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Try these 6 Exercises to Get Your Mummy Tummy Toned

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Post pregnancy, most of women get physical changes especially loose breast and tummy area, but, this should not stop you from enjoying motherhood. Getting your pregnancy body back is definitely not very easy. Most of mothers who put on loads of weight and have the stretched skin loose self-confidence. With effective workouts and doing them daily you can achieve a toned body like you had pre-pregnancy.

Exercises which will help you get back in shape the soonest

Lower Tummy Exercises

This Exercise can help you get back in shape post pregnancy.
• Get down on your knees and rest your elbows on the floor. This can be done either on bed or on the floor but doing it over a mat on floor is more recommended.
• Ensure that your back is straight and that the muscles on your tummy area are all relaxed.
• Start with inhaling, then as you exhale you need to constrict your pelvic. Now, you have to pull your belly button inside then upwards.
• Do the exercise daily and include short walks of around 30 minutes, to give more push on the effect of this type of exercise.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

This is an exercise best to do not just after pregnancy but during too.
Pelvic floor strengthening is very easy exercise that you need to do thrice a day.
1. Lie down on the floor and bend your knees comfortably as shown in picture,
2. Now squeeze the pelvic area for 10 repetitions.
3. You should feel the pressure on the pelvic area while squeezing.

Pointer Dog

• Start the exercise in kneel down position while your hands under your shoulder and the knees under your hips.
• Belly button should be pulled into your spine while torso is stabilized.
• The right arm should be extended slowly out in front and the left leg positioned behind you. Make a steady and balanced position with the use of your back, abdomen and bottom muscle area.
• Stay in the position for around 20-30 seconds, then swap and work on the other side.

Sit Ups

• One of the most common, and actually an exercise being performed by almost everyone. This exercise is highly effective.
• For post pregnancy, please do this exercise with care and gentleness.
• While lying on your back, while knees bended, hold your neck with hands as shown in picture. Now, once you are all ready and in relaxed position, start lifting your upper body towards your knees. Slowly lean back and go back to your starting position.
• Do this in around 10-15 repetitions.

Glut Bridges

• Lie down on your back while your knees are bent and feet hips width apart.
• Make sure that your spine is in nice neutral position with a small mouse hole below your back.
• Start with your pelvis, while squeezing your butt, your weight should be out on your heels and bring it up off the ground, this should be done one vertebrate at a time.
• Hold the position for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, go back down touching just one vertebra then the other next, the tail bone should touch down last. Rise up and down with the support of tummy and butt muscles.
• Make 10 repetitions

Bridging Exercises

• This exercise can help you achieve a more toned tummy, thigh and bottom muscles.
• Lie down on the floor. Bend your knees while sliding your feet upwards then take them to the bottom area.
• While holding the position take a deep breath, as you exhale, tighten your pelvic floor together with your belly button.
• When you lift your bottom in the air, make the lift as high as you possibly can. You need to breath very normally as you hold onto this position for roughly around 5 seconds.
• After holding the position for 5 seconds, slowly lower your bottom back towards its previous position.
• Once back, relax the pelvic floor and the lower tummy muscles.
• Do the exercise in 10 repetitions.

Now that you know the 6 exercises you can use to make your body go back to it’s better. You need not worry about being or getting pregnant. The exercises are effective only if done regularly and as instructed.
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Try these 6 Exercises to Get Your Mummy Tummy Toned


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