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7 High Potassium Foods to Add to Your Diet [#6 Is New]

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7 super foods with potassium!

What is potassium and also why you require it

Potassium is an electrolyte that is vital in making sure proper performance of your heart, kidneys and various other organs.

It’s additionally a mineral that could be found in a lot of foods.

Among numerous various other functions, your body uses potassium to:

  • Build proteins
  • Break down and also use carbohydrates
  • Build muscle
  • Maintain normal body growth
  • Control the electrical task of the heart
  • Control the acid-base balance
  • Keep high blood pressure in check by decreasing the results of sodium

While potassium is a crucial nutrient everybody needs, if you have heart problem or are at risk for it, potassium tackles particular relevance, states

Getting adequate of potassium from food is a smart step for many people.

As Harvard reports, the majority of Americans take in much way too much salt as well as insufficient potassium, raising their threat for heart problem as well as death.

Shifting the consuming pattern to consist of even more potassium-rich foods could help shift the balance.

Potassium Reduces Blood Pressure

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Center of Illness Control and also Avoidance reported that concerning 70 million American grownups have hypertension. That number relates to about 30% of the populace or 1 in every 3 adults.

They likewise reported that 1 in 3 grownups have prehypertension, a condition that indicates higher compared to typical blood stress degree, however not yet in the high blood pressure range.

For the America’s high blood pressure issue, high potassium foods might be the cure.

In the research study published on Harvard Health Publications, foods high in potassium are shown in order to help press your high blood pressure down.

They additionally motivate potassium abundant foods for handling blood pressure over nutritional supplements.

They specified reducing high blood pressure does not necessarily call for a brand-new nutritional supplement. Rather watching what you eat is an efficient strategy to meet your advised potassium intake.

Limiting Potassium

For most, it appears that eating more potassium-rich foods is recommended.

However, not all need to increase it.

According to Healthline, individuals who have troubles with kidneys should enjoy just how much potassium they consume.

David Heitz, writer of the kidney disease write-up on discusses the reasoning.

He composes, ‘That is because the kidneys manage potassium. If they aren’t functioning correctly, the potassium might not be eliminated of the body appropriately.’ To reduce potassium accumulation, he suggests a person with persistent kidney condition should adhere to a low-potassium diet regimen of between 1,500 and also 2,000 milligrams (mg) each day.


You might require more or less potassium depending upon your health problems, but also for most individuals, absorbing a lot more potassium is recommended.

If you have hypokalemia, reduced potassium degrees or high blood pressure, you may require even more potassium.

On contrary, you might have to restrict the amount of potassium if you have hyperkalemia (high potassium levels) or kidney condition.

Most individuals who eat a healthy and balanced diet must obtain sufficient potassium normally.

However, many Americans don’t consume a healthy diet plan as well as could lack potassium.

In truth, Michael Greger M.D. composes the number is as high as 98%. He states 98% of American diet plans are potassium lacking. An additional source, Harvard Health and wellness Publications states, ‘most healthy Americans take in much less compared to fifty percent of the recommended quantity of potassium.’

If you are interested, watch Dr. Greger’s 2 minute video below.

Potassium deficiencies are especially extra common in people who:

  • Use specific medicines, such as diuretics and certain birth control pills
  • Have physically demanding jobs
  • Are athletes
  • Have wellness problems that impact their digestion absorption, such as Crohn’s disease
  • Have an eating disorder
  • Smoke
  • Abuse alcohol or drugs

Taking in more potassium from high-potassium foods is valuable for your health.
According to one four-year-long research released on Globe’s Healthiest Foods that tracked over 4,000 male health and wellness specialists in The U.S.A., men who ate diet regimens higher in potassium-rich foods had actually a substantially minimized danger of stroke.
World’s Healthiest Foods

Another evidence remains in the potassium-rich DASH diet.

Clinical study reveals great reductions of blood pressure in people that comply with the DASHBOARD diet.

How much potassium ought to you take?

So what does it cost? potassium do you need?

The Institute of Medicine has actually set an adequate consumption for potassium.


Adequate Intake (AI)


0-6 months

400 mg/day

7-12 months

700 mg/day

1-3 years

3,000 mg/day

4-8 years

3,800 mg/day

9-13 years

4,500 mg/day

14 years and up

4,700 mg/day


18 years and up

4,700 mg/day

Pregnant women

4,700 mg/day

Breastfeeding women

5,100 mg/day

There is no set upper restriction for potassium. So it’s not clear specifically how much potassium you can take safely.

However, way too much potassium (or also low) could be hazardous. Purpose simply the correct amount for optimal health.

Can you get potassium naturally from foods?

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According to Reena Pande, M.D, it’s ideal to obtain potassium from food, specifically fruits as well as vegetables.

In basic, leafy environment-friendlies, beans as well as fruits are high in potassium, yet thousands of foods have potassium in it. Below is an extensive listing of potassium foods from Office of Condition Prevention and also Health Promotion.

Foods with potassium:

WebMD launched four groups for potassium foods.

Depending on food’s potassium content, it is identified as a reduced, tool, high or really high-potassium food.

Low-potassium foods Medium-potassium foods High-potassium foods Very high-potassium foods
less than 100 mg 101-200 mg 201-300 mg over 300 mg

Good all-natural food resources of potassium consist of:

Bananas (Very High)

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Whether it’s the food with the highest possible potassium web content or not, banana is absolutely one of the most well known potassium-rich food. Inning accordance with Colorado State College, 1 tool size banana includes 422mg of potassium or about 12 % of daily-recommended intake.

As food which contains greater than 300mg of potassium is thought about potassium-rich, banana surely makes it and wins the title of very high-potassium.

Coffee (Tool to High relying on your degree of usage)

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Here is an entrance I wager you didn’t expect.

Coffee contains potassium, and also you can easily cramming in more potassium from your coffee compared to breakfast.

According to USDA coffee’s potassium data, coffee has as long as 15 mg of potassium each ounce (‘ USDA potassium data’). Taking into consideration a common small cup has oz of coffee, you are absorbing as high as 116 mg of potassium before you also begin your day.

Here is things with coffee as well as potassium.

The real potassium content in coffee (15mg/oz.) actually puts coffee into low-potassium food category presuming you just drink one tiny cup a day.

However, you as well as I both recognize occasionally, it takes a great deal more compared to a small coffee to obtain via a day.

In truth, Zagat’s research study on Americans’ coffee practices shows 82% of coffee enthusiasts really feel that everyday is that sort of day and drink usually 2 coffee drinks a day. And as you age, you consume more, claims Zagat showing individuals in 50s and also 60s consume alcohol 2.4 drinks each day compared to 1.8 cups teens drink.

If you require to up your potassium intake, this could be an alright habit.

However, if you should restrict your everyday potassium, sip with caution. Especially us ladies need to take added care as research study reveals women coffee enthusiasts like cappucinos over coffee, and milk in the cappucino is another abundant resource of potassium (see No. 4: 2% Milk).

If you need to limit your potassium, take the recommend from National Kidney Foundation that suggests them to limit their daily coffee intake to one mug a day.

Beet Greens (prepared, steamed and drained): (Extremely High)

Beet eco-friendlies … It’s regarding time its name ought to be included as a synonym to superfood.

Beet greens is like a nutrient-density unbeaten champ. Its nourishment profile includes vitamin K, omega 3 fats, calcium and also magnesium simply to call a few.

But what’s actually outstanding is its potassium content.

According to WebMD’s review on foods with potassium, one cup of boiled and also drained pipes beet environment-friendlies consists of 1309 mg of potassium. On Potassium Intake of the U.S. Populace composed by Mary K. Hoy, EdD, RD and Joseph D. Goldman, MA, cooked beet eco-friendlies includes 903mg each 100 grams, making it the highest potassium food on their list.

‘ Potassium is an electrolyte that is vital in guaranteeing appropriate performance of your heart, kidneys and also other organs.’

Next time you have an offering of cooked beet greens, know that you are taking in near to 30 percent of your daily recommended potassium.

If you are bought to limit potassium and also your recommended daily referral is 1,500 to 2,000 milligrams (mg), you are nearly pleasing your daily intake.

Milk 2% milk fat with included vitamins An and D: (Extremely High)

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Milk along with various other dairy products is called as a major factor of dietary potassium along with fruits and vegetables by the Dietary Standards for The U.S.A. 2005.

In one cup of 2% milk with included vitamins An and D, there is 342mg of potassium, reported ‘WebMD’.

According to Melodie Ann, SF Entrance Healthy and balanced Eating writer, usually speaking, more fatty the milk is, less potassium it has. For instance, 8 ounce of entire milk provides 320mg of potassium compared to 8oz skim or non-fat milk that has 380 mg of potassium, approximately 10 even more potassium in the very same dimension cup of milk.

Baked potato with skin: (Extremely high)

Normally, I’m not a big follower of potatoes, unless it’s wonderful potato.

But when it pertains to potassium, it’s just fair I include it in this list of high potassium foods. According to USDA’s nutritional information on baked potato, 1 medium baked potato with skin has a whooping 926 mg of potassium.

The key seems to be in the skin. ‘Jillian Michael’, the America’s preferred instructor creates eating the interior potato flesh will offer 610 mg of potassium, however eating the skin too could almost increase the nutrient value.

Oh, allow’s not neglect to discuss that white potatoes are greater in potassium than sweet potatoes. Contrasted to white potatoes, 1 medium size baked wonderful potatoes supply 542 mg of potassium, per USDA data.

Chocolate, semi-sweet: (High)

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Is your potassium degree low? Consume chocolate, says

Jessica Bruso, author and also nutritional expert with Master of Science in food policy and also applied nourishment says chocolate is really a good resource of potassium, with 1.5 oz. to 2 oz. of delicious chocolate consisting of more compared to 200 mg of potassium.

It’s like heaven talking for those that need even more potassium, however it’s an encourage from the adversary for those that should limit their everyday potassium intake.

Unlike some potassium foods you need to almost force on your own to include in your food selection like beet environment-friendlies and also spinach, chocolate is method too easy to overeat.

Especially when the basic delicious chocolate bar size is 3-4 oz, you can easily be taking in greater than 400mg of potassium by finishing the entire bar.

It’s terrific indulgence for those who require potassium, yet it can be the danger zone for those who need less.

Spinach, boiled: (Very High)

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Spinach is no question a superfood, having a chock loaded with fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin B-6, Magnesium and also potassium.

In reality, on the list of nourishment powerhouse fruits as well as veggies released on Centers for Condition Control and also Prevention, spinach is rated number 5. (by the method, beetroot greens are number 4 on the list. See the checklist of leading 11 superfoods.)

Per ‘USDA nourishment data’, one mug of boiled spinach consists of 839 mg of potassium.

In DASH diet plan that promotes the intake of potassium (approximately day-to-day advised quantity) and recommends restricting the sodium intake to less than 1,500 mg a day, spinach is their preferred food.

As Stephanie Chandler, SF Gateway writer puts it, a diet plan rich in veggies like spinach assists many people meet their potassium needs.

There you have it! You simply learned what potassium is and how it’s important to your health.

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7 High Potassium Foods to Add to Your Diet [#6 Is New]


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