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Changing Your Focus

In my last blog entry, I talked about changing your focus.   Let's dive into that a bit.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try to change an outcome, whether its in a relationship, or something having to do with your job, or health issues, it always seems to end up the same?   So, you try again with a new relationship, or a new job, maybe a new medication for your health issue... but the same cycle goes on and on.   And you end up in the same situation every time. 

This "Aliveness Odessy" for me has been a complete eye-opener into how we as humans keep focusing on the past... on trying so hard not to keep making the same mistakes.   And yet, we aren't any happier, healthier, or more abundant.   What if we changed our perspective?  What if we focused all our mind on what we WANT instead of what we DON'T WANT?  What do you think would happen?

For the past 2 months, I have been experimenting with  focusing on what I want.  I won't say it's been easy.  We are so programmed to look at the past, it's very hard to change that mindset (especially at 50 years old).   But as I get better at it, what has happened has been mind-blowing in multiple areas of my life!  Scary! Forcing me to actually DO WHAT I WANT TO DO,  but having to let go of so many things  that weren't serving me.   It's also been liberating in a way I've never experienced!  Joy, happiness, peace, health, abundance! It's all happening for me right now.

If you are ready to make a REAL change, have your mind blown,  and are ready to give up the things that don't serve you keep reading...

Here's an exercise  I started doing every day.  First, I wrote down everything I want that makes me happy thinking about.  FYI, that's one of the keys... if you write down that you want $1,000,000. but it doesn't give you butterflies in your stomach when you think about it, then it's not really what you want.   Don't write down what other people want you to be or do or have.  This is about you.   What do YOU want?   Next, every morning before I do anything else, I imagine myself doing or having  the things I want  on that list.  Feeling how it would feel to have or do it.  Literally imagining every detail of it.  Not trying to figure out how to make it happen... just imagining that it already exists.   

Now, I know we live in "the real world"... (that's a topic for another discussion), so you WILL have friends, loved ones, co-workers, bosses that pull your focus to the negative side of perspective.  It's inevitable.   We'll talk about dealing with  that in the next blog.  In the meantime,  when you feel yourself focusing on the past or on negative things, pull out that list.  Take a 5 minute break from "reality" and go to that happy place where all those things you want exist. 

I realize that it sounds too easy... too simple.  You can't possibly change your whole life by just focusing on what you want.   Yeah.... I thought that too.  And now,  in 2 months time my world is completely changed!  And I haven't even perfected my focus yet.   I will say, there IS more to the story,   but this is how it starts. 

Get ready for REAL change!


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Changing Your Focus


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