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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 12–18

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 12–18

Find out what’s written in the stars for you this week…


January 20–February 18

Mercury’s run-in with Jupiter in your ambition angle has you aiming sky-high with your goals, but be sure you’re not leaving out key details in your grand plans. Grandiosity can also lead to insubordination, so you might be better off not sharing your vision of rising through the ranks with a boss who wants you to stay put. The headlines really belong to this week’s Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, which represents your annual fresh start. If you could change something about the way people perceive you, what would it be? You have a chance to reboot your identity between now and late July, when a lunar eclipse rocks your sign, so start planting the seeds. Your personal reinvention could take the form of a fashion or beauty makeover, but you might also give your image deeper thought and decide to tweak your body language, communication style or something else that feeds into the impression you make on others. Be open to any opportunities you see to debut a new you. A dustup between Mars and Neptune warns against mixing friendship and money, as there’s likely to be some confusion. Your interactions with a group could clash with your personal values or leave you feeling insecure. And if you’re chasing after a new dream, you may not have what you need to make it a reality just yet. Don’t get sidetracked by what you lack. Focus on what you can do, given your resources and sense of self. As Mercury and the sun segue out of Aquarius, you’ll start paying less attention to who you are and concentrate on what you have and need—making this next month a great time for getting your finances and possessions in order.


February 19–March 20

A Mercury-Jupiter encounter is bound to make you restless, and a mental escape like a movie or book will offer a welcome respite from reality. This week’s solar eclipse shakes up the house in your chart associated with Pisces stuff like spirituality and imagination. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings, but since this one is at the end of your chart, it’s about making a fresh start by letting go. Getting closure on something or releasing someone from your life (or your heart!) will enable you to turn the page. If you have a tendency to sabotage yourself, if you have a problem with maintaining proper boundaries or if you too often play a victim, martyr or savior role — consider this lunation incentive to snap out of it and move on. Are escapism or addiction wreaking havoc in your life? Seek out healthy ways to lose yourself (e.g. meditating, listening to music, running) to replace unhealthy ones. This is a fantastic time to initiate a daily practice that nourishes your spirit or puts you in closer touch with your intuition, imagination and buried emotions. Anything from a dream journal to a morning yoga session could do the trick. With Mars needling Neptune in Pisces, self-doubt or self-deception could pull you off-track in your pursuit of a goal, or you might feel like your efforts are misunderstood or underappreciated. Don’t force yourself to do something if your heart’s not in it. If you’re tired, take a break. You don’t have to keep doing, doing, doing to be enough. You’re already enough! Mercury and the sun arrive in Pisces over the weekend, boosting your expressiveness, brainpower, vitality and drive — not to mention kicking off your birthday season! It’s time to put yourself first and think about what you want out of the coming year. Happy solar return!


March 21–April 19

Being yourself around friends and feeling understood will keep your spirits up this week, thanks to the sun and Mercury meshing with individualistic Uranus in Aries. The people who are truly on your team are cool with your little idiosyncrasies and get where you’re coming from. Your spontaneity could inspire a worthwhile group activity, so rally the troops if you have a good idea. A solar eclipse intends to bring new people into your life in the next several months, so think about your interests, goals and ideals. and then find relevant groups you can join. Whether you make career contacts, friends or acquaintances, you come out ahead. You might look for opportunities to collaborate with others, especially on projects that do some good in the world. Expanding your reach on social media will of course help you connect with new people, and it can also facilitate teamwork. Since this lunation is sparring with Jupiter in your sharing sector, friendship might conflict with partnership in some way. Maybe you’ll meet someone you end up wanting more from, or your squad will push you to ask for what you deserve in a relationship. Mars is motivating you to take risks to broaden your horizons, but his feud with Neptune means even you bold, brave Rams can suffer from doubt and melancholy. You’re not supposed to blindly barrel full-steam-ahead during this transit, which is not to say that you should throw in the towel. Simply focus on action that has the most meaning for you. And if there’s a nagging fear in the back of your head, face it down! Mercury and the sun sneak into your retreat corner over the weekend, signaling that your year is winding down. You’ll naturally feel less social and more introspective, so carve out private time for soul-searching.


April 20–May 20

Be careful about talking down to someone when Mercury in your authority angle provokes Jupiter, setting up high expectations and possibly introducing an imperious tone. The good news is you might be able to harness this energy to make enthusiastic plans with another person. This week’s solar eclipse is sure to activate your ambition, paving the way for you to take on a leadership role, embark on a new chapter in your career or start pursuing a fresh goal. A promotion or job offer could be in the cards in the next five months or so, and you should keep a high profile to catch the eye of key players. A new mentor may show up soon, so keep your eye out for people who can give you a leg up. If your fear of change is causing you to play small in order to keep everything the same, this is your cue to stop shortchanging yourself. Step into the spotlight and show what you’re capable of. It can be uncomfortable to sell yourself, but this eclipse wants you to succeed! At the very least, aim your arrow at an objective you’d like to achieve, and take a step in that direction. With Mars running into trouble with Neptune, sex or sharing could muddy the waters in a friendship. Don’t jump in with both feet; you’re probably not seeing the big picture. If you’re involved in a collaboration, do your due diligence, and don’t commit to anything that could tie your hands later. On the other hand, if you’re plugging away at something meaningful on your own, don’t let a lack of support deter you! With Mercury and the sun zooming into your network zone at week’s end, your focus will shift from your ambition to your social life in the month to come.


May 21–June 20

You might get a bit preachy on the job or have a strong opinion about the right way of doing things when your ruling planet rubs Jupiter the wrong way this week. Try channeling your zeal into a grand plan for getting something accomplished, without bossing anyone around. The sun and Mercury are clicking with Uranus in your network zone, enticing you to look out for opportunities to share an impromptu adventure or learning experience with your crew. These planetary combos also nudge you to hang out with people who aren’t too similar to you, because your differences can be enlightening. When a solar eclipse shakes your expansion corner, a big trip or new course of study could be on the horizon. You might opt to launch an entrepreneurial venture in the coming months or get involved in a cause you care about. This lunation is luring you to take more risks, especially if you’ve been in a rut. It’s time to broaden your horizons and explore new possibilities. For those Twins who are writers (and there are many of you), publishing is ruled by this part of the chart, so try to expose your work to a broader range of people. You’re meant to go out on a limb and do something that takes guts — that’s how you’ll grow! A feud between Mars and Neptune may indicate a conflict in a close relationship over where things are headed, and it won’t be easy to settle the problem through a confrontation. Press pause to clear your head, and avoid projecting your frustration onto another person. Once Merc and the sun climb to your ambition angle, the increased attention on your own goals will keep you occupied.



June 21–July 22

Chances are you’re zeroing in on a significant relationship, a passion project or a private emotional issue, thanks to a planetary summit in your depth-and-sharing zone. Mercury is there and bickering with Jupiter, triggering an outpouring of heartfelt feelings in a dialogue or a burst of confidence in an effort to change something. The solar eclipse in that part of your chart may indicate that a new outside resource like a loan or grant will be available soon. You could also get involved in a new sexual relationship or grow closer to someone you know. If you’ve endured a loss or crisis, you’re nursing a wound that hasn’t healed or you’re struggling to overcome a fear or block, this is your signal to make a fresh start in your psyche. Dig deep and discover what you’re made of. You’re stronger than you realize! This lunation is calling for you to make a wise investment — in an important relationship, in an endeavor you’re passionate about or in the financial sense of the word. When Mars squares off with Neptune, you’re apt to lose some momentum and question the meaning behind all the hard work you’re putting in. Maybe your intent is to accomplish certain things in a very specific way, but part of you wants to drift and go on faith. Don’t make it a matter of either/or. It’s a yellow light, so slow down and consider stopping and waiting for a clear path. As Mercury and the sun blast into your exploration corner, the blinders come off and you’ll be more inspired to broaden your horizons in the coming month instead of focusing intently on one person or project. Travel and learning are highly favored during this period.


July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet and Mercury are in sync with Uranus in your adventure corner this week, coaxing you to share new experiences with other individuals, as they have the potential to open your eyes. You might learn from the person you’re with or figure out something about relationships in general. And you don’t need to plan ahead; be ready to seize whatever opportunity comes up. This week’s solar eclipse hints that a new partnership is in the pipeline. You might land a business partner, make a love connection or decide you’re ready to make an existing relationship more official in the next few months. Since the eclipse is prodding Jupiter, you’re probably aiming for more security and may decide to move in with your s.o., get engaged or meet each other’s families. If you’re happily single, this lunation gives you a great reason to consider what you want out of a relationship and what kind of people are good for you. You might also think about what role you typically play in your relationships; what your communication style is like in your closest connections; how honest, open and supportive you are; and whether you’re striving to be as good a partner or friend as you want someone else to be. A Mars-Neptune skirmish is bound to complicate matters, since you’re feeling bold enough to take a gamble and go after what you want, but the outcome is TBD. Avoid financial risks for the time being. And if you pursue someone you’re attracted to, don’t hang your hat on a specific response. Do what pleases you because it pleases you, not to get a result that hinges on another person. After Mercury and the sun dive into your depth-and-sharing zone, an intimate connection could heat up or a passion project or emotional issue may grab your attention.


August 23–September 22

Your ruler elbows Jupiter this week, pitting your analytical thinking against your intention to keep an open mind. You might end up saying more — or agreeing to more — than you meant to and could feel like the situation is getting ahead of you. Fall back on your ability to break everything down into bite-size pieces; that way, you won’t get swamped by a deluge of info. When the solar eclipse hits your productivity corner, it’s time to make a fresh start that improves your daily efficiency and overall wellbeing. Initiate a healthy habit; start a new diet or exercise regimen; launch a job search; streamline your schedule; make appointments for any medical checkups or tests you’re due for; organize your workspace; learn a skill; discover different ways to be of service; find a new solution to a problem; and try a fresh strategy to accomplish a task. Whether you need to switch up your workout routine or your whole modus operandi, the goal is self-improvement and a better quality of life. With Mars at the base of your chart battling Neptune in your relationship angle, underlying irritability could get you into an argument that goes nowhere, so keep your mood in check and don’t feel guilty if you need time alone to chill. Someone may confuse you or let you down, but getting a handle on your own feelings will probably be a better use of your energy than confronting him or her. Once Mercury and the sun cross your relationship angle, your one-to-one connections will get a boost and seem a little easier to navigate. Your attention will shift from getting things done to spending quality time with people, so put your work aside and reach out!


September 23–October 22

The sun and Mercury are linking up with Uranus in your one-on-one angle this week, keeping your interactions lively and interesting. Expressing your humor, creativity, personality and feelings will help you to connect with other individuals, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the response you get. With a solar eclipse rocking your joy sector, a new source of pleasure could be right around the bend. Between now and late July, a love affair may blossom, and chances are the object of your affection will be someone you don’t already know or someone out of the ordinary. Or you might launch a creative endeavor that challenges you to make the most of your talents. A pregnancy is another possibility, as this house rules procreation, and you also may get really into a new hobby in the coming months. This lunation lures you to show off a little and perhaps bring out a different side of yourself that people aren’t used to seeing. It’s a period for discovering what makes you happy and fulfilled and taking a chance that grows your self-confidence. Mars is pushing you to assert yourself, be more direct with people and advocate for your ideas. But his melee with Neptune could lead you to forget key details or hear crickets from colleagues in response to your impassioned pitch. Slow down and consider your words carefully. Don’t jump to conclusions when you don’t have all the facts. As Mercury and the sun segue into your efficiency corner, your thinking becomes more detail-oriented, and your focus shifts from play to work. You’ll have the energy and attention span to get a lot done, but this house is also about health — so make yours top priority.


October 23–November 21

A conversation with a parent or housemate could boost your confidence and motivate you to spread your wings when Mercury nudges Jupiter in Scorpio this week. But if your mind is swirling with memories, thoughts of the past may compete with your intention to move forward. A decision about your living situation can spur you to get on with your life; however, you should try not to get too far ahead of yourself. The solar eclipse suggests a change in your home life or family is imminent, and it will push you out of your comfort zone and onto a path of growth. In the next five months or so, you might move, renovate, redecorate, get a new roomie or buy or sell a home. A new development involving your clan is apt to trigger personal change. Think about what makes you feel comfortable, safe, settled and secure. Then pick something you can do to increase those positive feelings. Do you need more alone time? Your own place? A cozier nest? Even something as simple as a new mattress that improves your sleep can work wonders. It may also be time to up your self-care game, enter therapy, start a journal or move away from the past in a significant way. A Mars-Neptune conflict alludes to a hasty financial move driven by the promise of pleasure. Avoid impulse splurges, as they’ll probably result in buyer’s remorse. And if you can detect a negative correlation between your love life and self-worth now, tell yourself to stop trying so hard. You may be putting someone on a pedestal and selling yourself short. Once Mercury and the sun enter your joy sector, you’ll be more inclined to come out of your cocoon and have some fun. Let your feelings, creativity, individuality and sense of humor shine through.


November 22–December 21

Mercury’s run-in with Jupiter implies that a discussion or piece of info will feed your private hopes or increase your self-awareness, so make a point of connecting with people and listening attentively. Merc and the sun are both gelling with unpredictable Uranus, hinting at impromptu fun in your neighborhood, harmless flirting (maybe with someone unexpected!) and bursts of creativity. This week’s solar eclipse is shaking up your thinking-and-talking corner, hitting the refresh button on your habitual thought patterns and encouraging you to adopt a new mindset and way of communicating. In the next several months, follow your curiosity wherever it leads you; start a writing project; work your way through the stack of books you’ve been looking forward to reading; chime in more in conversations; explore parts of your neighborhood you’re not familiar with; become more active in your community; launch a fact-finding mission; revive your bond with a sibling; and take a short trip — or two or three if you can swing it. Mars in Sagittarius is mobilizing you to plow through your to-do list, but his current scuffle with Neptune will make it difficult for you to take the emotional temperature around you and know how to proceed. Or you might think you’re fired up to tackle everything on your agenda and find that what you really need is a day off to relax at home. Be sure you’re getting enough water, nutritious food, sleep and quiet downtime to recharge your battery. Don’t ignore your intuition or your mood, even if it means losing your momentum temporarily. After Mercury and the sun slip down to the base of your chart, your home life and emotional equilibrium take on added importance, and you may crave more time off the grid.


December 22–January 19

Taking inventory of your possessions can motivate you to make a generous donation that benefits others, thanks to an encounter between Mercury in your value zone and Jupiter in your humanity house. You might also figure out how to utilize resources so a team effort takes off. This week’s solar eclipse is further activating your value zone, prompting you to make a fresh financial start. In the next few months, you may be able to develop a new source of income to boost your bottom line, so do your best to make full use of all your natural talents. The eclipse’s harmony with Uranus in your foundation angle suggests that getting out of your comfort zone will make all the difference. If you’re in a rut, shake things up and concoct fresh ways to make a living. Additional training and professional networking may open up new opportunities for bringing in money. This is a good time to craft a budget — and that may entail tweaking aspects of your home life and social life. If your current financial strategy doesn’t accurately reflect what’s most valuable to you, here’s your chance to shuffle your priorities. Mars in your subliminal sector is sparring with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner, which could cause you to get sucked into doing something you didn’t intend to do. Although you may feel like you’re being played, you could also be sabotaging yourself for unconscious reasons. Don’t lose hope if you’re not getting a lot of credit for your efforts now. Take satisfaction from quietly working behind the scenes to serve the greater good. After Mercury and the sun change signs over the weekend, your thoughts and conversations will get a jolt of energy, and everyday life will become extra busy and stimulating.

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 12–18


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