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Can I eat Mushrooms during pregnancy?

Mushrooms During Pregnancy – Healthy or Unsafe?

Mushroom is a low-calorie food which is categorized in vegetables. It is rich in vitamin D, vitamin B, essential minerals, potassium etc. Some women love to eat Mushroom during pregnancy. Are these cravings for Mushrooms safe for the baby?

We will talk about Mushroom Eating Habits during pregnancy and the healthiness of the same in this article.

When you got pregnant you start leaning for different types of taste like sugary, sour, salty and bitter. You eat those foods because you feel good after consumption. At that time, food is the only solution of your nauseous feeling which you cannot resist. But not all the cravings are healthy. Let’s see how good Mushrooms are for you!
Japanese Mushrooms

Is Eating Mushrooms Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are talking about the Raw Mushrooms – A big fat No! These Carcinogenic eatables are highly potent to harm you. So please avoid the salads which contain raw mushrooms.

However, eating the Cooked or dried mushrooms is good and allowed.

Mushroom – The Good Facts

Mushroom is one of the amazing foods which have numerous varieties, available in the market. Due to high nutritional and low calorific value, it is good for pregnant women but ONLY when not eating the raw mushroom. Basically, the qualities of mushroom will can attract you are –

• Good nutrient content
• Mushroom also helps in digestive discomfort during pregnancy.
• It strengthens the immune system of pregnant women.
• Contains great amount of vitamin D, B and zinc, which are good for blood and or the growth and development of fetus.
• Energy Enhancement
• Mushrooms are rich in vitamin, minerals and protein.

Mushrooms which are safe and healthy (list given below) have the following beneficial effects during pregnancy which makes them a must-take, to be added to mother’s diet for their baby’s health –

Health Benefits of Common Mushrooms during Pregnancy

Strong Bone and Teeth

Mushrooms are abundant in Vit D. Mushrooms are one of rarest vegan sources of Vitamin D. So kids and adults must eat mushrooms regularly. Vitamin D which is responsible for making our bones and teeth stronger, also helps in the absorption of vitamin C with is consumes more during pregnancy due to cravings.

Muscle Mass

Mushroom have a great contribution in making muscle mass as it is rich in protein helps in the mood behaviors and skin.

Immunity Booster

Mushroom have high amount of beta-Glucan that boosts the immune system and also delivers many health benefits like antifungal and antibacterial.

Rich in Antioxidants

It has great amount of antioxidants which protects our body from the free radicals. These radicals are the main cause of cancer so it is good to add mushrooms in your diet.

Vitamin and Nutrients

Mushrooms have vitamin B variants – B1, B2, and B3 which promote improvement in digestion, eventually giving you naturally glowing skin.

Increases Hb (Hemoglobin) Content

Mushroom is a rich source of iron as it formed by iron molecules. It is good for those anemic pregnant women who have low Hb and blood count.

Mushrooms to Eat

As I said earlier, not every Mushroom should be eaten. Here is a list to guide in selection of eatable mushrooms –

• Brown Crimini mushrooms (Commonly available in market)
brown mushrooms
• White Button Mushrooms (Commonly available in market)
white mushrooms
• Shiitake
• Maitake (Hen-of-the-wood or Grifola Frondosa)
• Matsutake
• King Oysters /Eringi (Pleurotus eryngii)
king oyster
• Enoki
• Buna-Shimeji
buna shimeji

Below Mushrooms are safe to eat but they might look like the ones from poisonous list. Better to avoid if you are not aware of the source.
• Giant Puffball (Calvatia Gigantea)
giant puffBall
• Dryads Saddle (Cerioporus squamosus)
• Wood Ears
• Scarlet Elf Cups
• Cauliflower Fungus
• Beefsteak Fungus
• Field Blewits
• Penny Buns
• Hedgehog Fungus (Hydnum repandum)

Mushrooms NOT to Eat

And, here are the mushroom varieties which you should AVOID –
Reference: Planet Deadly
• Death Cap
death cap
• Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)
fly agaric
• Angel Wing (Pleurocybella porrigens)
• Conocybe Filaris
• Deadly Webcap (Orellani)
• False Morel
• Autumn Skullcap (Galerina)
• The Destroying Angels
• Podostroma Cornu-damae

What’s Unsafe?

Now you will think that if mushroom has that many benefits in pregnancy then why some people avoid mushroom during gestational period! Yes, the mushroom like – Raw, magic and toxic mushrooms are not good for conceiving. Not only for the expectant mothers but for anybody’s health! Please read the list of unsafe mushrooms above.
It is suggested that intake of these mushroom during pregnancy and in breastfeeding is also not good for the infant. It may cause possible birth defects.

Risks of taking TOXIC Mushrooms are

Please note these risks are only from toxic mushrooms and not from the common healthy mushrooms like brown, white, shiitake, oyster etc.

Hallucinogenic Property

Researchers have proved that some mushrooms have hallucinogenic property, making unreal things look real. In pregnancy, it may result in birth defects in babies, as it has Psilocybin Chemical that disturbs brain’s activity.

Physical Birth Defects

Eating poisonous or toxic mushroom during pregnancy trimesters may causes physical incapability to baby.

Development of Brain

Mushroom, the toxic ones, may cause degeneration of brain cells of the neonates. So, it’s better to check which type of mushroom for ensuring the safety and health of you and your baby.

If these are the toxic ones, they will definitely cause problems to newborn or mother, even during lactation, so it is advised not to take these mushrooms.

So, it is an evil and angelic combo, present in the same Substance. It depends on you to grab the right Mushrooms to ensure the good health in pregnancy!

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Can I eat Mushrooms during pregnancy?


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