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Blocked Fallopian Tubes And IVF Treatment For Female Infertility

How can Blocked Fallopian Tubes be treated? – Getting Pregnant After Tubal Blockage

Once your fertility specialist has diagnosed blocked Fallopian Tubes there are many different ways that they can be treated and unblocked. If you only have one tube that is blocked, a fertility specialist may recommend continuing trying to conceive naturally as it is still possible to conceive. If both tubes are blocked then laparoscopic surgery or microsurgery may be an option to try and open one or both of the fallopian tubes. If there are only a few adhesions between your tubes and your ovaries then your chance of conceiving naturally after the surgery is good.

How can blocked fallopian tubes be treated?

How can blocked fallopian tubes be treated?

In some cases, if surgery is ineffective, then IVF may be an option. IVF bypasses the need for fertilization to occur in the fallopian tubes by placing an embryo directly into the uterus.

If you are concerned about your fertility and think you may have blocked fallopian tubes, consulting a specialist will help put your mind at ease, answer any questions that you may have and can help you on the right path to pregnancy.

About 20 percent of females coming to Our Rupal Hospital are found to have problems in fallopian tubes. Few of the reasons of blocked fallopian tubes are Pelvic infections (PID) leading to salpingitis and hydrosalpinx, Ectopic pregnancy, Tubal Ligation(family planning) surgery, Adhesions following abdominal surgery and Genital Tuberculosis.

Sometimes with help of our good intentions and help of the latest technology, we can bring abundance joy in the life of couples who have lost their children untimely because of illnesses or accidents.

Dr.Rupal Shah With Manzila Nazrul Shaikh After IVF Treatment Success

Dr.Rupal Shah With Manzila Nazrul Shaikh After IVF Treatment Success

Today, let me share a fruitful story of a patient with blocked fallopian tubes. A poor couple from Kolkata, who had lost 2nd son 7 years before at the age of 5 years due to severe infection in the brain(meningitis) and the unfortunate wife had undergone family planning surgery at the time of delivery as they did not want a third child in future.

But after losing her beloved son, she was under tremendous depression and she could not forget her lost young one. So she was brought to me for counseling and to discuss future treatment options to make their dreams of parenthood real again.

Here I offered them two options, discussing the pros and cons of both treatments.

First option was to undergo family planning reversal surgery, though it is a cheaper option than Test-tube baby treatment, It is painful as it is major surgery, success rates are less than 25%, chances of ectopic pregnancy(which if remains undiagnosed ,can prove life-threatening) and here as patient was already 35, her eggs reserve was also declining rapidly, much lowering the success of the procedure.

Manzila Nazrul Shaikh After her son's death couple was under severe depression.

Manzila Nazrul Shaikh After her son’s death couple was under the r severe depression.

So as a second option, hey were offered IVF, In which after few days of hormonal treatment to prepare her eggs, her eggs were removed from ovaries with a minor procedure, and fertilisation of her eggs and husband’s sperms were done in the laboratory by IVF ICSI procedure.(In normal circumstances, this fertilisation occurs in fallopian tubes ,which was not possible in her case due to family planning surgery) and then embryos made by this procedure were transferred to the patient’s uterus after 5 days and after 14 days her pregnancy test was positive and after 9 months, she delivered a baby boy again. The couple was overwhelmed by having this bundle of joy again in their lives as according to them, their lost son took re-birth again to make their lives meaningful.

Nothing speaker better than the Fertility Treatment Patients Sharing Their own Stories, which are like IVF Success Stories and Tips from Fertility Treatment Patients.People who have had IVF or fertility treatment share their fertility treatment success stories and pass on their tips and motivation to other infertile couples, looking for little help.

Dark Days Got Over for Manzila Nazrul Shaikh.

P.S. Hope…..Don’t Let Go

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes And IVF Treatment For Female Infertility


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