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My life has took a turn, one I didn't expect.

If I'm honest, like anyone would, I expected my life would just get worse.
But it didn't, and that's because instead of wallowing in my own misery I decided to take charge.
It wasn't easy, I didn't even consciously realise I was taking charge. 
All I knew was, I was Running.
I was running, I was exercising more and trying to lose weight. I was working on being happier and more grateful in life, then I took more interest in my health and I started waking up earlier. I recommend an app to help you Wake up earlier. I use two but I don't know if both of them are necessary one analyses my sleep pattern to wake me up when I am in my lowest REM cycle so I am not super tired when I wake up, this one is called Sleep Cycle. The second one is called I Can't Wake Up! Free this app sets you tasks to do when the alarm goes off and the alarm doesn't stop until you complete them, there's a number of tasks you can set: maths, memory, rewriting, barcode scanner are just some of them. You can choose as many as you like, depending on what works for you, you can also write a quote that plays to motivate you, there's also a reminder alarm to make sure you've waken up. I am not kidding when I tell you this app has made me wake up at 8am consistently for a week with no trouble. 

If you need help waking up try the second app. I am working on waking up earlier despite being unemployed surprisingly I actually have a lot to do including job hunting! Anyway waking up early has made me more productive, I have been writing again (I briefly stopped) as well as getting out more and baking/cooking! But this is not all, last weekend I ran to an area outside of my borough, it takes about 40mins to get there by train, I ran there through the main roads and took a pitstop in a local park. It was honestly the most invigorating experience and I even had the audacity to ask a shop for a glass of water. (The old Taki would have never done that!) He gave it begrudgingly. (But it was hilarious!)

So in general I have been going out of my Comfort Zone, another thing I might've mentioned previously is the ladies boxing, I walk there and walk back but just the fact I went (and I've been a few times )is a big thing for me, if you didn't know I am quite anti-social and a hermit. 

But I really liked pushing myself. And I want to do more of it. I want to find out who I can become. I guess that made me feel motivated to get a job and work towards the life I want. Who else can do that except me? 

If you are in a rut or you feel demotivated. Try these and see if they work.

-Download the app to wake up earlier (No I am not being sponsored, its my genuine opinion)
-Exercise. It doesn't have to be running, find out what YOU enjoy. Running, swimming, cycling, whichever! But running is the easiest, no equipment (proper running trainers may be required later on) and free! Plus you can do it anywhere! Or even Walking try walking on the weekends to the park. Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it and you can commit to it regularly. Once a week, twice a week however many times you want.
-Push yourself out of your comfort zone. By doing this you will become more confident in other aspects of your life. If you're shy do something you wouldn't usually do. Small steps are the best. Even just writing your goal down. Its a step closer.
-From here on out, realise that your choices make YOUR life. You are in charge of your life. Whatever happens, you decide how you react. You can be angry and upset, or you can let go of these negative emotions and be happier, I appreciate its not that simple but its important to think positively, let me tell you something my job hunt is not going great, I get rejection after rejection but I have decided I will change and improve, make more effort and fill my time until I get a job and trust me I will get a job there's no stopping me! I want the same for you all, I want you to believe in yourself, believe whatever you reach for you will get, but you need to make the steps to get there. So stop thinking about things you WANT to do and start making it happen!
- Start baking/cooking, if you hate baking/cooking leave this one out. But if you don't mind it, give it a go, there's something therapeutic about it. Plus its nice to make your own food especially if you want healthier alternatives. Maybe try out something else thats therapeutic, meditating? Writing? Gratitude lists?
-READ more. Theres no getting out of this one. You will learn so much about the world through reading. Read whatever, just read! 
- Write down your goals or dreams, even if they are unrealistic to you, just write it down. Pour your heart out. If you don't even acknowledge what you want how can you ever decide to get there?
-Most importantly, fill your time, dont dwell on your situation, be proactive, spend time with family and friends and if you can't, or don't want to get a job/change your situation that's fine, you don't have to, I just want you to be happy with whatever you do. These steps should help you feel better.

You already know I didn't want a job a few weeks ago, and I didn't think I ever would, but these steps helped me to WANT it, and I want these steps to help you change your life too. Believe in yourself, you are amazing, you are kind and you are thoughtful. Whatever your life is like now, rest assured it is not FOREVER. 

This post first appeared on Hijabi Hayah, please read the originial post: here

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