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Youtubers You Should Be Watching Pt 3

These are always some of my favourite posts to make because I'm constantly finding new youtubers I Love. It's been a while since my last one, so I've definitely been due for an update. And, if you missed them, check out part 1 and 2!

I mentioned Rian in one of my recent favourites posts, so I had to include her in this. Her channel is full of DIYs, hauls, lookbooks and, my personal favourite, GRWMs. As I mentioned in my favourites post (so I'll keep this short), I could listen to her talk all day about pretty much anything, from activism and social issues to just her babbling on about her life. She's very honest and upfront with her opinions, and her views come from a well informed, meaningful place so even while just watching a GRWM you could learn something.

If you're interesting in Fashion, or the fashion industry, you have to check out Haute Le Mode. Not only is he well informed and, well, knows what he's talking about, he's so passionate about fashion. My personal favourite kinds of videos of his are the roasts/reviews of collections, because he'll say whatever comes to mind and doesn't hold back or tip toe around anything, which can be fucking hilarious. He's also started doing more educational videos, so again, if you're interested in that kind of stuff he's definitely the one to check out. Plus, there isn't a huge community of fashion youtubers who actually make videos on fashion, not just lookbooks/hauls.

Hotcheetomami makes some of the most creative, unique videos I've ever seen (specifically her lookbooks). She makes everything from DIYs, thrift hauls vlogs to, her most recent video, a 'what high schoolers are actually wearing'. Each video has her personal style and touch to it, and I don't know how she manages to find so many amazing things thrifting but I love love love her hauls. She doesn't really have that many videos, or a frequent Upload schedule, but what she produces is so beautiful that it's completely ok.

You can probably already guess what Kristen's channel focuses on just based on her header; ethical living, fashion and veganism. I think everyone could do with learning a bit about each, especially ethical fashion which a lot of her videos focus on. I'm sure everyone is aware of the use of sweatshops, but either don't truly understand how horrible workers are actually treated, or simply just prefer not to think about it. That's not to say that you're a horrible person if you buy clothes from places like Zara or Forever 21, different people have different situations and are allowed to make their own choices. Kristen's channel is there to just simply give you all the information and some tips to live at least a little bit more ethically. It's also worth noting that fashion is one of the leading industries when it comes to environmental damage. Personally, I'm not vegan (mostly for health reasons), but I think animal cruelty and the meat and dairy industries (another leading group contributing to environmental damage) are things that you need to be informed on. 

If Minimalism, decluttering or living more simply sparks your interests, Muchelleb is the channel for you. The way she talks about minimalism is simple to follow and apply to your own life. While she does promote minimalism, she doesn't shove it in your face and say 'you must live like this', like a few other minimalist channels. She just gives out tips and advice that's helped her and if you want to follow it exactly, or give it your own twist, there's no pressure. I loved her 30 day simplify your life series, and although I didn't do it every day as scheduled, I learned some important things about letting go of stuff that has no importance or use anymore. She also seems like such a sweet person so if you've been wanting to check out some minimalist/decluttering stuff, I definitely recommend her channel.

This girl has no where near the number of subscribers she deserves. I love April's channel, and her so much because, one, she's hilarious, and two, her makeup is always amazing. She doesn't upload constantly but lately she's started to upload more frequently (which I'm so thankful for). I love her rant videos so much because she's one of those people who can just tell stories in the most entertaining way, so if you're looking for someone relatable and hilarious you need to watch her. Plus her makeup videos are equally as good, if you're into that.

Anyone whose a fan of The Messy Heads will obviously love Emma's personal channel. She doesn't upload much on it (though I wish she would), but her recent Retrograde series is one of my all time favourites. I don't usually love vlogs, most of the time I find them very repetitive and boring, but something about hers are so beautiful and creative. Maybe it's because she's such a positive, fun, but real person with her social media and everything she makes just screams 'her'. So, even if you're like me and not the biggest fan of vlogs, watch hers because trust me, you'll love them.

Kick Yang Zhang is another youtuber who makes really unique, creative videos. She puts her own twist on generic hauls, favourites and lookbooks, and her whole aesthetic is so pleasing to look at. Even just her thumbnails, the art is amazing. It's also worth mentioning that she has the coolest style and her makeup always looks perfect. Again, she hasn't been uploading too frequently (but made a video on why, so I'm not upset at all about it and I'm actually kinda proud of her!) but you could spend a whole day binging her videos, they're that good.

I'm sorry I'm featuring people who don't upload constantly/often, but I just had to include Shope. You might know her from her ASOS instagram account (which you should also follow because her style is fucking amazing). What she has on her youtube, though, is inspirational life advice, reflections, and lessons she's learnt so far that she just wants to share. She's one of the wisest people I've ever come across, the way she sees the world and articulates herself is mind blowing for someone so young, which is why I adore her videos so much. There's something to learn in every single one, and she's just so easy to listen to. If you feel you're in a rut, or just want to hear some advise on navigating the world and life, I can't recommend her enough.

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Youtubers You Should Be Watching Pt 3


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