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Answering "What guys don't understand about girls" Questions

Let's answer some questions that guys have about girls :)

Why is so hard to accept compliments?

Because we are insecure. Remember that if you tell a girl something bad she will remember for a very long time, maybe even for the rest of her life, I'm not kidding. And if you compliment her, she will remember it for a day, or something that. Because at the end, every girl & women are just a teenager in their heart, insecure about everything.

Why does everyone Needs To Get Presents For The Holidays?

Wait, I never knew that was a girl thing. Don't guys get presents for family and friends on holidays too? About that I can just say, giving away things & make people happy feels good. It's as simple as that.

Why do girls bashing about other girls' outfit?

Every girl has that fashion police gene, I guess. If someone has terrible fashion sense, it just makes me wanna gossip about how somebody can wear things like that. We are not able to control that, it just happens.

Why do girls have body lotion, face lotion, foot lotion etc. and not just use one lotion for everything?

Because the skin is different on different areas of the body. Lotions for body and foot are very rich, if you use it for the face, it will clog the pores which causes pimples.

Why are girls so obsessed with shoes and handbags?

Shoes & Handbags = happiness. And they won't leave you like boys does, they're always on your side.

Why do girls wear heels when they're so uncomfortable? 

Because they look damn good, and it makes everything look better. You legs look skinnier so does your whole body. The appearance of a girl changes when she wear heels. It looks more elegant and mature.

Why do girl go to the bathroom together?

1. It's boring alone in the stalls, you want to talk.
2. It's the perfect place to gossip.
3. For some reasons people like to take selfies in the bathroom. (I don't really get why)

What am I supposed to do when you're angry or sad?

Well first at all, as much as I know guys are very bad at comforting girl with words, so if you're not sure just don't talk, instead, just listen. You should buy her food, like chocolate or just things she like. If she cries, sometimes it's enough if you just hold her tight.

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Answering "What guys don't understand about girls" Questions


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