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Honor Your Pole Mom

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Pole Moms. They lift us up when we are down. They inspire us to new heights. They are our safe havens in a storm, our lights at the end of the tunnel, our teachers and our friends. Most of us have had one. This Mother’s Day we wanted to honor the Pole Moms out there. We asked a few pole moms and pole babies to talk about what a pole mom was to them. The result was a heartwarming outpouring of love. Get your tissues ready cause this one has ALL the feels. And get inspired to send love to your own Pole Mom!

Pole Mom Veronica Nichols:

brain 5

For me, by strict definition, being someone’s ‘Pole Mom’ is being their very first pole instructor. You are the person that introduces and connects them to the beautiful, empowering world of pole. You give them the confidence, desire and tools to keep growing and learning as a poler. However, a Pole Mom can be so much more and you can meet them at any point in your pole journey. At its most inclusive and accurate definition, a Pole Mom is someone who believes in you, supports you, listens to you, keeps your head on straight, has your best interest at heart, keeps it 100% real with you, wants your success, helps you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. A Pole Mom is fiercely loyal, always prepared (grips, massages, props, costumes, et al) and super proud! A Pole Mom is a friend, advisor and confidant that you can lean on whether what you’re dealing with is pole related or not. A Pole Mom is ALWAYS there, just a text, phone call or What’sApp message away!



Being a Pole Mom creates a strong bond and really does feel strangely maternal. I feel it very quickly and I’m simply drawn to the individual. It’s like I really see them; sometimes I see them more clearly than they see themselves. I’m innately a very nurturing and intuitive person because of how my mother raised me. I thrive on encouragement and positive reinforcement so that is how I like to relate to my ‘Pole Babies’. There can be so much adversity and struggle in this pole life that I want to be the safe place, the zen energy, the healing vibration that these artists need to recharge so they can keep creating magic and inspiring others. Being a Pole Mom is an honor and I’m super lucky to have the most amazing Pole Babies possible (said like a true Proud Mom!) Nadia Sharif is my “First Born” we trained as instructors together at our original studio Xpolesitions. I must admit, she was beyond dope when I met her and I’ve probably learned way more from her than she has from me over the years, but back when she first started competing, I was by her side and I never left. We never left each other. She is the b


eginning. She is everything. I’ve said it before, without Nadia, there is no Veronica as a pole coach. Period. Brian Wolf is my “Baby Boy”. I literally was his very first pole instructor although I had seen him kill the stage doing burlesque. We did privates for a year because the studio we were at didn’t have co-ed classes at the time and we just got super close. We are so bonded, he even has the word Inspire tattooed on his arm in my handwriting!

Unlike biological motherhood, Pole motherhood is a choice for both parties and I’ve had the privilege of creating with and giving some Pole Mom love to many great artists like Sasja Lee, Brynn Route, Crystal Gibson, Venus Manuel, Josiah “BadAzz” Grant, Blue Britt and my “Baby Girl” Anikia Jackson. There are several more, too many to list here, but I want to thank them all for having me and for believing in me as much as I believe in them!!! Much Love!!!

Pole Baby Nadia Sharif:

nadia 1

A pole mom is a person whose voice resonates in your head even when you’re not in the studio. A pole mom thinks of their child’s best interest and guides them in the best way they know how. A pole mom is someone you trust like a mother, having full faith that what they tell you to do or not do is in your best interest. Being a pole mom means you work to raise your child above raising yourself. I am beyond thankful for my pole mom, Veronica Nichols. She has really been a major part of my success both on and off stage. V, thank you for talking me off the ledge, being my voice of clarity in my moments of insanity, lifting me up at my lowest points, allowing me to be me and being by my side every step of the way since 2009. I love you and I wouldn’t be the person and dancer I am today without you.

nadia 2

Pole Baby Brian Rakowski:

A pole mom in my terms is an instructor who takes you under their wing and is very encouraging towards your and your pole journey. They play a pivotal role in your training and guide you from the rights and wrongs in the pole world. As a student having a pole mom is extremely heartwarming. You have someone there for you no matter what and you always have a wise person to turn towards when you are struggling, just like a true mom.

brian 1

Veronica you are my rock and my world. I think you and everyone else in the pole world know how much you mean to me. My whole career is dedicated to you and you have been the greatest blessing in my life since Rihanna. You are so respected in this community and I am so proud when I get to drop your name and say that I exclusively work with you. You have been with me since day ONE and I haven’t turned to anyone else but you. Through the blood, sweat, and tears you have been there for me and you know I’m going to take care of you till the end of time. Plus you’re like super hot! To many more works together! Let the world know the power of Team Kill ‘Em. It takes someone strong to make someone strong. I love you with all my heart.


Pole Mom Carlie Hunter:

For me a Pole Mom is more than just being an instructor, it’s about being a teacher. It’s having a vested interest in the long-term goals and health of a student. This means helping them with every aspect of their training both mentally and physically and providing them with platform to be the best they can be. I want to help my students excel in every way they can. When they want to give up, I’m there to build them up; when they say they can’t, I say they can and when they fall down, I pick them up. I am there to guide them and to support them through every challenge they face in every facet of their pole life and I genuinely care about their well-being.

Photo by Simon Harrington Photography

Being a Pole Mom is extremely special. I see every frustration and I also see every moment of joy. I feel so much pride watching my students both in the classroom and on stage. Being a Pole Mom means I have their trust and that is the best gift I could receive from a student!

Pole Baby Oliva Oates:


For me having Carlie as a Pole Mum is incredible. I never quite realized just how lucky we all are at The Pole Boutique to have someone so supportive and so talented leading us through our pole journeys. It’s just something that we have always had! But when I started to meet polers from around the world and realized that not everyone has someone in the pole industry to turn to when they need help with routines, teaching, or just general life advice and friendship, I understood how extra special it is to have Carlie as our pole mum! She has been there for me from day one, always encouraging, supporting and pushing me to be the best poler I can be. She has created such a special environment at The Pole Boutique and is not only a mentor and a Pole Mamma to me, but to all of the instructors and all of her students. We love you Carlie! Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years and for making my dreams of being a professional pole dancer come true!  Who knows where I’d be or what I’d be doing without you!! Probably still stuck at home trying to teach myself an outside leg hang for four years!

Pole Baby Kristal Boggs:

sarah 3

A pole mom is someone who is selfless, and puts others before herself. Sarah Jade has given me sooo much. She took me under her wing. After months of relentless “you should come try this”, I finally listened and took my first class January 28th 2011. Four and a half years later I am forever grateful I did.  She helped me get my sexy back and then some.  Because of her, I can walk out on stage and command the attention of everyone in the room. She is the first one to be there with a hug or a Top Gun High 5 handshake when she knows I need it.  What she has taught me is invaluable and I am honored she has trusted me to pass on what ssarah jadehe has taught me to other students. I have to pinch myself everyday because not only do I get to train and learn from a heavy hitter in the pole industry, I get to call her my best friend. That right there is something truly special. Mamma Buttercup…I love you sooo much, and I am honored to call myself one of your buttercups.  I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me accomplish.  You inspire me and push me everyday to be great – so I have no choice but to go out there and accomplish great things and only because I know you are right there along for the journey. You are the humblest person I know and I love you for it.


Who is your Pole Mom? We want to know! Give her a shout out in the comments below.

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Honor Your Pole Mom


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