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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 8–14

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 8–14

Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy Allen…


December 22–January 19

You’ve got sooo much going for you, with half the Planets livening up your sign as 2018 gets into full swing. The sun boosts your vigor, while Venus ups your magnetism, and both planets are due to meet up with Pluto this week. So you can effortlessly come across as a charming yet formidable individual who has not only charisma, but real power. Put your influence over others to good use and stay on the high road (Pluto can be a master manipulator!) Focus on controlling your own destiny, not that of others. You could decide to transform your image, and since Mars and Jupiter in your network zone are supporting a few of the planets traveling through Capricorn, asking your squad for feedback would be a good move. Whether you want to switch up your look or rebrand your biz, the circle of people you trust can help you shine. Teamwork will play up your strengths, and you can inspire people to get onboard with your agenda. Mercury’s meetup with your ruling planet will keep you from barreling ahead at top speed and may inhibit communication somewhat. You’ll be more inclined to pause and consider your words and formulate airtight plans. This pairing can help you sound like an expert, since you’ll stick to talking about what you know best. The sun and Venus are clashing with Uranus, putting you on alert for emotions and domestic disruptions that come out of nowhere. Are you undercutting your ambition with private insecurity? Is a parent or roomie throwing you off your game? Don’t ignore a real problem; deal with it, then get back on your grind.


January 20–February 18

This week’s big planetary conference takes place in a subtle, hidden part of your chart, putting a lot of emphasis on your inner life. Trust your sixth sense. You’re picking up on vibrations around you, and your gut is telling you the truth. Your imagination isn’t necessarily weaving a fanciful web; it’s forming images and has an intelligence of its own. Pay close attention to your dreams — including your daydreams. What messages are they sending? Intense feelings are apt to come up, such as pain, anger or jealousy over a relationship. Forgiveness is extra powerful now, and if you think of it as a gift you give yourself, it’s easier to let go and heal. Although most of your energy is directed inward toward your spirituality, intuition, creativity and emotions, behind-the-scenes productivity can fuel outer success. For instance, maybe you’re privately tackling a passion project that will earn public or professional acclaim. A Mercury-Saturn meeting can prompt you to keep too much to yourself, but it can also get you to look at the reality of something or someone you’d been idealizing. Are you dwelling on a mistake, failure or regret? Look for the lesson and release the rest. Venus and the sun are battling your ruler, which could easily trigger unconscious communication. You might say something you didn’t plan to, or another person could rub you the wrong way with their bluntness. Listen attentively, and don’t fly off the handle. If you want to get back to that peaceful place in your head, avoid taking the bait.


February 19–March 20

With so many planets rolling through your humanity house, you may find yourself surrounded by a crowd this week. Whether you’re doing some professional networking, hanging with friends, attending large events or participating in group activities, you won’t be flying solo. Socializing gets the green light, but these transits aren’t all about fun. What does your squad mean to you? What roles do you play in different groups? Who brings out the best and worst in you? Are any of your friendships on the rocks? Get to the bottom of your problems now rather than continuing to sweep them under the rug. You can’t get away with skimming the surface when profound Pluto is involved. A particular friendship may deepen and perhaps morph into a sexual relationship, or you could develop a strong attraction to someone you meet via tech. Shared adventures, education and travel are highly favored, thanks to Mars and Jupiter in your exploration corner lending their support. So this is truly not the week to go it alone! There will be speed bumps, though, in the form of Uranus’s battles with Venus and the sun. Money or possessions might pose problems, in which case you’ll need to rise above pettiness. Or personal values may differ from group interests, tempting you or a friend to break away. And shaky self-esteem might also make group relationships feel less solid. A Mercury-Saturn summit encourages you to have tough conversations with pals and peers or create a meticulous plan for attaining something on your wish list.


March 21–April 19

Your ambition is in overdrive this week, with half the planets hovering in your status angle and bringing out your love of the chase. Whether you’re chasing after personal goals, career success or public recognition, you can make significant headway. You might impress higher-ups, make a powerful connection, take on a bigger role or shift the course you’re on. The stars are aligned for you to climb the ladder, but be careful not to step on toes on your way up. Even if you’re not in direct competition, you tend to operate with speed and force. Mercury’s link with Saturn can get you to slow things down in your head and plot each move methodically. This is an excellent combo for drafting a business plan or mapping out your career path step by step. It also enables you to speak with authority, although you’ll tend to edit yourself so as not to stray from your bailiwick. Mars and Jupiter are boosting your efforts to shine, so partnerships, research and passion projects will all work in your favor. And if you’ve been striving to understand what makes you tick, that self-knowledge can also be a boon. Venus and the sun are at odds with Uranus, however, warning you to keep impulses in check. You’ll probably be tempted to rebel against an authority figure or bureaucracy—or leap off the fast track to regain your autonomy. Or maybe the fast track isn’t fast enough for you, and you want to do things your own way. Don’t hide your individuality; it will help you stand out from the crowd. But you may need to integrate it within existing systems to win.


April 20–May 20

April 20–May 20

You’re roaming far outside your comfort zone this week, thanks to half the planets activating your exploration sector and lending you the courage to embrace the unknown. The sun, Venus and Pluto are coalescing there, intensifying your experiences and maybe even making them feel life-changing if you’re lucky. Since Mars and Jupiter in your one-on-one angle are also joining in the fun, it’s clear that sharing your efforts to broaden your horizons will enhance them exponentially. Plus you might set off sparks with someone new or bond with your s.o. while having an adventure together. You could become obsessed with a person or belief, thinking that s/he or it has the power to transform your future. But the sun and Venus are sparring with Uranus in your subliminal corner, triggering an urge to go against your own best interests and perhaps duck back into your comfort zone to interrupt the steady march of change. Resist escapist impulses and face a profound truth that might feel a bit scary. Again, the companionship of a partner, potential love interest or good friend will give you a major boost. The planets are challenging you to try new things and learn, but not all by your lonesome. A Mercury-Saturn meetup can get you to envision the road ahead in greater detail and help you articulate your POV with gravitas. Words based on hard-earned knowledge will be extra persuasive. Make an effort to express your views and beliefs without disrespecting those of others.


May 21–June 20

Although you often enjoy zipping from one thing to another to keep life interesting, a planetary gathering in your depth zone is giving you the concentration to zero in on a relationship, passion project or emotional transformation and stay the course. So tune out the peripheral noise and dive deep into an important connection, taking sexual and/or emotional closeness to a whole other level. Or focus on an endeavor that you feel strongly about and see it through to the end. Psychotherapy and other healing modalities can be of great benefit to you now, as these transit bring enormous potential for breakthroughs that facilitate change. You’ll definitely get the urge to lighten up when the sun and Venus spar with carefree Uranus in your network sector. A need for personal space may lead to problems involving jealousy or mistrust, and intimacy is apt to clash with friendship. Or new hopes and goals could take your eye off the ball. Try to reconcile your need to switch gears with the current benefits of tunnel vision. You might take a breather from intense intimacy to blow off steam with your squad. Or step back from a project you’ve been up to your eyeballs in and spend an hour talking about your next big dream. With your ruling planet and Saturn aligned, you’ll be able to refocus intently. A serious convo gets the go-ahead with this pairing; share your true feelings with someone you can rely on to keep your confidence.



June 21–July 22

A power strip of planets in your one-on-one angle reminds you that connecting with other individuals is your best bet for the next few weeks. The sun and Venus are both rendezvousing with Pluto, so you could link up with someone who has a profound effect on your life. Existing relationships can also undergo a transformation, and that could stem from you shifting the role you habitually play. If you meet someone new, whether it’s a friend, love interest or partner of some kind, you’ll probably feel a strong bond with them. And since Mars and Jupiter in your love-and-expression house are getting in on the act, you’ll have luck forming creative and romantic duos. The more yourself you are around someone, the easier it will be to click in a meaningful way. And due to Mars’s proactive nature and Jupiter’s penchant for quantity, those Crabs who are looking for love would do well to cast their nets wide and make the first move. If you already have a significant other, this can be a super romantic week, so make time to be together. The sun and Venus are at odds with Uranus, though, making it much trickier to agree on your goals as a couple. One of you might be having an issue with authority or itching for more independence. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto sets the scene for an important dialogue, and you could make a major decision about a relationship. Seeing things as they are is a plus, but avoid harsh criticism.


July 23–August 22

There are so many planets congregating in your efficiency corner right now that you can’t help but be productive. You have the drive to accomplish a lot and might even have some fun getting it all done. The sun and Venus are both holding meetings with intense Pluto, giving you the willpower to stick with it until you’ve dotted every i and crossed every t. You could get a little obsessed with doing things a certain way and maintaining control, so try not to micromanage. Your ability to get to the bottom of a problem and solve it will help you tackle issues related to your job, health, time management and anything else that impacts your effectiveness in day-to-day life. Maybe it’s time to draft a plan for changing jobs, improving your fitness or overhauling your schedule? Mercury’s alignment with Saturn favors thorough analysis, so you can come up with a detailed strategy for success. There’s a danger of becoming overly nitpicky, though, making it extra important to be mindful of your tone. Wild-card Uranus in your exploration house will almost certainly distract you at some point, and you could veer off-script, thinking you have all the answers. Or you might feel stressed to the max and crave an escape from your heavy workload. Take periodic breaks rather than pushing yourself too far and becoming inefficient or perhaps even ill. Mars and Jupiter in your domestic angle are lending an assist, making working from home (or working on your home) a fantastic option.


August 23–September 22

The planets are throwing a party in your joy sector, inviting you to revel in being yourself and living life to the fullest. Creative inspiration could strike, leading you to plunge into a fruitful endeavor that brings attention your way. Be open to exploring whatever ideas pop into your head. This is also a great week to express your personality and your feelings without fear of judgment. Have the courage to share your authentic self with people, and you may discover that you’re connecting on a deeper level. With profound Pluto getting in on the action, romantic vibes could turn extra intense, and you might feel like you’re with your soulmate. Be careful not to let control, jealousy, manipulation or obsession creep into a relationship now, as those issues are associated with Pluto’s dark side. Since your ruling planet is linked with serious Saturn, you should be able to sit down and have a very adult conversation with someone you’re dating. This pairing is also good for expressing your emotions or artistry in a measured way that commands respect. Venus and the sun are both tangling with Uranus in your sharing zone, underscoring the importance of not fixating on getting a particular response. Be true to yourself, and if another person isn’t on the same page or simply remains an unknown variable, try to accept that reality. Remember you can’t control the whole equation — only your part in it. No one is going to feel the exact same way you do — because they’re not you.


September 23–October 22

There’s no full moon this week, but you may be feeling extra emo, thanks to a convergence of planets at the base of your chart. A wellspring of memories and emotions is stirring inside you, coloring your dreams, your interactions and your underlying mood. As much as you like to stay on an even keel, with intense Pluto involved, these feelings are powerful and need a healthy outlet. Reflect on them, talk about them with someone you trust, write in your journal—do what you need to do in order to restore your sense of wellbeing. This area of the chart also rules family and domesticity, so something may be brewing on the home front. Your relationship with your mom, roomie or an important female in your life might need your undivided attention. Or you could be changing your living situation to a significant degree. Whether you opt to feng shui, redecorate, declutter, renovate, move, burn sage or address your relationship with someone in your home, the energy in your space is due to shift. A Mercury-Saturn summit promotes mature communication about emotional matters, but with the sun and Venus clashing with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, the outcome is anything but predictable. You might overreact and possibly project your feelings onto someone. Or you could be on the receiving end of a curveball and get hurt or angry. Diplomatic Libras loathe confrontations, but sometimes they’re necessary. Just keep tabs on what’s going on inside you before pointing fingers.


October 23–November 21

With so many planets rocketing through your cognition-and-communication house, your brain is buzzing, and you may be keeping less to yourself than usual. Your thoughts have plenty of substance, and you’re able to convey them with impressive gravitas. You’re a pro at drilling down to core issues and root causes but may need to mull solo if you touch on a complex matter that calls for deeper probing. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio are joining forces with the sun, Venus and Pluto, which will have an expansive effect on your thoughts and words and empower you to back them up with action. These are excellent transits for making new connections, so get out and meet people! Even though you’re not the most gregarious sign, you won’t find it too hard to put yourself out there now. Don’t just seize the opportunities that come your way; make them happen. Mercury and Saturn are enmeshed this week, so your mindset could become rather negative. But this combo also reminds you to only say what you really mean and to have all the facts. The sun and Venus are at odds with Uranus, suggesting that work, health or everyday circumstances can throw you for a loop and require you to change gears. Try not to let stress get the best of you when everything doesn’t go according to plan or too much comes at you all at once. Whatever systems you count on to make your daily life function should allow for some juggling. Technology and workplace discord can make communication tricky now. Speak face-to-face if possible, and don’t go off-script.


November 22–December 21

Finances and possessions are front and center this week, with a cluster of planets whirling through your resources zone. You’re able to home in on your deepest needs, so focus on how you can secure what you require. Your ruling planet in your spiritual sector is lending a hand, so try visualizing what you want to manifest, cultivating faith in your vision and believing in that special luck Sagittarius is known for. The secret nature of Pluto and the house Jupiter is hiding out in both indicate that you shouldn’t broadcast your aims to the world. And with Mars in the picture, you should take some low-key steps to privately advance your cause. Finishing up things you’ve already started will probably be even more worthwhile than jumping into new endeavors. Mercury’s rendezvous with Saturn nudges you to be ultra practical about your money, belongings and priorities, and your confidence could take a slight hit from all this bottom-lining. But ultimately, you’ll feel more secure when you’ve assessed your true assets and requirements and figured out what’s most important to you. The sun’s and Venus’s skirmishes with Uranus can rock the boat, as you’ll be tempted to rank today’s pleasure over tomorrow’s stability. Yes, you deserve to have some fun! But be careful not to sabotage yourself for the sake of a little excitement. You don’t want to gamble away the nest egg or go out on a limb for something (or someone) that’s far from a sure thing. Mix relatively minor rebellions in with your routine to keep life from getting too predictable.

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 8–14


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