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Want Healthy Skin in the Spring? Follow These Skincare Tips

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The secret to always getting that perfect look starts by having beautiful Skin. We should do what we can in order to keep our skin healthy and youthful. Our skin, however, is exposed to different harsh elements, one of which is weather that keeps on changing constantly. It is our responsibility to keep our skin protected so it too can continue to do its job in protecting our body. As we bid goodbye to winter and say hello to spring, it is time again to reassess our skincare regimen and the products we use in preparation for the new weather ahead.

We all do our spring cleaning and change our wardrobes from those heavy clothes with lighter ones. The same should be done with our skin. Spring is about having a fresh start and a time for your skin to improve. The harsh winter weather has probably left your skin dry and itchy so this is the best time to do some damage control.

Make The Switch

It’s time to go light on the clothes and light on your skin. Those thick and heavy moisturizers are appropriate for the winter weather because your skin need as much moisture as possible. That type of moisturizer however, may be too heavy for spring. Switch your moisturizer into a lighter one so it will still hydrate your skin without making you feel greasy or oily. Never go without applying moisturizer because this keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. You need to be able to replenish the natural oils that were lost. This is part of any good skincare routine.


It’s high time that you return the fresh glow to your skin. Although the winter season is over, there may be dead skin cells or rough layers of skin left from the harsh season. You may not have noticed because you have been wearing long pants or shirts with long sleeves. But you have to slough them off in order to reveal the fresh new layer. This will also allow your skin to efficiently absorb the moisturizer that you apply each day.

Exfoliating your skin doesn’t have to be expensive. You can choose to create your own exfoliation remedy from the different ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. For example, sugar and olive oil. Mix a cup of olive oil to 2 cups of brown sugar and use this to scrub your entire body especially the rough and dry areas. Then rinse and apply moisturizer.

Strictly Follow Your Skincare Routine

The temperature is a little warmer in the spring and this could worsen your acne condition if you have any. But regardless if you have acne or not, it is still necessary that you stick to your skincare routine to keep your skin clean and prevent the oil and dirt from clogging your pores. Cleanse gently but thoroughly, use a toner and apply moisturizer right after.

Regulate Your Sun Time

Adequate sun time is needed by our body so it is able to produce Vitamin D. But then again too much sun exposure can be harmful. You can be increasing the risk of getting sunburned or if you have psoriasis, a sunburn can cause that condition to flare up. Better avoid excessive sun exposure and make sure that you are protected if you ever find yourself exposed to it. Especially after winter when your skin is not used to much sun.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen shouldn’t just be worn in summer, but all year long if you are outside for longer periods of time. The sun’s radiation is a little intense in the spring which your skin may be sensitive to. Make sure that you apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you expose yourself to the sun and do not forget to re-apply throughout the day. Do not forget to use a sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type.

If your skin is extra sensitive or if there are activities outside where you need to be exposed to the sun for a long time consider wearing added protection like hats or long sleeved shirts.

Also Pay Attention To Your Hands and Feet

Your hands are probably one of the most exposed part of your body during winter. You expose your hands when you need to answer your phone or when you’re driving. Exfoliate your hands and use moisturizer to prevent them from cracking. Your feet too probably received less attention over the winter since they get stuffed in socks and boots. Check your feet because walking will become less comfortable if the skin has dried up or cracked. Exfoliate your feet, and use a pumice stone if you need to remove the calluses. And every night before going to bed, apply moisturizer on your feet and wear socks to hold it in.

Load Up With Superfoods

Superfoods are rich in important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that does amazing things to your skin. So eat healthy. It will keep it youthful, beautiful and vibrant. Your skin will not only thank you for it. Your body and your overall health will benefit from it too. Healthy eating should be a part of any skincare routine.

Take this time to rehabilitate your skin this spring and pretty soon you will feel great and look great.

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Want Healthy Skin in the Spring? Follow These Skincare Tips


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