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"Talk to your body to heal"

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"Your cells hear ... every cell of your body cells have their own consciousness and their own soul .. Talk to her to hear you and help you to heal"

With these transformative words, which I heard from a lady treated in Oriental medicine, I began my journey into my body to discover the extraordinary healing power of the human body ...

When I got to know this perspective I was suffering from chronic disorders and the mother and muscle spasms in the leg ...

I had the idea that I would integrate this concept with the routine of daily meditation.

The question that arises:

 Can my body hear me ...?

Can I talk to him for his collaboration with Xavi?

Answer: Yes it is possible ...

The Road to Freedom.

That night, after I reached a state of deep calm through meditation, I forced my body cells to engage in a self-conversation ,,,

I wish her success with no idea what I could expect from her !!

After about an hour of this center communication ,,,,,,,

Something very amazing happened.

I began to weave in response to the conversation and felt warm in the part I spoke to him from my leg.

The result was a quick extension of the connective tissue of the muscle and felt relaxed in the layers of tic ....

The nerves and leg muscles began to perform exercises independently of my conscious control ...

This response continued until the leg muscle, which became paralyzed (and was medically diagnosed as reflex for sympathetic hemorrhage) returned to life, and I began to feel energetic flow through it.

Guide to chromatic motor

As a result of my great experience in Chinese acupuncture and oriental medicine, which requires knowledge of chakras and catharsis, ie places of energy flow in the body.

I have seen the extent to which people suffering from Chinese acupuncture treatment suffer from chronic pain. She wondered how this method would help these people get rid of the pain forever.

Traditionally, the client was advised to be patient and explained that regular meditation was necessary to train the brain to enter alpha and theta.

Now, after my personal experience, I have strengthened the connection between the conscious mind and the physical body and linked it with the hope of obtaining far better results.

Communication takes three main steps:

1 - never communicate with your body and you feel true love and compassion, and a full understanding that the body consists of conscious cells and now suffer because of the lack of emotions.

2. Build confidence by engaging your body in mental conversations about your desire to cooperate and overcome the disease.

3. Change in style of conversation using different ideas and words that cause high spontaneous feelings.

 Power of intention

Intent is the first engine of living cells, said Cliff Baxter, who spent 36 years studying biological communication in plants, animals and human cells.

He pointed to the real intention, and spontaneity is the first engine of harmony.

Baxter, a former CIA interrogator, wrote about the critical moment he wrote in his book The Basic Concept.

He experimented in 1966 when he decided to control the Dracaina plant in his laboratory using a lie detector.

And connect the poles of the detector lies to the leaf plant and began to think about ways that may stimulate the increase of electrical activity at the plant. Is it as in humans linked to the increase in electrical activity with strong feelings or not?

Suddenly he decided to burn a piece of paper and went to the matches to set the fire on fire. At the same time, the lie detector index moves to the top of the chart, showing an extreme reaction to what may be happening on a part of the plant.

 Can plants interfere in their own care?

When Baxter returned with matches the machine still showed the same high-level reaction on the graph.

Baxter decided to "remove the threat" by returning matches to the office.

At this moment, the chart showed a downward trend as the plant appears to be calming.

When Baxter tried to repeat the same results by pretending to burn the plant, there was no reaction. The plant seemed to know the difference between true and false intention.

Eventually, plants are found to be consistent with those who take care of them in the first place, and to respond to their positive or negative feelings when returning from outside.

The results of the chart also showed that plants give priority to the main caretaker feelings on the feelings of others in the same place.

 Signs of awareness

Baxter soon expanded his research to include testing human cells for signs of consciousness.

He collected white blood cells from several people, linked them to a test tube, and then recorded cell reactions when donors encountered different emotional states.

Spontaneous emotions were found to be necessary to stimulate electrical reactions in cells.

For example, if a donor is forced to feel feelings, the cells will not respond.

But when Donna received a painful phone call from her daughter, the cells reacted dramatically.

The distance is not important in these experiments.

A donor left his cells in the laboratory and traveled to another state. The cells recorded turbulent reactions on the device in sync with the condition of the fatigue or frustrations experienced in the flight, such as loss of address and lack of knowledge of the road, or when standing in a long line to wait at the airport, and take off the plane.

The indicator then returned to calmness as soon as the donor returned home to sleep.

 Modern creativity of the ability to change

This experiment was carried out using devices that scan electromagnetic radiation (the energy field used to transmit information) a log of behavior for cells as if there were no screens displaying the resistances, suggesting that this communication carries a field that is still unknown to traditional science.

Some scientists believe that further development of quantum physics may help to understand this area that relates to the emotional purpose of living organisms.

Quantum communication is a process of communication between two separate particles of the same substance that still behave as if they are connected, even if the dimensionBetween them thousands


This scientific phenomenon and Cliff Baxter's research, refer to the Eastern concept of monotheism - the view that believes that the whole universe is interconnected.

Ancient cultures have understood this interdependence as a living world energy domain that is vital energy that sustains life.

It is the high cosmic consciousness that guides life.

The techniques of meditation practice help to make the mind congruent with this energy field.

And then, focus and direct energy from this field to the body modern physical healing through a clear intention.

The clarity of intention is through a conversation that evokes spontaneous emotions and the physical body interacts with it and then the conscious mind is delivered.

This method, which I call Antara (a Sanskrit word means at home), enables the experiential self-healing ability resulting from the alliance of mind and body with the world's vital energy domain.

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"Talk to your body to heal"


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