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Have a Better Night of Sleep with these 9 Tips!

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A good night of Sleep is essential for our body function during the day. We won’t be in our best mental and physical condition without a proper sleep. While it’s easy for some people to get better sleep, there are the unfortunate ones who seem to struggle with sleeping for different reasons. If you are one of those people who have trouble sleeping, then these tips might help, Try to practice these rituals consistently to help you sleep better.


1- Set up a sleep schedule, and stay with it. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, even on the weekends. This will help regulate the internal clock of your body which improve the quality of your sleep.


2- Nap wisely. Napping 15-30 minutes in the afternoon is a good way to recharge yourself, but if you find yourself to have a hard time sleeping at night after a nap during the day, then you may consider to shorten your nap time. If that doesn’t help, then perhaps you shouldn’t nap at all so you can fall asleep at night.


3- Exercise regularly. Exercising regularly- no matter hoe heavy or light- can help you sleep better and make you feel less sleepy during the day. Even a 10 minutes walk can help, so exercise whenever you can. Be patient as it can take several months of regular exercise for you to see the benefits.

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4- Less caffeine. Most of us need some coffee to make ourselves feel awake during the day, but the problem is caffeine can cause sleep problems for ten to twelve hours after drinking it, which means having a harder time to sleep at night. Consider cutting back the overall amount of caffeine you take, or avoid having any caffeine in the afternoon.


5- Avoid alcohol before bed. Alcohol can interfere your sleep cycle once you are deep in sleep. In order to improve the quality of sleep, try not to have any alcohol hours before you sleep.


6- Nighttime snacks. A little snack before bed can help promote sleep for some people. Foods with the combination of tryptophan and carbohydrates can calm the brain. Try to eat food such as banana, low-sugar, whole grain cereal and half a turkey sandwich before bed. You may find eating other food that can promote sleep better than these food, so feel free to experiment.


7- Avoid electronics. Electronic devices such as laptop and cell phone can make it hard for some people to fall asleep because of the light from the screen. The light keeps the brain active, which makes it harder for you to sleep. Instead of using electronic devices, try to do something calm and relaxing such as reading to wind down and get your body ready for bed.


8- Sleep on a comfortable bed and pillow. Your bed and pillow need to be comfortable and supportive in order for you to have a good night sleep. You may need to buy a new mattress or pillow if you always wake up with a sore back or aching neck. A good quality mattress usually last for 9-10 years.


9- Make sure the room is dark. The darker your room is, the better you will sleep. If you have many windows in your room, make sure to block the lights with curtains or shades. Be sure to also cover any electronics that emit light. Even a slight amount of light can affect how you sleep.

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Have a Better Night of Sleep with these 9 Tips!


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