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How to Fix All Your Sleep Problems IMMEDIATELY

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Tips to Help Sleep Better at Night

Getting a good night’s rest is super important for everyone’s health. When it comes down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle there are three things you need to consider. Eating better, staying active, AND getting enough Sleep.

There’s one way to get used to any routine, and the key is to stay consistent. Need to start waking up earlier? Then get ready for bed at the time needed to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Set an alarm for the desired time you want to wake up at and actually get out of bed! Make breakfast, get a mini workout in, and continue with everything else that needs to be done. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done if you start early.

Actually falling asleep early can be difficult though. So what do you do? Well for one, put away those devices! When in bed and looking down at your device, you could potentially be straining your neck. Not to mention the strain your eyes get when lights are off and you’re on your phone/tablet. So put it away, relax, and let yourself doze off. If you must be doing something, try picking up a book. Don’t eat or drink anything that contains caffeine before bed either.

Keeping the bedroom at a temperature that will help you stay asleep more comfortably would be a good thing to consider as well before getting into bed. Shouldn’t be too hot or cold.

Sleeping Positions

Let’s begin with HOW you sleep. If you’re having any kind of pains (neck, shoulder, back) then your best bet would be to sleep on your back. If you experience any cramps at night you should try doing more stretches or massaging the part of the body you feel it in before bed. First of all, knowing you have a good enough mattress is important as well. Shouldn’t be too soft or too hard of course.

Neck Pain:

While sleeping try to keep your arms elevated/even with your shoulders to help with support. Be sure your Pillow isn’t too thick, the type of pillow counts too! Keep your weight evenly distributed and don’t tilt your head down for long periods of time.

Shoulder Pain:

When laying on your back, it’d be helpful to have anything on your stomach (pillow, stuffed animal, whatever your heart desires) to hug as you sleep. Just remember, don’t sleep on the side that you are feeling pain in.

Back Pain:

A lot of people like to sleep with a pillow between their legs as they sleep on their side. Which you can but again, the best position would be to sleep on your back. Keep a pillow under your knees to reduce tension.

If you absolutely cannot sleep on your back, then that’s okay. Sleep on the side (if shoulder pain then sleep on opposite shoulder) but make sure your pillow isn’t too thick and try staying in a fetal position.

Quick note: If you want to try not snoring anymore, sleeping in a fetal position can help with this as well. It helps avoid your tongue falling back into your throat. Or just try to keep your head elevated when sleeping on your back.

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How to Fix All Your Sleep Problems IMMEDIATELY


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