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October Review, Inspirations, and Thoughts on The Walking Dead

October has been a weird month. Last month was not my best, and I hoped it would get better but it's gotten worse somehow, but I'm still kickin and still pushing through because at some point it will be better. I also started school again, which explains the lack of posts compared to last month, but I'm glad to be getting through it to get my diploma by next year! Anyway, here are some things that have been inspiring me, or things that just make me smile (The Walking Dead not being included in that).

Of course I'm starting off with some of my favourite collections, both being from Ukraine (which I made an entire highlights post on, so I'm not going to go on and on about them here). The Elena Burba and Frolov Spring collections were collections from my dreams. They both featured fun, street style inspired looks which I absolutely love. As I mentioned in my highlights post though, one of my favourite things about the Frolov collection was the Sailor Moon inspiration, specifically the Tuxedo Mask t-shit which I'm dying to get my hands on, though honestly, I'd be happy to get any piece from either of these shows.

For music I've been mostly listening to the same stuff, a bit of BANKS, Warpaint and Daughter (their song The End is amazing and has inspired me to start writing music again!), but I've also been going back and listening to stuff I listened to throughout high school, including Bombay Bicycle Club, M83, Arcade Fire and The Wombats. Specifically I'm obsessed with BBC's album 'A Different Kind of Fix' which is one of my all time favourites. It's such a dreamy album, with 'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep' and 'Lights Out, Words Gone' creating a softer, gentler tone, but other, more 'rock' songs like 'What You Want' and 'Bad Timing' giving it that edge. I really have no idea how to describe it if I'm being honest, but it is a beautiful album so check if out if you haven't already (also all of the album artwork is beautiful too).

I've been loving going through tumblr lately, mostly looking for outfit inspiration. I've kind of tried to make mine a giant mood board, here's a little snippet.

There's always a condensed version on the 'inspirations' page, but if you want to check it out, you can follow my tumblr at tobilifeforever

I know I'm super late to the party, but I've finally started watching Buffy and oh my god I'm glad I did. Yes, it is slightly cringey at times (come on, it started in the 90s after all), but I love it. I even (especially) love the outfits, which are sometimes funny because of how bad they are but they're amazing at the same time.

I've mentioned The Walking Dead in most of these posts, but I'm going to mention it again because it's back! Err....

Was I a fan of the episode? Nope. Did I think that the, as people have described it, 'torture porn of an episode' was necessary? Nope. But I get it, they wanted that 'shock value' and to put the audience in the perspective of the characters (and have as many viewers as they possibly could), but for me personally, it went way too far (and not because my favourite Character of all time died, I knew that was going to happen and how).

I'm not one with a weak stomach when it comes to zombies ripping out guts. No, what truly makes me sick to my stomach is what the alive, human characters do to each other (the whole terminus thing almost made me throw up). I get that Negan is the bad guy and he's going to make life a living hell for the group, but Negan, his character, doesn't have to put on a show like he did to make characters scared. They were already on their knees, next to two members of their family's brains all over the ground. Rick was already broken enough, and taking him further would only push him to retaliate more in the future (which Negan is smart enough to realise). The Carl thing was unnecessary and only made the episode even more unbearable to watch in the worst way possible. #givecarlabreak2k16

To me, it would have been so much more effective to leave the last season with the Lucille kills, and then start the new one with everyone in a circle, just after the kills, Rick being absolutely terrified and seemingly submissive to Negan as the season goes on. Season 6 would be the downfall of Rick, and season 7 would be Rick starting from the bottom and slowly rising again (if you've read the comics you know what I'm talking about). Plus, if they wanted to keep as many viewers as they can, starting a season like that probably isn't the best move.

I've been a huge fan of The Walking Dead for a few years now, and as you all know I also suffer from bad anxiety. Through all the seasons, episodes and deaths, through all the gore and heart wrenching moments, I have never had a panic attack watching an episode, but this one literally traumatised me to the point where I had a panic attack and almost passed out. As you can imagine, that is a huge turn off, especially when my brain now associates the show with a horrible panic I really hope TWD doesn't become a trigger for my anxiety, because I would actually like to continue watching it in the hopes the writers don't fuck up that badly again. They purposefully put a 'funny, whacky' episode next to try and not turn everyone off it, and while I'm excited for Shiva and Ezekiel, I'm not feeling the love and passion for this show that I previously had. I'm not as excited for what is to come because I know now that the writers really have the potential to fuck it up, and to put me, as a viewer, in a headspace I find difficult to deal with and get out of. That's scary. But when looking at the comics, this was the darkest place it ever went, so hopefully the writers won't try to test their luck so much again.

That's all I've got to say about that for now.

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October Review, Inspirations, and Thoughts on The Walking Dead


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