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Starting from ground ZERO. No silver spoon upbringing. No family connections. Childhood in a large family. Childhood in a small family. Childhood as an only child. Parents and grandparents immigrants. Born in to an amalgamation of various cultures. Born in to an amalgamation of various races. Born in to an amalgamation of poverty from grandparents and parents. Some people in the family tried their best, but most failed and just gave up on life. Drifters. Living in shacks. Trying to make a living from any work available. One parent dies and the other gives up trying to support the family unit. Your upbringing was that of an outsider. Different. Feeling like an onlooker to life. The elders in your family unit took control of you. Things you were allowed to do. At times you felt used, abused, embattled, unwanted. You knew that you were unhappy. You knew that you had to get out of this situation. You knew that there was better. You just did not have the momentum or funds to get you to the place where you knew that you could and would be safe. The place you had dreamed about where you were in control and where you had all that you dreamed of. Security on all levels. Home. Money. Travel. Life. Lavishness. Happiness. Trust. Articulation. Success. Like-minded people. Bouncing back from the mistrust of others that deceived. Used. Abused. Standing on your own two feet. Did your family disown you, or did you disown them? Now look at where you are decades later. Hugely successful. There is a status for someone like you: Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI). You have travelled far and hard to this point in life. You have the scars from the battles. The mental scars. The anguish from the journey trodden. The one thing that you knew about was survival. SURVIVAL. If you could get to this point in life through all the crap that life threw at you then you could get through anything. You with the business empire. You with the status. You with the opulence. You with the power. You with the control. Every corner in life was a test. It was as though you were jinxed from since birth. When someone treated you badly (made you feel used or abused) you felt petrified to place a step forward. You felt as though your life was in a perpetual free fall. That you needed the people around you to escape from the terrible life that you were having from since childhood. Slowly but surely you were brave enough to look around and see that life did not have to remain that way. You were silent in your strength to break free. To find and harness the inner strength that would lead you to individuals who were your stepping stones to where you are now. As a cautionary note, every now and again the same type of destructive people from the past would pop up and try to tear you down. Discredit you. Yet beg or demand your help with money. Using guilt or blackmail to control you. They see your journey. They envy you. You the little one, starting from nothing. Look how you have soared in life. Look at how much you have learned from life. The university of life. Survival. Yet, there is that one sore point in your armour that a handful of others have a key to. You did not make the full closure towards these people. Is it because their presence keeps you strong in mind and conviction. That having them rear their heads every now and again strengthens your survival? Keeps you sharp? Like a drug.
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