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We all know people who just seem to emanate joy.

Yet when we look at their lives they have not necessarily been blessed with more abundance, love, success or prosperity than the rest of us.  What they have is the ability to take whatever circumstances life has handed them and not only make them ok but joyfully so.

Were they born this way?

All we know for sure is that we want to be more like them.

What we see is colored by our individual perception

What we see comes from within not without.  So, contrary to what we might like to believe, these joyful people were not born this way they choose to see the world this way. They see a circumstance that someone else may perceive and meet despairingly, as an opportunity to grow, test their faith and rise. On top of that they do it with delight and wonder.

Make the shift

A simple Shift in attitude can help us recognize and uncover potential for fulfillment in every event, relationship, occurrence and setback. If we could focus on all we have accomplished without focusing on ‘perceived’ misfortune the world would be a brighter place and we would live in the joyful state, we crave.

Help on the way

One way to ‘remember’ the good things and make them top of mind is to establish a gratitude practice where every day you list 3 things that you are grateful for. Over time the list becomes longer and longer as you start to see beauty in the smallest things.  Journaling is another way to clear the negative thoughts to make room for the good. In this practice give yourself 10 – 15 minutes every morning to do what I call a ‘brain dump’. Simply put pen to paper and let the thoughts flow capturing a stream of consciousness that empties the mind of nagging thoughts. You don’t even have to read what you’ve written the purpose is to get. it. out. You can even throw these pages away when you’re finished. Done and gone.

Resign from your job as the world’s best problem solver

I know you’re good at this and even give yourself a pat on the back for your daily problem solving ability. Our human tendency is to always be at the ready to solve problems and focus on the negative almost taking the positive for granted.  For instance, if you are faced with a struggle in your life right now maybe it’s a job, a relationship or finding purpose in your life concentrate on the positive aspects and approach them with enthusiasm. Know that you haven’t been brought to this place without the ability to go beyond and achieve balance and joy. So, embrace the journey. If it’s purpose you’re looking for, ask yourself what interests you? See what comes up and follow those prompts with the wonder of a child. That will keep everything new, delightful and fun.  If it’s a relationship focus on the positive aspects and see what unfolds.  The current job may be a stepping stone to a wonderful new opportunity so approach your work with openness and the wonder of where it might be taking you.

Turn fear into opportunity

When faced with the prospect of undertaking something you fear, look at it as an opportunity to discover what you are truly capable of. Unexpected events when viewed as surprises can add flavor to your very existence.  By choosing joy, no matter crosses your path you create an attitude of jubilance that is absolutely infectious.

One of the challenges of my life was to witness my beloved Mom slip further and further into the clutches of Alzheimer’s disease. She no longer knew my father or myself, she did not display any of the qualities or characteristics that made her, her unique lovable self. Instead she became a child, curious, funny and awe filled. Instead of grieving the loss of the wonderful woman we knew as our wife and mom we decided to welcome this beautiful child who was filled with joy. She made us smile, laugh, she warmed our hearts. She was so easy to love. By making the shift we were able to embrace and enjoy every moment we had together. I am forever grateful for being able to make this shift.

New perspective – new lenses

A change in perspective is all it takes to change your life,  your world, your experience but you have to be willing to trade in the old Lenses for new ones and know that your eyes might need a little time to adjust to the new lenses before they feel normal. But persevere because in a short time the lenses will be your new normal.

As your gradually shift your perspective your life will be imbued with joy and contentment that will be with you every day and last forever.

Hope this adds an uplift to your day and give you a sense of wonder and joy going forward. I love to hear from you so please pass along stories of what life looks like and feels like with the new lenses.

Looking forward to hearing from You.


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