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Week 12 of the 12 Week Challenge (after baby #2)

Here’s the LAST week of workouts! Really feeling accomplished as I got my body back after having my second baby!
Like last week, with the stress of two youngsters and the vacations I skipped my cardio which led to my not 100% hitting my goal.

Here are my stats:

Went from 130 lbs to 118 lbs.

Total fat lost: 12 pounds.

My objective was to get to 115 lbs but I am absolutely close adequate and really feel great!
Below is the last week of exercises. Let me recognize if you have any inquiries and also don’t hesitate to send me your transformations!

Workout Split:
Monday – Workout One
Tuesday – Cardio
Wednesday – Workout Two
Thursday – Off
Friday – Workout Three
Saturday – Cardio
Sunday – Off
Each exercise focuses on a various associate, remainder as well as pace range to achieve a few points:
Workout one will concentrate on muscular tissue damage with full healing. We will do this with heavy tons. Make certain to lift as heavy as feasible with correct type as well as increase the weight used over the following 3 weeks.
Workout 2 will certainly focus on high reps with short pause to melt a whole lot of calories and also improve your metabolic process. Expect to feel a huge shed this phase!
Finally, in exercise 3, you will certainly be lifting hefty weights with a slow-moving eccentric element. Eccentric tension produces a great deal of muscle mass damage, which is crucial for making the most of muscle mass growth. We are not aiming to resemble men, don’t stress, I intend to produce some hot calorie-burning muscle only.
We do not have the testosterone to look like males so push tough as well as see some fantastic results.

We’ll end the final week with a few metabolic design workouts around the holidays to SHED all those added calories we will be consuming.
Happy training,

Workout 1

Total Body Tension

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A Barbell Back Squat 5 3 30×0 2-3min
B Standing Weights Shoulder Press in Front 5 3 30×0 2-3min
C Clean Grip Deadlift on Floor 5 3 31×0 2-3min
D Barbell Bench Pres 5 3 30×0 2-3min
E  Narrow Supinated (Underhand) Grasp Chin Up  5  3 30×1 2-3min
F Dips (Torso Upright) 5 3 30×0 2-3min
G Standing Barbell Curl 5 3 30×0 2-3min


Workout 2

Total Body Stress

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A Leg Press (Feet Narrow and Low) 15* 3 2010 60 sec
B Seated Cord Row (Neutral Grasp) 15* 3 2011 60 sec
C Push Ups 15* 3 2011 60 sec
D Low Cable Pull Through 15* 3 2010 60 sec
E  Low Pulley Upright Row with Rope  15*  3 2011 60 sec
F Rope Triceps Pressdown 15* 3 2011 60 sec
G Dumbbell Hammer Curl 15* 3 2010 60 sec

* DECLINE SET – On your last collection of each workout, do your tough 15 reps, after that immediately decrease the weight 8-12% as well as do an additional 15, then reduce the weight another 10-15% and also do 15 representatives to finish that exercise, for 45 representatives complete in your final set.


Workout 3

Total Body Damage

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A Barbell Front Squat 7-9 3 70×0 90 sec
B Incline DB Press 7-9 3 70×0 90 sec
C Lying Leg Curl 7-9 3 70×0 90 sec
D Wide Pronated (Overhand) Hold Pull Ups 7-9 3 70×0 90 sec
E  Kneeling Expenses Rope French Press  7-9  3 70×0 90 sec
F DB Incline Curl 7-9 3 70×0 90 sec
G Seated 2-Arm Seatsed 2-Arm DB Lateral Raise 7-9 3 70×0 90 sec


Cardio Workouts:

Cardio Exercise # 1: 30-40 min run as complies with:

1 min stroll: 1 min run (moderate rate)

2 min walk : 2 min run

3 min walk: 3 min run

4 min walk: 4 min run

3 min walk : 3 min run

2 min walk: 2 min run

1 min walk: 1 min run

= 28 minutes

You can then include another 10 min session if you feel that you can starting with 1 minutes stroll: 1 min run

Cardio Exercise # 2: 20 min HIIT

Here we intend to do 30-60 seconds of HIGH intensity, followed by One Minute of complete rest.

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Week 12 of the 12 Week Challenge (after baby #2)


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