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Best Vacuum Cleaner 2018 | The Best in Each Category

Choosing the perfect Vacuum cleaner might seem easy, but it’s not as straightforward as it first appears. With thousands of vacuums available to buy from a range of well know and less well know brands, each with their features, benefits and drawbacks it’s not at all surprising that selecting a vacuum is a difficult decision to make. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on choosing the best vacuum cleaners in the UK, so whether you’re looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaner or the best vacuum for pet hair, we’ve got you covered.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners 2018

We’ve highlighted best vacuum cleaners from each category above, so if you already know you need a cordless, robot, handheld or upright cleaner, the handy table above will take you straight to our number one choice for each category.

Buying a new vacuum cleaner can be as easy as looking through the Amazon catalogue and buying whatever catches your eye. But, to get the best vacuum to meet your needs requires a bit of research.

Best Vacuums by Type

The are numerous types of vacuum, with each category having their strengths and weaknesses, so picking the right one for the right job and one that suits your requirements is essential. For example, an upright vacuum excels at cleaning large areas of carpet, but the downside is that they can be cumbersome and bulky to move. On the other hand, cordless vacuums are easy to use, convenient but are less powerful than a mains powered Model.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our top picks for the best vacuums for each category.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners are an increasingly popular option for many. The best versions are good enough to challenge the more traditional upright for most tasks. The surge in popularity has primarily been driven by dramatic improvements made to battery technology and motors which drive performance. The Gtech AirRam was the first cordless vacuum cleaner to begin to compete with mains power versions, but others have since jumped on the bandwagon, and we now have competitive versions from Dyson, Bosch and Morphy Richards.

A battery powered vac offers many advantages over traditional models. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the convenience factor, it’s far easier to remove a cleaner from it’s charging cradle and just start cleaning, compared to removing something from the cupboard, unwinding the cable, plugging it in and then wrestling with the weight of the thing. The benefits of not having to worry about cables or switching sockets should not be underestimated. Factoring in the lightweight form and ease of manoeuvrability, it’s straightforward to understand why they are as popular as they are.

Of course, not all cordless vacuum cleaners are created equally. The original Gtech AirRam was marketed as a direct replacement for an upright, as such it’s only really suitable for cleaning floors. However, models such as the Dyson V8 are based on a stick design, which makes them just as efficient at cleaning stairs, cars, furniture or floors. Due to the variations in capabilities and specialities, it’s important to think carefully about your requirements and choose a design that meets your specifications.

There are of course some drawbacks with a cordless. As these models rely on batteries for power, they can run out of juice if you tend to clean your whole home in one go, although this will probably only be an issue if you have a large house. Given that running time ranges between 20 and 60 minutes, this might not be a problem for most people. Another drawback is the relatively small dust collector, which means you’ll be emptying your vacuum more than you’re used to, some of the cheaper models are also underpowered in terms of suction.

These bad points shouldn’t put you off. There are some genuinely excellent cordless vacuum cleaners available. Some of the best models can rival corded versions regarding suction, but they are also massively more convenient. Here are our top recommendations for the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK.

Gtech AirRam Mk2 Review

The Gtech AirRam MK2 cordless vacuum cleaner is an improvement on the original in many ways. However, the changes are not groundbreaking. Instead, small changes have been made to make life easier. The new suction system, more accessible dustbin and even the headlights are nice additions. We think the AirRam Mk2 offers excellent value for money.

Despite AirRam being the first cordless vacuum, it’s competition has not remained idle, and there are plenty of competitors looking to get a slice of the pie. Models such as the Dyson V8 are more versatile and provide better cleaning process. However, the AirRam is cheaper. Some people may be put off by the performance with pet hairs or due to the lack of accessories.

The Mk2 shouldn’t be ignored though; it does have its place. It’s almost as good as a mains powered cleaner, but it isn’t as versatile as some of its competitors, it is much cheaper than a Dyson though, and it does a great job at vacuuming floors. If you’re looking for a capable vacuum for carpets and hardwood floors that doesn’t cost a lot, then it’s an option that should be considered.

Long 40 minute run-time and excellent suction make this a true competitor to mains-connected vacuums.

Dyson V8 Absolute Review – Editors Choice

The V8 Absolute is the most convenient, easy to use and flexible vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had the privilege of using. Previous iterations of the Dyson cordless would fail to clean the whole house on a single charge, the V8, on the other hand, can quickly clean a five-bedroom house with juice to spare, which is a massive improvement.

As with all battery operated vacuum cleaners, the life expectancy is a bit of an unknown quantity. Dyson provides a two-year guarantee, but over time battery performance will drop, meaning a decrease in operating time. This is not a criticism of Dyson’s batteries; it’s just something that all potential owners of a cordless vacuum cleaner should be aware of.
The trade-off between suction power, battery life, utility and weight has been well managed on Dyson V8; it’s the most capable cordless vacuum we’ve ever tested. It can undoubtedly replace a corded model in almost every home and will handle the messiest jobs with ease. The only real drawback of the V8 is the price, which is high.

With the high price you’ll get a cordless vacuum that hands down beats the competition, no other vac comes close, whether the convenience and performance are worth the price tag is a personal choice.

Dyson V6 Absolute Review – Best for Budget

There’s a lot to love about the Dyson V6 Absolute. It’s versatile, powerful, manoeuvrable and lightweight. With a vast selection of attachments available, it can pretty much handle any job you throw at it, as long as that job doesn’t include cleaning a mansion. With a battery life lasting around 20 minutes, the V6 is best used for smaller homes or jobs, or better yet, perform a little bit of cleaning often rather than trying to do a whole lot at once.
The price is about the middle of the road as far as cordless vacuums go, but it is a quality piece of electronics and one that makes the chore of cleaning bearable.

Morphy Richards 732000 Review

The Morphy Richards 732000 SuperVac is an excellent wallet friendly cordless model that provides outstanding performance to price ratio. While it’s not as powerful as many cordless cleaners, it’s great for running over a carpet or rug, while still providing a decent amount of suction power. The dust bin is quite small so that it will require frequent trips to the bin for emptying, but this is a minor complaint. Overall is a surprisingly capable cordless vacuum cleaner at an excellent price point.

Cordless Vacuum Advantages

  • Cordless vacuums are without a doubt, far easier to use when compared to a regular upright. The lack of a power cord removes much of the mental barrier around cleaning.
  • There is no need to mess around with plugs, wires and a heavy cleaner.
  • Most models are lightweight and very manoeuvrable, so if you find a bulky vacuum hard to use, then a cordless is probably the right choice.
  • Their portability means they work well for cleaning stairs, cars, couches or anything else you can think of.
  • Most are small and compact meaning storage is easy.
  • The improvements in battery technology in recent years means the vacuums will not lose power until the battery is fully depleted. Charging is also faster.

Cordless Vacuum Disadvantages

  • The dustbin capacity usually is small. 
  • Battery power is rarely as powerful as a mains powered cleaner, but the differences are mostly unnoticeable for the higher end models.

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Cylinder vacuums are a cornerstone of the cleaning world. They aren’t as popular in the domestic market in the UK as the rest of Europe or the US, but many offices in the UK are cleaned with a cylinder cleaner, and they are brilliant if you need a powerful cleaner with a substantial capacity.

Just in case you don’t know, a cylinder vacuums body is separate from floorhead and hose. Unlike an upright, the cylinder is pulled behind the vac while you clean, using the floorhead to suck up dirt and dust. Most cleaners will come with a single floor head with limited settings for the height of the bristles, although you can find some models with multiple head types.

At this point, you might be asking what the advantages of a cylinder over an upright are? One of the defining features of this type of cleaner is the ease in which you can clean hard to reach areas, under furniture, on stairs or other awkward areas. They also tend to have large capacities and can cost less than other types of vacs.

There are of course downsides to using a cylinder cleaner. The overall dimensions of a cylinder might be less than an upright. However, the hose and base unit design can make storage slightly awkward. Some of the cheaper models rely on only suction to remove dirt and dust which makes dealing with pet hair difficult. However, the higher rated models tend to include a brush head which works with the suction to remove all dirt, including hairs.

If a cylinder vacuum is the best choice to meet your needs, we’ve put together a list of our four recommendations below.

Zanussi ZAN3002EL Review – Best for Budget

The Zanussi ZAN3002EL cylinder vacuum is no-nonsense, easy to use vac that packs a punch above its price range. The cleaner has received hundreds of reviews from happy buyers and for a good reason. It’s a bag vacuum which features many conveniences such as cord rewind and compact dimensions which make the job much more manageable. It’s cheaper than most similar specced and feature-rich cylinder vacuums, so it’s easy to see it’s worth.

Most of the time we recommend that our readers spend at least £100 on a vacuum, but for the Zanussi ZAN3002EL, we’re willing to make an exception. While it doesn’t compete with the very best cylinder vacuums concerning performance, tools, capacity or versatility, it more than holds its own and is exceptionally well priced considering the performance. If you’re looking for an inexpensive cylinder vacuum, this is the model to choose.

Miele C3 Powerline Review – Best Buy

The Miele C3 Powerline cylinder vacuum is one of the best models available, with its sleek and stylish design and powerful motor, it provides plenty of suction and functionality. The 1600W motor, which easily handles dust, debris and dirt on hardwood floors and carpets, as well as the generous 11-metre operating range, make it a joy to use. Not only that, but it also has one of the consistently high review scores for any cylinder vacuum available.
We believe the Miele Complete C3 Powerline is one the finest examples of a cylinder vacuum available, which is why we’ve recommended it as our best pick in the category. It has tons of sucking power, looks great and has a dust capacity which is more than adequate for most people. Our only minor niggle is the lack of HEPA filter. However, the three-stage filtration should meet most peoples requirements.

NUMATIC Henry Review

The Numatic HVR200-12 Henry cylinder vacuum cleaner is one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable vacuums available. The vacuum boasts a two-stage motor, large capacity and reputation for getting the job done. Henry is no stranger to an office building, building sites and residential properties, it’s a firm favourite in the UK market and for a good reason.

Like all vacs, some compromises need to be made, which is true of cylinder vacuums as well. Henry’s main issue is its ease of mobility; it’s not as easy to manoeuvre when compared to sledge style designs. However, it’s massive dust capacity and unstoppable suction more than makeup for this.

We highly recommend the Numatic Henry for anyone that needs a powerful vacuum that’s up to the task of some serious cleaning and not just the occasional once-over. If you’re looking for a lightweight model or primarily clean carpets then this vac is probably not the best choice, other models will suit you better.

Miele CX1 Comfort Review

Released to much applause at the start of 2017, the Miele CX1 Comfort is one of the most exciting vacuums (if such a thing exists) released in recent years. Unlike any other Miele vacuum, the CX1 is the first bagless vacuum to be attempted by the company. It also boasts a range of features, for example, lifetime HEPA filter, a dustbin which is incredibly easy to empty and even a wireless remote.

Despite the vac being Miele’s first attempt at a bagless cleaner, it’s certainly not a letdown. The powerful suction, beautiful and ergonomic design and variety of floor heads make this cleaner the best cylinder bagless cleaner available.

The most significant criticism is the price; it’s by no means cheap. It also struggles with pet hair, so if you have a cat or a dog, then you’re better off with one of our cleaners recommended for pet hair. Additionally, if you suffer from allergies, you might be better off with a bagged model with advanced filtration.

Complaints aside, the CX1 is still an impressive vacuum and one which will be perfectly adequate for most people. Granted, it is expensive but we think it’s worth it.

For most people, however, the CX1 is an outstanding vacuum that will make quick work of cleaning almost any type of floor. It’s expensive, but we think it’s worth every penny.

Cylinder Vacuum Advantages

  • They are often more comfortable to use for tricky cleaning areas due to the hose and head design. They are easier to get under pieces of furniture, getting close to walls and for reaching stairs.
  • Most cylinders are lighter than uprights. 
  • Cylinders, for the most part, have significantly large dustbin capacities.

Cylinder Disadvantages

  • The design of a cylinder vacuum can make them awkward to store.
  • Often the floor heads don’t have a motorised brush. However, some cylinder vacuums have solved this technical issue.
  • Cylinders can take longer to clean a large area of the floor when compared to an upright.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuums are a perfect choice if you require a vac which small, lightweight and manoeuvrable to carry out small cleaning tasks. They don’t carry the same punch or capacity for dirt as larger models, but they aren’t meant to, they are made to be portable and quick and easy to use.

Handheld vacuums can be broadly broken down into two categories, corded and cordless. The majority of handheld cleaners are cordless, there are however some brilliant corded models that are worth considering, such as the AEG. Corded handhelds are more powerful than cordless but also lack the convenience of not having to plug something in and deal with a cord. If you have to carry out a more extensive job such as vacuuming the inside of a car, then a corded model is probably a better choice.

At this point, you might be asking yourself what’s the difference between handheld and cordless vacuums? Handheld models have been specifically designed to be smaller and lighter than a stick vacuum. This has the upshot of making them very portable, but they are also less suitable for large cleaning jobs. Their battery life can be very short, with some models running for just over 5 minutes before requiring a recharge.
Due to these limitations, it’s important to set realistic expectations around a handheld model. They are not designed to replace a cylinder or upright cleaner, and most heavy-duty jobs are beyond their capabilities.

This doesn’t mean they are useless. A handheld vac is often perfect for tidying up small dirt spillages. We use ours regularly to clean up behind our toddler's crumbs. The small size and weight mean they are perfect for the times when setting up the main vacuum is more hassle then it’s worth. They are also great for cars, couches, high chairs and stairs.
The price of a handheld vac can vary a great deal. Budget models will start at around £20, while high-end models can cost a couple of hundred. The performance also varies a great deal, some of the cheapest types will struggle with most tasks while the big boys will devour almost anything you can throw at them.

Below you’ll find out top recommendations for handheld vacuum cleaners.

AEG AG71a RapidClean Review

The AEG AG71a RapidClean Stair and Car handheld is a powerful corded cleaner which has been designed to make awkward cleaning areas much more manageable. It comes equipped with a crevice tool, agitating brush and stretch hose, as well as a 700W motor that produces suction which is capable of rivalling nearly every other handheld.

If you’re in the market for a handheld vac that doesn’t cost a lot but is still able to produce impressive performance, then the AEG AG71a RapidClean is worthy of consideration. It not as portable as a cordless handheld, and it’s quite noisy. But when it comes to getting the job done, removing dirt from card and carpets, it performs admirably and at a reasonable price point.

Black+Decker Wet & Dry Review

The Black+Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner is a competitively priced popular vac which boasts a 4.8v battery. The capable battery the handheld is theoretically more powerful than most cordless designs available, it’s also capable of sucking up liquids as well as dirt.

The Black+Decker Wet and Dry is a decent enough handheld given the price point. Its suction power is a bit on the low side, and there are plenty of alternatives which can produce more powerful suction. If all you’re ever planning to do is tackle small dry or wet spills, then there are very few competitors for the Dustbuster at this price point. It’s a great budget option.

Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator Review – Best for Budget

The VAX H85-GA-B10 Gator cordless handheld that’s been designed with simplicity and style in mind. It comes with an impressively large 10.8V battery, a lengthy run time of 15 minutes and a dustbin that’s a doddle to empty.

The VAX H85-GA-B10 Gator cordless vac is our very favourite budget model and is our recommended budget purchase. It’s not the most powerful cleaner, nor is it the most comprehensive when it comes to accessories. However, it’s easy to use, simple design and competent suction means it cleans up dirt, the inside of a car or in hard to reach places with ease. Considering the cost of the handheld there’s not a lot to dislike; it does what it was designed to do.

Black+Decker Lithium Pivot Review - Best Buy

The Black+Decker Lithium 18V Compact Pivot vacuum is one powerful model which includes some interesting design points that set it apart from the rest of the market. These include a pivoting nozzle to make cleaning at awkward angles easier, a beautiful titanium finish and a lithium-ion powered battery.

We think the Black+Decker Lithium Pivot handheld is the best model available that is well worth its higher than normal price point, it’s worth every penny. It’s advanced pivoting design, fast charging battery and powerful suction mean the handheld is heads and shoulders above most of the competition if your budget can stretch to the expense!

Handheld Vacuum Advantages

  • The small form factor and lightweight design make handheld vacuums convenient and easy to use.
  • They are the ideal choice for cleaning stairs, cars or any other area that’s difficult to reach.
  • Handhelds are relatively cheap so they make a good backup vac.
  • The high-end models are quite powerful and can keep going for more than 20 minutes.

Handheld Vacuum Disadvantages

  • Cheaper handhelds will often have short battery life and are therefore unsuitable for lengthy cleaning sessions. 
  • The dustbins are often small and will require regular trips to the bin to empty.
  • Most models are unable to compete with full-sized vacuums. 

Best Robotic Vacuums

The future is here, and robot vacuums are beginning to make tracks into the mainstream, more and more homes are giving homes to these robots and people are starting to find that they are capable of cleaning their homes. The first generation of these vacs were mostly a gimmick, which has, unfortunately, hurt their long-term brand. It’s been many years since the first Roomba precariously made its way around a room, and the very latest models from Dyson, AirCraft and Neato demonstrate powerful cleaning abilities and effective navigation systems.

The obvious appeal of a robotic vacuum cleaner is that they will automatically clean your floors for you while you don’t have to lift a finger. Nearly every model can run to a schedule, so in theory, you can have your house cleaned while you’re at work or otherwise out and about. They will also automatically navigate a room, avoiding furniture and other obstacles in its way.

It’s debatable as to whether or not the robots have enough suction power to replace a traditional vacuum altogether. The fact that they can be scheduled to run every day minimises the accumulated build-up of dust and dirt. It’s entirely possible that the best models will keep your home looking great with only minor touch-ups manually performed.
There are of course downsides of a robot vacuum. First and foremost, they are less powerful than a corded upright. Even the latest models despite having impressive features and suction will still not be able to compete with a corded cleaner for raw power. They are also expensive, with some ranging into the £800 range.

Robot vacs have yet to conquer stairs or master the ability to clean furniture. They often have relatively short run-times, so may need to charge multiple times before completing a cleaning routine. The better models will automatically return to a charging station, but others will need to be automatically plugged in. Someone also needs to empty the dust bin manually.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to set performance expectations accordingly. Even with the very latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners, you’ll still need to occasionally whip out the old upright, unless of course, you live on an evenly carpeted bungalow with very little furniture. If you’re serious about buying a robot vacuum then it’s worth buying one of the high-quality versions recommended below, the cheaper models are near enough unusable, requiring constant disentanglement from obstacles and also tend to have very poor suction.

Despite my somewhat bleak opening paragraphs, if the idea of a robot slave is cleaning your home while your driving to work is something that interests you, we think that we’ve reached the point where technology advances mean we can recommend some models. They will never be a must-have purchase, but they can reduce your workload. Here are our top recommendations for the best robot vacuum cleaners.

AirCraft PILOT MAX Review

The AirCraft PILOT MAX is the company’s flagship model. It features several innovative design choices, such as spot cleaning, dual brush design and a cutting-edge navigation algorithm.

The PILOT MAX isn’t as well known as the Roomba, and the brand is quite new to the robotic hoover scene. However, that shouldn’t deter you. The vac provides excellent performance for the price.

We firmly believe that the AirCraft Pilot Max robotic vacuum cleaner is an excellent cleaner offering significant value for money. The smart two brush design, ability to clean nearly every surface and intelligent navigation system make it as close to a manual vac replacement as is possible in this price range. The PILOT MAX is at the top of our recommended robotic vacuums.

Vileda Cleaning Robot Review – Best for Budget

The Vileda Cleaning Robot is a modestly priced budget robotic vacuum that is consistently popular amongst shoppers. While the price means it lacks some advanced features, it still manages to squeeze in several cleaning systems, stair detectors and an intelligent navigation system.

We believe the Vileda Cleaning Robot is a surprisingly good model given its low price point. If the budget were not a concern, the more expensive robotic cleaners would obviously win out, given the better scheduling capabilities, stronger suction and more efficient navigation. However, as the Vileda is often half the price as it’s competitors, it’s an unfair comparison. If you need a cheap, functional but necessary robotic cleaner, then the Vileda is the only choice.

Dyson 360 Eye Review – Best Buy

Dyson is one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers operating today, so it’s perhaps a little bit surprising that they didn’t enter the robotic cleaner market until 2016. Fortunately for the consumer, the result has been worth the wait. With incredible suction and a superb navigation system, the 360 Eye is the best robot vacuum available, but with a price to match.

From such an expensive machine you would expect a range of advanced features. Happily, the 360 Eye does not disappoint. You can program the 360 via a mobile app, which is useful if not essential feature. The app also shows a myriad of other bits of information, such as the route taken by the 360 and how often it required to recharge during a cleaning session. Like every other Dyson, the 360 uses the same smart cyclone technology to provide powerful suction and filtration. It also features a full-width brush bar to pick up stubborn dirt or hairs.

There are of course some downsides to the 360 Eye. Our biggest complaint is that there are no Virtual Walls, which means we can’t limit where to 360 goes to without a physical barrier. Additionally, as the vac doesn’t feature a side brush, it’s less efficient at cleaning next to walls and skirting boards. The height of the 360 is also an occasional issue; it struggles to get under some furniture which means you’ll be doing occasional manual spot vacuums to catch the bits missed.

Notwithstanding these issues, the Dyson 360 Eye is the best of the best, no other robot vacuum on the market can compete. It’s very strong suction and clever navigation system means that cleaning is very effective. It is expensive, but for the price, you get the best robotic vacuum cleaner available.

Neato BotVac Connected Review

As with nearly all of the best performing vacuum cleaners, the BotVac Connected cleans with both brush power and suction. There are two types of brush working in unison on the Botvac, a rubbery spiral blade and a combo brush with bristles which excels at picking up pet hair. There is also a smaller spinning brush on one edge which assists with cleaning next to walls and for flicking dirt into the path of the main brush.

It isn’t without fault, but Neato’s Botvac is one of the best robot vacs available. It boasts a generous list of features, and it certainly gets the job done. Its closest competitor, the Dyson 360 Eye, is more powerful and nimble, especially when it comes to cleaning carpets. But it also costs a lot more. If your house mostly consists of hardwood floors, then the Neato will suit your just fine.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advantages

  • Robot vacuums can automatically clean your home when you’re not around.
  • The best versions have very respectable suction allowing for efficient cleaning.
  • Many come with smart navigation systems which allow them to avoid obstacles.
  • High-end models will automatically return to a docking station to charge.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Disadvantages

  • Robot vacuums are not cheap. The most expensive models will cost around £800.
  • They can’t entirely replace a regular vacuum, as they can’t clean all surfaces.
  • The ability to navigate obstacles varies significantly between models, with many of the less competent models struggling to navigate a room.
  • The suction of even the highest end models can’t compete with a corded upright. 
  • Someone still needs to empty the dustbin.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuums are still the most popular type to get in the UK. The number of uprights available to consumers in the UK numbers in the hundreds, from brands such as Hoover, Vax, Sebo and Dyson, the sheer number of options can make choosing difficult. To make the buying decision easier, we’ve put together our top choices that provide efficient cleaning, ease of use, powerful suction and value for money.

The design of an upright vacuum cleaner consists of a built-in motor, floor head and dust container within a single body. Many will come with attachments such as hoses, tools and on-board storage. Uprights have a small footprint which makes them convenient to store.
The main distinguishing feature between cylinders and uprights, aside from the design is that uprights will often contain a motorised brush in the head. This brush improves the cleaning efficiency, allowing more dust and dirt to be picked up in less time. It also helps with picking up hairs, so if you happen to have a cat or a dog, you’ll notice that it’s far easier to pick up stray hairs with a brush assisted vacuum rather than relying only on the power of suction.

There are numerous advantages to an upright. The design makes cleaning large areas of floor quick and easy. While they can sometimes be cumbersome or difficult to manoeuvre, the speed and performance on all floor types make up for this.

There are of course some drawbacks as well. Uprights are heavier than almost every type of vacuum, so unless you specifically look for a lightweight version, you might find they are less than ideal for the elderly or frail.

We’ve highlighted our top picks below, with something to suit the budget conscious or those looking for a lightweight model.

Vax U84-Al-Pe Air Lift Review

The Vax U84-Al-Pe Air Lift vacuum is a handsome machine that takes the convenience of a cylinder cleaner and combines it with the efficiency of an upright. It achieves this functionality by way of a detachable canister, which allows for easy cleaning of stairs or other hard to reach areas.

The vac also features a HEPA filter, which is an excellent addition for allergy sufferers, as well as steerable design which helps with manoeuvrability. The TurboTool makes short work of any pet hairs on sofas or other surfaces.

We think the Vax U84-Al-Pe Air Lift vacuum is an excellent little machine. It’s not perfect, but the detachable cylinder is a must-have feature if you need to clean lots of stairs or the interior of cars. Even without this, the powerful suction, HEPA filter and TurboTool and easy to use design makes this vacuum an excellent choice.

Zanussi ZAN2000A Review – Best for Budget

The Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed vacuum cleaner is a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner so that it won’t come crammed full gadgets and features. Even with this in mind, it’s a very highly rated vac that boasts a very competitive performance to price ratio. The multi-cyclonic technology ensures that suction remains consistently steady even as the dustbin begins to fill.

If you’re in need of a cheap upright that is both lightweight and powerful, you really can’t go wrong with the Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite. It’s an easy to use bagless vac that rivals the performance of more expensive brands, at least regarding suction. However, it does lack some of the advanced features available on most of the higher end models.

Dyson Small Ball Animal Review

The Dyson Small Ball manages to cram all of Dyson’s best features into a small, lightweight package.

The Small Ball might not be as powerful as some Dyson’s other upright cleaners. But, we think what it lacks n power it makes up for in ease of use and manoeuvrability.

As a company that focuses on design, Dyson has perfected handling and the storage of accessories. However, it’s ability to pick up dirt could use some improvement. It’s low profile heads makes it challenging to pick up larger pieces of debris when this happens, it’s time to whip out the hose.

SEBO Automatic X1.1 Review – Best Buy

The SEBO Automatic X1.1 ECO vacuum cleaner is highly potent, computer adjusted vac which includes an S-Class filtration system. Included in the purchase price are several tool accessories and an unheard 5-year warranty which covers labour and parts.

The SEBO Automatic X1.1 ECO vacuum cleaner is our favourite upright available in the consumer market. Despite its bulky size and lack of accessories, it produces outstanding cleaning ability, including raw suction power and filtration. If your budget allows for it, we would recommend the X1.1 for anyone looking for a no-nonsense, robust and straightforward vac. If you want a variety of accessories and other features you’ll want to consider another model.

Upright Vacuum Advantages

  • Upright Vacuums are perfect for quickly cleaning large areas of floor space.
  • The addition of a motorised brush helps with removing dirt, hair and dust.
  • The high-end models are very powerful.
  • They tend to have large dust capacities, and many come with efficient filtration systems.

Upright Vacuums Disadvantages

  • Uprights can be challenging to manoeuver and heavy.
  • They are difficult to use on stairs or hard to reach areas.

Best Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

As you’ve probably already guessed, wet and dry vacuums are designed to handle liquid as well as dry spills. This allows the vac to be far more versatile when compared to a traditional vacuum. If you need to use a vacuum in a work site, for outdoors cleaning, or for tackling spills in the kitchen, a wet & dry model is the best choice compared to a typical upright

Wet & dry models tend to be designed for heavy usage and are typically highly durable. They are also not subject to the same regulations that limit a vacuums power, meaning they tend to boast significantly more power compared to a traditional vac. However, they also tend to have less sophisticated filtration systems which might be a problem for allergy sufferers.

Despite common misconceptions, wet & dry vacuums are not designed to clean carpets with water, they are designed to remove water but not necessarily clean with water.
Listed below are our top recommendations for a wet and dry vacuum.

Numatic Charles Review – Best Buy

The Numatic CVC370-2BL/BK Charles Wet and Dry vacuum are no-nonsense, easy to use models that do exactly what they were designed to do, providing fantastic suction. Its ability to switch between wet and dry dirt makes it a very competent and versatile machine. If you need a workhorse ‘no frills’ vacuum that is capable of handling everything you might throw at it, the Charles is the go-to choice.

The Numatic CVC370-2BL/BK Charles Wet and Dry vacuum is simple, easy to use model that provides excellent suction power. Its ability to suck up both dry and wet substances also makes it a versatile option. If you want a “no-frills” machine that can handle almost any task you can throw at it, the Charles is definitely one to consider.

Draper 06489 Review

Overall, the Draper 06489 vacuum is competent and easy to recommend model – but it’s not without its faults. The main issue is the lack of features and underwhelming capacity. While these are more bearable given the price bracket of the vac, it’s still important to be aware of these shortcomings before committing to a purchase.
If you need an industrial vacuum that’s at home on a building site, this is not the best choice. However, if you need a wet & dry for domestic tasks, then the Draper does an admirable job given the price.

Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Review

When it comes to combining value for money and versatility, the Vax 6131T 3-in-1 is difficult to beat. While the advanced cleaning and features are absent, it features a powerful motor and continuously provides excellent performance. It’ll never be called a pretty vacuum, but its strong performance and simple design mean that it should be considered if you need an all-round cleaning tool.

Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA

If you need a seriously powerful vacuum that will easily handle dust, dirt and liquids, look no further than an Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA wet and dry vacuum. It might be overpowered for use around the house, but if you own a workshop or need to use it outdoors, then it’s the obvious choice.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Advantages

  • Ability to handle both wet and dry.
  • Very durable construction means they are at home in workshops.
  • More powerful than any other type of vacuum.
  • Boast large capacities and lengthy power cords.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Disadvantages

  • Not ideal for domestic use due to bulky designs.
  • Lacking in advanced filtration.
  • Most require filter changes when alternating between wet & dry.

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