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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 1-7

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 1-7

Your first glimpse into what 2018 has in store…read Tracy’s forecast, and you’ll be one step ahead.


December 22–January 19

A full Moon in your one-on-one angle means there’s a chance that 2018 will start off with a turning point in a relationship, and it’s likely to be a positive one. You could dive into a deeper commitment if you or the other person hasn’t been ready to go all in. Your interactions will have a heavy dose of the feels, so be sure to respect where someone is coming from and find compromises that balance your needs with those of others. The sun and Venus are in Capricorn and gelling with Neptune, making it so much easier to pick up on unspoken signals and feel in sync with people. Conversation should flow naturally under this influence. With Uranus rumbling forward at the base of your chart after being in limbo for five months, you may suddenly be more keenly aware of a sense of rootlessness or uncertainty on the home front. Your emotions can come untethered, as tensions bubble up within you or in your family. Avoid reacting; use this moment to gain insight into yourself or the situation. How can you free yourself from the hold the past has over you and build your life on a different foundation? Are you clinging to a comfort zone that’s no longer really there? Try to see your way clear to liberating yourself from old patterns. Mars and Jupiter team up in your group zone to promote bold teamwork, going the distance for a friend and proactively expanding your network of contacts. So get out and mingle, do something to improve others’ lives or launch an exciting collaboration.


January 20–February 18

This week’s full moon lands in your work-and-wellness corner, inspiring you to start 2018 off on the right note. If one of your resolutions involves quitting a bad habit, the first day of the year hands you a golden opportunity. It’s also possible that a job or health crisis will reveal stressors in your life that need to change. On the other hand, a project could come to fruition now, helping you to promote yourself and prove what you can do. Full moons always call for balance, and this one wants you to give equal attention to your inner and outer lives and tend to your mind, body and spirit. Your ruling planet is leaving its retrograde phase, which might trigger impatience or anxiety as dormant thoughts are revived.

When planets resume forward motion, the shift can bring an urge to act, but there’s no need to make a snap decision. Instead, you can use the fact that Mercury in your group sector is gelling with Uranus and bounce ideas off other people or share those thoughts buzzing around in your brain with a friend. Two (or more!) heads are better than one in this case, and others’ perspectives are bound to bring fresh insights or info. With Mars and Jupiter joining forces at the peak of your chart, don’t play it safe when chasing after goals. A confident move could pay huge dividends, as long as you avoid trampling on the toes of power players. Operate on your own if you can, and take a brilliantly calculated risk!


February 19–March 20

Your New Years Eve celebration may spill over into the following night, given that Monday’s full moon is lighting up your joy sector. Or maybe you’ll begin 2018 on a romantic note by going out on a super successful date or falling for an exciting stranger. You might opt for a fun adventure — maybe in the form of a significant trip you’ve been longing for. Plus a creative endeavor could blossom under this lunation and perhaps involve getting something published or becoming an entrepreneur. Neptune in Pisces is harmonizing with the sun, moon and Venus, coaxing you to tap into your intuition, compassion, imagination and starry-eyed sweetness to connect with people and express your whole self. As Uranus does a 180 after his five-month backtracking period, personal insecurity or financial worries may pop back up. However, thanks to a helpful angle between Mercury and Uranus, you can plot your career path or formulate a new goal by thinking outside the box when it comes to your resources (such as talents) and also adopting an attitude of non-attachment regarding specific needs or compensation (such as a certain salary figure). Account for the inevitable ebb and flow of confidence and finances, and your ambitious planning will be spot on. Mars and Jupiter are forming an alliance in your exploration corner that inspires you to launch an entrepreneurial effort, take a courageous stand for what you believe in, jump into a new course of study, embark on a big trip or brave a new experience you’re sure to learn from.


March 21–April 19

A wave of moodiness, sentimentality or nostalgia may wash over you when a full moon hits your foundation angle this week. If you’re single mindedly dedicated to achieving your goals out in the world, something could occur in your home or family life to grab your attention. The purpose is to get you to strike a better balance between your private life and your professional or public strivings. A domestic project may require finishing touches, or a family member or roommate might need you. On the other hand, you may need alone time so you can focus on self-care, emotional reflection and rest. With Uranus getting back into gear after his five-month backspin, you’ll be tempted to spring into action, but you’re better off channeling frenetic energy into a physical activity like exercise or sex. You could feel excited (or anxious) to get on with things, but you don’t need to veer off in a new direction right this second. Mercury’s link with Uranus will help you see the big picture, fitting pieces of the puzzle together until you can envision your new life. Make a point of learning, traveling and talking to people who are different from you, because all of the above are apt to have a positive effect on you. Your ruling planet is in cahoots with Jupiter, daring you to take a risk to get close to someone. This is the perfect transit for pushing past a fear of intimacy and going for it. It’s also ideal for diving into a passion project and making tons of headway.


April 20–May 20

With a full moon lighting up your thinking-and-talking corner, a flood of thoughts, info or interaction could keep you busy this week. New facts may come to light, causing you to feel differently about a matter. Or a situation involving your sibling or your community might develop and require your attention. You shouldn’t have much trouble tuning into and expressing your emotions, as they’re naturally in sync with your mental and verbal functions under this moon. If you’re extra restless, a short trip might be just what you need. The sun and Venus in your exploration house are gelling with Neptune in your network sector, favoring travel with friends and shared learning experiences. Since Uranus is waking from its lengthy slumber in your subliminal zone, you may need to resist an impulse to do something subversive or self-sabotaging. As much as you crave stability, when the planet of rebellion is acting up, there’s a strong temptation to upset the applecart. Fortunately, Mercury is clicking with Uranus, prompting you to probe your psyche for clues and confide in someone you trust. You might discover your hidden motives or reveal a secret, and any such revelations are bound to be liberating. A Mars-Jupiter confab in your one-on-one angle encourages you to embark on an exciting joint venture; initiate a dynamic — and edifying — confrontation; take a gamble to secure a partner; pursue an individual who can teach you or be of some other benefit to you; or pair up with an exercise buddy.


May 21–June 20

Keep an eye on your spending this week when a full moon blows through your worth house, mixing your emotions in with your needs. Although a notable cash outlay is one possibility, a windfall isn’t out of the question — especially since Mars and Jupiter in your productivity corner and Neptune in your ambition angle are cooperating with the moon. So if you’ve been working extra hard, you could hit pay dirt now. You’ll be hyperaware of what you possess, require and desire, but make sure you don’t rank all that way above what someone else needs. Give-and-take is a delicate but necessary balancing act. With Uranus reversing course in your network zone, you might grow impatient with other people’s foibles. If you get an urge to leave a group or break up with a friend, take a breath. Your ruler is vibing with Uranus, nudging you to use your communication skills to resolve differences. You might also do some professional networking, make a new friend or brainstorm with your squad to come up with a genius idea. Talk to people who are wildly different from you and those whose views represent a radical departure from yours. Mars and Jupiter are forming an alliance, giving you a burst of energy to tackle your workload, a challenging exercise regimen, a health issue, your to-do list or a problem that needs solving. You may be able to combine broad strokes and detailed analysis in vigorous mental work and have great success.


June 21–July 22

Your year starts off with a bang, thanks to a full moon in Cancer bringing out all the feels. It’s your turn to ask for what you need instead of playing caretaker to everybody else. If what you really need is solitude, don’t feel guilty about cancelling plans to chill at home. However, the moon is linked with planets in your partnership, play and adventure houses, hinting that escapist fun enjoyed in good company is an ideal outlet for burning off all that excess emo. As long as you respect other people’s feelings and needs, you have full permission to be a little extra. But speaking of extra, if something (or someone) is pushing you over the edge, consider letting it (or him/her) go. Full moons often bring endings, so it’s natural to release a burden at this time. With Uranus doing an about-face at the top of your chart, you could be eager to make a change that affects your career. Use Mercury’s connection with Uranus to deconstruct the scenario in your head and come up with a fresh plan for progress. You’re likely to have success pitching ideas to higher-ups, so chime in. Mars and Jupiter are aligned in your love-and-happiness zone, daring you to take a big chance and chase after your heart’s desire. You could go overboard with fun and games; restraint isn’t exactly a hallmark of this transit! But a nervy move to get what (or whom) you want would be a worthwhile gamble, so throw that Crab caution to the wind and go for it!


July 23–August 22

When a full moon rises in the last house of your chart, it’s time to honor your need to step back from the daily grind and slip into another realm. Your inner world of dreams, imagination, spirituality and emotion is calling to you. Surrender to the pull of the unconscious and tune into any messages it might be sending. If you’re suffering from an internal crisis, it’s possible that you’ve been overly focused on everyday responsibilities and need downtime to rest and reflect. This lunation gives you an excellent excuse to release a troubling memory, a recurring feeling, a wound or a loss and find peace. The sun and Venus are in sync with Neptune, giving you an added nudge to recognize the mind-body-spirit connection and work on healing your psyche. With Uranus finishing its retrograde phase, you may feel like you’re waking up to reality and must rush to discard your old way of seeing the world. Due to a Mercury-Uranus collaboration, creative intellectual activities will help feed your hunger for something new and different. You might also be inspired to declare your personal beliefs under this transit. Mars and Jupiter are coming together at the base of your chart, so a flurry of action could affect your home life or family, and it might be more busyness than conflict. You could fall into a habitual behavior pattern and go too far with it, so try to maintain plenty of self-awareness. Perhaps the best use of this planetary pairing would be to channel the abundant energy into a domestic project; you’ll accomplish a ton!


August 23–September 22

You may still be surrounded by a sea of people on New Years Day when a full moon activates your network sector, prompting big gatherings. A blowup with a friend is another possibility, but given the moon’s positive connections with several other planets, it’s more likely that you’ll be there for a friend in need. You may be heading into 2018 with lots of new acquaintances and contacts and enjoying the repartee with everyone. Do your best to balance self-expression and personal pleasure with group interests. If you’ve outgrown your role in an organization, you might decide to sever ties now. The sun and Venus are gelling with Neptune in your one-on-one angle, hinting at a creative partnership or romantic connection, so take advantage of any opportunity to click with another person. Now that Uranus is resuming forward motion after a five-month retrograde period, you might be gripped with a sense of urgency about getting what you need from someone. But your ruling planet is on the same page with Uranus, nudging you to either reflect on your innermost feelings or confide in a person you trust. Don’t push for change just yet; try to understand what’s going on in your psyche or in a relationship first. Mars and Jupiter are lined up in your cognition-and-communication house, giving you a great chance to sell your ideas; get your views across loud and clear; and go out of your way to learn as much as possible. If you’ve been waiting to find the courage to say something, the wait is over. Start talking!


September 23–October 22

You may get caught in the middle of a parental conflict or have to juggle your home life and ambitions this week when a full moon illuminates the high point of your chart. Or a goal could finally come to fruition, especially if you’ve been striving to make good use of your resources. Your career path might reach a crossroads, requiring you to recalibrate your objectives. And it’s also possible that you’ll find yourself in the spotlight, so be prepared to perform at your best. With the sun and Venus linked with Neptune, you’re reminded that self-care fosters physical wellness and a peaceful spirit, so make time for simple comforts like an aromatherapy bath. Uranus is doing a U-turn in your one-on-one angle, so you might lose patience with someone or feel thrown for a loop. Avoid reacting to what others seem to be compelling you to deal with. Use your words and your reason to handle the situation. Even if it seems like there’s nothing but curveballs coming at you, a Mercury-Uranus confab sets you up for brilliant brainstorming and fascinating convos. You can meet interesting characters now; make an effort to talk to people with a variety of viewpoints, backgrounds and lifestyles. Mars and Jupiter are meeting up in your worth house, concocting a recipe for disaster if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Curb impulsive splurges if money’s tight, and direct this abundant energy toward working hard to earn more. You might also throw yourself into an endeavor involving possessions or push yourself to make the most of your talents.


October 23–November 21

This week’s full moon could trigger an urge for adventure or a major shift in your belief system, as your need for a change of scene and perspective pushes to the forefront. If you’ve long been harboring a personal philosophy or conviction that has stunted your growth, now’s the time to kiss it goodbye. With unbridled Jupiter in your sign, the sky’s the limit — so stop aiming lower! The sun and Venus are meshing with Neptune, which should help you express creativity, affection, empathy, love and anything else that comes from the heart. As Uranus begins to move forward again, an everyday stressor like a health issue or job situation could arise, and you may worry that circumstances are beyond your control. You want to improve your daily life, but that process has entailed disruptions. Mercury’s chemistry with Uranus will allow you to take inventory of your financial assets, possessions, material needs, income, self-esteem and innate abilities, then apply that knowledge to come up with innovative ways to get more out of each day. Whether you need to change jobs, rearrange your workspace, tweak your schedule, start exercising more, take on new responsibilities or something else, you can figure it out. With Mars and Jupiter combining their strength in Scorpio, a surge of drive and confidence empowers you to move mountains. Be careful not to bulldoze, though; this extreme energy will definitely cause you to come on like gangbusters. Operate independently if possible and attempt something that takes courage and vigor. You can do a lot to advance your cause now, so be sure that it’s a righteous one.


November 22–December 21

When a full moon lands in your depth zone, closeness gets extra emotional, and there might be drama in an important relationship. Someone you care about may want you to put them first, particularly if you’ve been concentrating on your own needs and desires. This lunation is about give-and-take, so be willing to support someone important to you in their hour of need. It’s also possible something in your psyche will come to light and you’ll be able to transform it. Maybe it’s time to move past a loss, crisis or hurt once and for all. Since the sun and Venus in your resources sector are connected with cleansing Neptune in your domestic angle, this is a great week for a possession purge. Clearing out clutter in your space can clear your mind. Uranus is turning direct and might be setting off creative or romantic sparks as a result. You’ll have a sense of urgency about pursuing a different pleasure or expressing something new. Since Mercury in Sagittarius is in sync with Uranus, you should stop and think about any developments from various angles. The big upside is you won’t be bored! You’ll be able to amuse yourself, come up with clever ideas, play with words and concepts, enjoy stimulating interactions and convey whatever is on your mind. A Mars-Jupiter summit in your subliminal corner might instigate bold, unconscious behavior, so keep an eye on a regressive pattern or simmering anger. But you could also work behind the scenes to fight for truth and justice or take a risk that’s inspired by compassion.

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 1-7


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