Unique / One / United
Aadvik Unique
Aadyant Infinite / Infinte from beginning (Aadi) to end
Aadyot Praise
Aagam Coming / Arrival / A name of Jain shastra
Aaghosh Any cheerful event
Aagney Karna / The great warrior / Born from fire (Alternative Spelling: Agney / Aagneya)
Aahaan Morning
Aahan Sunrise / First Ray of light / Morning glory
Aahil Prince
Aahlaad Delight /Happy / Joy / Happiness (Alternative Spelling: Aahlad)
Aahnik Prayer (Alternative Spelling: Ahnik)
Aahva Beloved
Aahvan An invitation call
Aaish God blessings
Aakaar Shape
Aakampan Unshaken / Calm
Aakanksh Hope
Aakar Shape
Aakarsh Attractive
Aakarshak Attractive
Aakarshan Attraction
Aakesh Lord of the Sky
Aakhyaan Legend story of famous person
Aalakshya Visible
Aalam Whole world
Aalamb Sanctuary
Aalap Musical
Aalekh Picture / Painting
Aalhad Joy / Happiness
Aalok Light
Aalop Small
Aamish Honest
Aamod Pleasure (Alternative Spelling: Aamodh)
Aamodin Happy / Sweet fragrant
Aamogh Lord Ganesha
Aan The Sun
Aanantya Divine
Aanav Humane
Aanay Lord Ganesh / Lord Vishnu
Aandaleeb The Bulbul bird
Aangat Colorful
Aanjaneya Lord Hanuman (Son of Anjani)
Aanjay Unconquerable / Unbeatable
Aansh Portion
Aantya Successful
Aanush Beautiful morning / Following desires
Aapt Reliable / Trustworthy / Faithful
Aapu Breath
Aar Light bringer
Aaradhak Worshipper
Aaradhy Worshipped
Aaranay Beginning / Starter
Aaranyan Jungle / Forest
Aarav Peaceful
Aariket Lord Ganesh / Against desire
Aariketh Lord Ganesh / Against desire
Aarish First Ray of Sun
Aarit One who seeks the right direction / Honoured / Admired
Aariv King of wisdom
Aarjav Honest / Sincere / One whos steadfast in happiness and sorrow
Aarksh Of the stars
Aarman A wish / Desire
Aarnab Ocean (Alternative Spelling: Arnav / Aarnav / Arnab)
Aarochan Shining / Bright / Name of the Sun
Aaron Light bringer / Exalted high
Aarpit To donate / To give or offer something
Aarsh Crown / Pure
Aarshabh Lord Shri Krishna
Aarshin Pious
Aarth Meaning (Alternative Spelling: Arth)
Aarul Blessed person / Gods grace (Alternative Spelling: Arul)
Aarunya Sunshine / First ray of the Sun (Alternative Spelling: Arunya)
Aarush First Ray of Sun (Alternative Spelling: Arush)
Aaryak Kind (Alternative Spelling: Aryak)
Aaryaman Noble-minded / Aristocratic
Aaryamik Noble
Aaryan Of the Aryan race / Ancient
Aaryav Noble person
Aaryaveer Brave Man (Alternative Spelling: Aryaveer/Aryavir)
Aaryesh The king of Arya (Alternative Spelling: Aryesh)
Aaryik Respected
Aasav Liquor
Aashang Loyal
Aashank Faith
Aashay Hawk like
Aashim Limitless
Aashish Blessings
Aashlesh Embrace
Aashray Shelter
Aashresh Clever
Aashrith Ruler
Aashrut Famous
Aashu Active / Quick
Aashuinat Calm / Gentle
Aashvith Ocean
Aaslunan Gem
Aastik Who has faith in God
Aasvi Blessed and victorious / Little mare
Aathrav Auspicious / Lucky
Aatman Soul
Aatrey An ancient name / Name of a sage / Clever (Alternative Spelling: Aatreya)
Aavansh Forthcoming generation
Aaveg Impulse
Aavesh Lord of the universe / Lord Shiva
Aavi Smoke
Aavish Holy incarnation
Aayam Dimensions
Aayansh The Sun
Aayod Giver of life
Aayu Span of life
Aayudh Shastra
Aayus Life
Aayush Age / Man / Long lived / One with long life
Aayushman With long life
Abadhya Full of power
Abbir Gulal
Abel Healthy / Vanity / Breath
Abhaidev Free of fear
Abhav Lord Shiva
Abhayan One of the kauravas
Abhi Fearless
Abhidi Radiant
Abhigyaan Source of knowledge
Abhihas Inclined to smile
Abhimath Beloved
Abhimoda Delight /Joy / Happy
Abhinabhas Famous
Abhineet Perfect / Acted
Abhinesh Actor
Abhinit Perfect / Acted
Abhinivesh Desire
Abhinu Brave Man
Abhipuj To adorn / Worship
Abhir A cowherd / Name of dynasty
Abhiral Cowherd
Abhirath Great charioteer
Abhirup Handsome / Pleasant / Pleasing
Abhisar Companion
Abhishrey Abhishrey the credit of good deed. the dawn of the good
Abhishoka Loving
Abhisumat Lord Sun / Radiant (Alternate Spelling: Abhisumath)
Abhisyanta Splendid (Son of Vahini and Kuru)
Abhith Everywhere
Abhivanth Royal salute
Abhivira Commander / Hero
Abhra Cloud
Abhranila Lord Basudev
Abhu Unborn / Nonexistent
Abhya Towards the fire
Abhyagni Son of Aitasa / Towards the fire
Abhyan A campaign or a firm resolution of An idea or belief
Abhyank Name of God
Abhypsit Desired
Abhyuday Sunrise / Increase / Prosperity (Alternative Spelling: Abhyudaya)
Abhyudev Sun
Abhyudita Risen / Prosperous
Abibhava Fearless
Abiheshan Immortal
Abinish Hope
Abiseshan The beginning of World
Abish The beginning
Abrik Precious like God
Acchutan Lord Vishnu
Achal Constant
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Achanda Not of the hot temper / Calm / Gentle
Achapal Determination
Acharya Teacher
Achindra Flawless / Uninterrupted / Perfect
Achint Care free
Achintya Beyond comprehension
Achyut Imperishable / Lord Vishnu / Indestructible
Adedev Lord of Lords
Adeel Honest /Justice / Sincere (Alternate Spelling: Adel)
Adeep The light of Vishnu
Adenya First
Adharv Ganesha / First Veda
Adhavan The Sun
Adheer Restless / Moon
Adheesh King / Hindu God
Adhik Greater
Adhya First power / Unparalleled
Adhyan Name of a prophet / A nabee
Adhyuth Is associated to Lord Ayyappa
Adikavi The First Poet (Or The Best Poet)
Adikya Authority / Showing upper hand
Adiman Destroyer
Adisesh Lord Vishnu
Adiv Pleasant
Adiya Jewel / Gods treasure
Adlin God
Adrav Dispeller of all distresses
Adrik Awesome
Advay Unique (Alternate Spelling: Advaya)
Adwait Unique
Adwaya One / United / Unique
Adwik Unique
Adyant Infinite from Adi to ant / From begining to end
Aekansh Unique
Aeshan In gods grace
Aeyush Long lived
Agarvin Successful Man
Agasthya A name of a Rishi (Alternate Spelling: Agastya)
Agasti Name of a sage
Agendra King of mountains
Agha Pre eminent
Agharna The Moon
Aghartha Supernatural
Aghat The Destroyer of Sins
Aghosh Quiet / Soundless
Agilan Man who commands everything
Agneya Son of Lord of Fire
Agni Towards the fire
Agniprava Bright Like Fire
Agniv Bright as light
Agrim Leader
Agriya First or Best
Agyeya Unknown
Ahaan Dawn / Sunrise / Morning glory / First Ray of light / One who is of the nature of time itself
Ahan Dawn / Sunrise / Morning glory / First Ray of light / One who is of the nature of time itself
Ahar Activity / Defender
Aharshi Sun / King of the day
Ahijit Conqueror (of Serpents)
Ahil Prince
Ahilan Knowledgeable and Commanding
Ahim Cloud / Water / Traveller
Ahin Whole
Ahir The devotee
Ahlad Happy
Ahnay As bright as the Sun
Ahruran Lord Shiva / The name of the God Shiva from the place thiruvarur
Ahti Myth name of a God of magic
Aiden Powerful
Ail From the stony place
Ainesh The suns glory / Sunshine
Ainitosh Happy
Airavath White elephant of Lord Indra (Alternate Spelling: Airawat)
Ajahni noble birth
Ajesh Lord Hanuman
Ajish Not defeated by anyone
Ajneesh The suns glory / Sunshine
Akalin Pure
Akalmash Stainless
Akalpa Ornament
Akand Calm
Akansh Desire / Wish
Akanshit One who is Desired
Akarsh Attractive
Akil God
Akilan Intelligent / Logical
Akrish Young Krishna
Akrit Helping others
Akruti Nature or beautiful / Figure
Aksh Divider
Akshan Eye
Akshansh Universe
Akshit Permanent / Saved / Guarded
Akshobhya Lord Vishnu
Akshu Eye
Akshun A significant particle
Akshyat Unharmed / Uninjured
Akul Lord Shiva
Alaap Musical prelude
Alabhya Unique / Difficult to acquire
Alagan Handsome
Alagiri Alagar Swami
Alarka White lotus
Alek Defender of mankind
Alhad Joy / Happiness
Alin Noble
Amaresh Lord Indra
Amav Powerful / Undefeated
Amay Lord Ganesh
Ambak Eye
Amlan Ever bright / Brilliant
Amoha Clear / Straight
Amshu Atom
Anagh Sinless
Anahath Infinite / Unbeaten
Anakh The Moon
Anakul Calm
Anam Blessing
Anamay Without miseries
Anang Name of cupid God / Kamdev
Anany Matchless
Anash Undivided
Anashay Selfless / Without any self interest
Anashin Indestructible
Anashwar The one who never gets destroyed
Anashya Indestructible
Anav Ocean / King / Rich / Generous
Anay Lord Ganesh
Anaye Lord Ganesh
Anbarasan King of Love
Anbarasu King of Love
Anbu Love / Kindness
Anchit Honorable / Someone honored and respected
Aneek Lord Ganesh / Soldier / Many
Aneesh Close friend / Smart one / Companion / Supreme
Aneeswar Goddess of earth / Lord of serpents or Vasuki
Aneeth Joyful unending / Calmness
Anek Lord Ganesh / Soldier / Many
Anesh Close friend / Good company / Smart one / Companion / Supreme
Angad An ornament / Bracelet (Alternate Spelling: Angada)
Angaj Son
Angak Son
Angiras Name of a sage
Angith Nil
Anhar Lord Krishna
Anidev Favor / Grace
Aniesh Supreme
Aniij Charming
Anik Lord Ganesh / Soldier / Many
Anikait Lord of the world / Lord Shiva / Lord of all / Alternate Spelling : Aniket / Aniketh
Anikant Blue jewel
Anikt Conquered
Anilesh Wind
Animan Unbounded
Animesh Bright / Open eyed / Attractive
Anindith The blameless one / With no faults / Perfect
Anindya Praiseworthy / Perfect / Innocent / Handsome
Anirban The eternal flame / Divine / Immortal
Anirudra Lord Shiva
Anirudu Boundless / Lord Vishnu
Anirvan Undying
Anirved Courageous / Resilient / Independent / Positive
Anirvin God-like
Anirvinya Lord Vishnu
Anish Close friend / Good company / Smart one / Companion / Supreme
Anishk A person who has no enemy
Anit Joyful unending / Calmness
Aniteja Immeasurable splendor (Alternate Spelling: Anitej)
Aniv Lord Murugan
Anivardh Lord Vishnu
Anjak Decorated
Anjal Hollow formed by joining two hands
Anjan Eye liner
Anjaneya Lord Hanuman
Anjas Forthright / Honest / Morally upstanding
Anjasa Guileless / Deceit less
Anjay Unconquerable / Unbeatable
Anjesh Sweet
Anjik Collyrium / Coloured
Anjish Sweet
Anjum Stars
Anjuman Gathering / Society
Ankal Whole
Ankesh King of numbers
Ankolit Loved / Respected
Annul Eternal / Unsurpassed
Anosh Beautiful morning / The name of a star (Alternate Spelling: Anoush)
Ansh Portion
Anshal Greek God ( Lord of winds or west)
Anshin Sharer / heir
Anshit Sun
Anshrith Lord Vishnu
Anshu The Sun / Ray of light
Anshuk Sunbeam / Radiant / Gentle / Brilliant
Anshul Radiant / Brilliant / Sunnuy
Anshum Garland of rays
Anshuman The Sun / Lord Sun
Anshumat Luminous
Antar Famous warrior
Antarang Intimate / Close to heart
Anthudaran One of the kauravas
Anu An atom
Anubhaj One who follows worship spiritual
Anuchan Well versed in the Vedas
Anudarshan Observing
Anudev Atom
Anugrah Divine blessing
Anugya Authority
Anuh Calm / Without desire / Satisfied (Alternate Spelling: Anuha)
Anukash Reflection of light
Anukrit Photograph
Anul Gentle
Anumit Love / Kindness / Logical
Anunay Supplication / Consolation
Anuvindha One of the kauravas
Anuyog Blame
Anvay Joined / Integration
Anveer Brave and divine in knowledge
Anvesh Investigation (Alternate Spelling: Anwesh)
Anveshan Search
Anvit One who bridgesth gap / Friend (Alternate Spelling Anvith)
Apar Limitless
Aparant Clear
Apasyu Skilful / Active
Apij Born after or in addition to
Aprameya Lord Krishna
Apure Unique / New
Aradhy Worshipped
Araha Guiding star (Son of Sun)
Aranya Forest
Aranyak Forest
Araon Lofty
Arasu Most powerful person of the world
Arav Peaceful
Aravali Righteous
Archak Worshipper
Archat Shining / Praising
Archin Brilliant / One who offers prayers
Archish First Ray of the Sun
Archit Worship (Alternate Spelling: Archith)
Ardhendu Half Moon
Arean Honorable
Areehah Destroyer of enemies
Areen Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
Arekh Picture
Arghya Offering to Lord
Arha Lord Shiva
Arhan Ruler / Tirthankara
Arhat Respectable
Arihaan Destroyer of evil / Killing enemies (Alternate Spelling: Arihan)
Ariharan Lord Shiva
Arijit Conquering enemies (Son of Krishna and Subhadra)
Arin Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
Arindam Destroyer of enemies (Alternate Spelling: Arindham)
Arine Full of Joy / Mountain strength
Arinjay Victory over evil (Alternate Spelling: Arinjoy)
Arish Sky
Arit Beloved / Friend
Ariyan Illustrious / Noble
Arjan Winner
Arjav Straightforward person by heart / Speech and act
Arjeeth Earned
Arju Peacock / One of the Pandavas / Son of Lord Indra
Arjun A pandava Prince / Brilliant / Bright
Ark The Sun / Lightening / Fire
Arkaj Born of the Sun / Name for kam / Yam / Sugreev and saturn
Arkash To enlighten / Lighten up
Arkesh God of stars (Moon)
Arkin Son of the eternal king
Arkish Very sweet
Arnad Megh
Arnav Ocean / Sea / Stream / Wave
Arnesh Lord of the sea
Arnik Arnik
Arnish Lord of the seas
Arnit Beautiful flower
Arnoh Unblemished / Clear
Arnrit Nectar / Eternal
Arohan To rise
Arokya Very pious
Aroop Extremely beautiful / Full of Joy or blissful
Aroush First Ray of sunlight
Arpil Like Arpit / Dedicated
Arpit To donate / To give or offer something
Arshan Brave
Arshya Of sacred descent
Arth Meaning
Arthish Brigtness of good Shiva
Arthit The Sun
Aruj Rising Sun / Born of the Sun
Arujas Free from disease
Arul Gods grace / Gods blessing
Arunesh Lord of mercy
Arunoday Sunrise
Arush First Ray of Sun
Arushan First rays of morning Sun
Aruth Wind
Arva Arva means fastest motion wind
Arvin Friend of people
Arya Honored / Noble / Goddess Parvati
Aryaan God
Aryadit The Sun
Aryadita Noble Conqueror (Arya + Aditya)
Aryamaan Best of the best / The Sun
Aryaman Noble minded
Aryan Of the Aryan race / Ancient / Warrior
Aryash Brilliant
Aryav Nobel
Aryavan Noble
Aryaveer Brave Man
Asaja Calm
Asav Essence
Ashan Attractive / Gratitude / Thankfulness / Obligation
Ashimat Pride
Ashmit Trustworthy friend / Pride / Ever smiling
Ashneel The best / Unbeatable
Ashpan An efficient horse rider
Ashrav Obedient or promise
Ashu Quick
Ashul No obstacles / Calm
Ashva The number 7
Ashvad Black horse
Ashvarya Wealth
Ashvik Blessed and victorious
Asmit Trustworthy friend / Pride / Ever smiling / Devine smile (Alternate Spelling: Asmith)
Asner Cute
Asoka No sorrow / Without worries / Without grief
Asokan Name of a king
Asri Goddess Lakshmi / Lucky
Asrith One who gives refuge to others and protects others / God of wealth / One who protects others
Astik Who has faith in God
Astitva Existence
Astitya Existance
Astrit Invincible / Gold
Ateeksh Wise
Atharva The first Vedas / Lord Ganesh
Athiban Born to be a leader / Lord Ayyapa
Athikaya Of extra ordinary size
Athreya Receptacle of glory
Atharv Lord Ganesh
Atiksh Wise
Atin The great one
Atiya Lord Ganesh / Gift
Atmik The soul
Atraiu Great warrior
Atreya Name of a sage / Clever / Receptacle of glory
Atri Voyager through life
Atun New
Atvar Lord Ganesh
Atvi Energy
Audvik Light of Lord Shiva which never diminishes
Augadh One who revels all the time
Auniket Unique
Aurel Golden Angel
Avadh Powerful
Avan One who owns the earth
Avas Protection / Pleasure / Favour / Assistance
Avasyu Lord Indra
Avatar Incarnation
Aveen Beauty / Son of Ashim
Avi The Sun and air
Avichal Unmovable
Avighna Remover of obstacles
Avigyan Recollection
Avijit Invincible
Avik Brave
Avikalp Which has no options
Avikam Diamond
Avir Brave / One who fights for peace / Strong
Avirup Lord Shiva
Avish Ocean
Aviyukta Patience
Avneesh God of the earth
Avnendra King of the earth / Angel of God on earth
Avnesh Lord of the whole world / Lord Ganesh
Avniel Father / Strong
Avyan All-perfect
Awadhesh King of Ayodhya
Awan Quality
Awas Moderate / Average
Awdhesh King of Ayodhya
Awesh Passion
Ayaan Religiously inclined / God gift
Ayaansh The first Ray of light / Part of parents / Gift of God
Ayan the pathway to the Sun
Ayank The Moon
Ayavanth Lord Shiva

I hope you found the name you are looking for. In case you know any name which is not in list above and is a rare and meaningful name for Hindu Boys starting with letter A then please do let me know by commenting below. Thank You.

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500+ Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with A


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