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Skin Care, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends Blog
Helppies is a source which provides healthy life style tips, diet and fitness care tips, useful skin care tips, make up, hair care, grooming, latest beauty secrets and fashion tips.
10 Ways To Detox Your Body Naturally!
2017-03-14 14:30
Detox The Healthy Way! Detoxification is a process of removing harmful substances from your body. It is essential to detox your body as it will speed up your metabolism and improve your over… Read More
16 Ways To Lose Weight Permanently!
2017-03-10 14:30
Drop Those Pounds For Good! There are a number of techniques to lose weight permanently. However, keeping weight off can be a challenging task. Regaining lost weight is quite common and occu… Read More
4 Types Of OCD That You Should Be Aware Of!
2017-03-08 14:30
What Is OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder which makes a person do compulsive activities and get obsessive ideas. People who suffer from OCD might regularly… Read More
6 Avocado Health Benefits For Your Body!
2017-03-07 14:30
Avocados Avocados are not just delicious to eat but have innumerable nutritious qualities as well. An avocado is a single-seeded berry native to Mexico. It mostly grows in warm climates and… Read More
5 Easy Tips To Remove Makeup Effectively!
2017-01-30 05:40
Easy Ways To Remove Makeup Love makeup but use just soap or water to take it off? Stop right away! By doing that you are actually damaging your skin. If you don’t want to damage your s… Read More
2017-01-05 06:05
If the latter part of the season leaves you confused and only partly dressed, fear not. Here are 10 of the best dresses available to you for the next heady, freezy four weeks. The post 10… Read More
2017-01-05 05:38
Ever wondered who your bf will be in the future, this quiz will tell you what his name might be! See if we can either guess what you current bf’s name is, or what your future bf’… Read More
3D Printed Clothes
2016-08-18 11:23
It is crazy, the innovations that take place in the scientific realm every day. Incorporating applications of science and technology in our daily undertakings is now more of a habit. The rec… Read More
Latest Trend –  UV Lipsticks
2016-08-16 13:30
The New Trending UV Lipsticks There are lot of makeup trends that are picking up from the recent times and then there are some makeup trends that are creating waves with its novelty element… Read More
6 Steps To The Perfect DIY Foot Spa
2016-08-15 12:41
Foot Spa At Home A day at the foot spa is every woman’s dream, especially after a long week at work. The soothing oils and lotions, the massage and best of all the cleansing, but who h… Read More
Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water
2016-08-13 11:31
Benefits of Alkaline Ionized water It is a misconception that consumption of alkaline water leads to many health benefits. In fact, it is alkaline ionized water that has benefits associated… Read More
Yoga And Its Lesser Known Benefits
2016-08-12 14:33
Benefits of Daily Yoga Yoga as we all know is an extremely healthy exercise. It has evolved over the many centuries and is practiced world-wide by a large number of people. What makes yoga a… Read More
11 Ways To Get Fair Skin At Home !!!!
2016-08-11 14:04
How To Get Fair Skin At Home? It is very important in today’s world for people, especially women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. We are trying to break colour barr… Read More
DIY Face Masks
2016-08-10 11:38
Face Masks Acne, scars, tan, oily/dry skin, uneven skin tone? We’ve all suffered with this at some point. If you are much like me then we both understand the pain of spending a lot of… Read More
10 Amazing Benefits Of Tulsi (Basil)
2016-07-28 17:28
Tulsi AKA Basil Tulsi also known as Basil is known across India for its medicinal purposes. It is also a very significant plant known to a lot of people for its religious significance also… Read More
5 Top Home Remedies For Colon Cleansing
2016-07-27 03:30
Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing Cleansing colon is not very difficult and is rather very essential. If colon is not cleansed properly, this might lead to certain unexplained symptoms such… Read More
7 Instant Ways To Soothe That Frizzy Hair
2016-07-26 15:28
Get Rid of that frizz in 7 quick ways Are you fed up of your frizzy hair! Are you tired of your dry hair? Is your frizzy hair the reason for your low confidence? Do you keep searching for th… Read More
5 Worst Foods To Have Before Bed Time
2016-07-26 11:56
Studies have proved that a person needs to get adequate sleep in order to function properly as well as to stay healthy and fit. Thus, you need to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day if you wan… Read More
10 Things That Actually Ruin Your Smile
2016-07-20 11:05
Things that Ruin your Smile One of the most important things that people first notice about you is your smile. It can make or break your first impression. Thus, maintaining your teeth proper… Read More
Ways To Pick The Best Foundation For You
2016-07-14 08:52
Best Foundation To Pick Up Applying makeup is no mean feat. However, picking the right makeup products can also seem to be a difficult task especially if you are a novice. One of the most im… Read More
Olive Oil And Its Surprising Benefits
2016-06-03 09:48
Surprising benefits of Olive oil Yes  you heard that right. There are several uses of that bottle of olive oil left in your kitchen untouched for months! Olive oil is rich in vitamins a… Read More
All That You Need To Know About Spirulina
2016-06-02 10:22
Spirulina – with  many benefits The need of the hour is to stay fit and healthy. In order to achieve this, you consume a balanced diet and exercise daily. However, sometimes this… Read More
Dazzling Eye Make Up Trends Of 2015-16
2016-06-02 10:15
Eye Make Up: Trends for 2015-16 Your eyes speak volumes about you, literally. This is one of the main reasons why fashion gurus and makeup experts give so much importance to the way eyes are… Read More
Great Ways To Get A Pouty Look
2016-06-02 09:44
Great Ways to Get a Pouty Look Want a Plumpier Pout? Here’s What you can Do Deep in every woman’s heart is the wish to have lips that celebrities and models flaunt with so much o… Read More
15 Superb Beauty Hacks For Summer Vacation
2016-05-30 07:05
The hot summer months bring along a promise of some time to relax and a chance to vacation with family and friends. Chances are that you are not far behind and would have planned your vacati… Read More
Pink Up Your Lips With Beetroot – DIY
2016-05-30 06:42
Lips look sexy and beautiful. You are keen on getting the perfect pink lips and have scoured all the beauty shops looking for products that guarantee this. From lipsticks to lip gloss and li… Read More
Great Makeup Ideas For The Gypsy Look
2016-05-19 08:42
Great Makeup Ideas for the Gypsy Look Who can forget that gypsy woman at the carnival who swore that she could tell you your future by looking at that glass ball or a bowl of water? The myst… Read More
10 Super Foods For Fighting Hair Loss
2016-05-17 07:25
10 Super Foods for Fighting Hair Loss Hair loss is one of the most nagging problems these days. Call it the quality of life or unhealthy food habits, there seems to be a direct impact on one… Read More
Secret To Healthy Nails Revealed
2016-05-17 06:49
Most of us spend considerable amount of time, cutting and shaping nails and then coating them with the right nail polish. But just one rip and all the efforts go to waste. This generally hap… Read More
10 Latest Tattoos That You Must Try
2016-04-16 11:35
10 Latest Tattoos That You Must Try Permanent tattoos are so in style. However, there are difficulties while choosing both the style as well as the stylist often.  You may have plenty o… Read More
Summer Accessories You Must Own!
2016-04-13 00:32
 Summer accessories you must own! Spring Summer is here and the fashion circles are all abuzz with these amazing accessories trends that have caught on. Having a perfect wardrobe is jus… Read More
Ten Best Styling Tips For Shorter Women
2016-04-11 19:55
“I am not short; I am just cuter than other girls”. We started with this quote just to make the person who opened this article feel positive about her height.  If you are sh… Read More
7 Websites For Plus Size Clothing Needs
2016-04-11 16:55
7 Websites for Plus Size Clothing needs Shopping for Plus Size clothes is a task in itself, especially with major fashion forward brands not offering a size higher than XXL in all their stor… Read More
Celebrating The Essence Of Easter
2016-03-27 09:30
Easter is a happy day and gives everyone a reason to celebrate. After all, this day signifies the resurrection of Christ and is therefore considered to be an occasion to make merry and enjoy… Read More
Holi Is Here! Are You Ready For Some Fun?
2016-03-21 11:30
Holi is here! Are you ready for some Fun? Holi  the festival of colors is just round the corner. Celebrated with much joy and verve, the story behind this festival heads back to the day… Read More
5 Best Foods That Induce Sleep
2016-03-11 13:18
There is no substitute for good sleep which is why doctors and health experts recommend that one should sleep for at least 8 hours a day. However, the increasing stress in our lives is provi… Read More
Woman, Here Is Why You Are So Special!!
2016-03-08 12:38
Trust us…we mean it! you are wonderful. Happy Women’s Day! Woman is said to be one of the most perfect creations of the God Almighty. Considered to be the correct balan… Read More
Choosing Makeup Products Made Easy (Tips)
2016-02-24 12:08
Makeup Tips for Eye Shades, Lipsticks, and Eyeliners etc. Makeup helps in accentuating the best features of your face and gives you a ravishing and stunning look. However, if the makeup is… Read More
Quick Alternatives For Makeup In Less Time
2016-02-24 12:03
Substitutes for Makeup Products As a modern woman you put in a lot of thought into your clothes, hair, shoes and accessories. And then you dab on some makeup to look mesmerising and picture… Read More
8 Ways To Protect Your Lips During Winters
2016-02-24 11:54
Lips Care During Winters Dry and lacklustre lips are a big concern for any woman every winter. Many might wonder why winter months afflict their skin, lips and make it frustrating. Winter is… Read More
8 Best Home Remedies For Fair Underarms
2016-02-24 11:33
How to Prevent Dark Underarms – Simple Remedies When it comes to your skin, anything dark seems to be annoying. This holds true for your underarms too. You might find it embarrassing t… Read More
6 Ways To Prevent Growth Of Facial Hair
2016-02-24 11:26
How to Prevent Thin Hair and Light Colored Hair on the Face for Women   You put in a lot of thought to your hair and makeup, in order to get that perfect look. However, the thin growth… Read More

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Skin Care, Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends


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