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My Journey With Health Anxiety / OCD
2021-06-12 02:05
I saw an article recently and chuckled because it said that health anxiety/OCD is one of the “less trendy” mental illnesses. Of course I chuckle because the idea of a mental illn… Read More
Lately! Volume 12
2021-05-23 01:46
Last week flew by! Honestly the last few weeks/months have gone so fast. I'll be starting law school in just 3 short months which is totally crazy! In preparation for this new way of life I'… Read More
Lately! Volume 11
2021-05-12 03:16
Lots of stuff to share today in my Lately post! Here we go! What I'm Listening To....The Daily Podcast The New York Times has a daily podcast that most people have likely already h… Read More
Lately! Volume 10
2021-04-28 03:36
Hey! I'm sitting in our big comfy reading chair with a hot cup of coffee people watching out the front windows. This apartment isn't perfect but I love love love watching the morning sun - e… Read More
Lately! Volume 9
2021-04-19 02:13
Hello, it's been a while! I have been very busy making a decision about law school and haven't had too much time to sit down and write, but I'm glad to be back! What I'm Watching A… Read More
Lately! Volume 8
2021-03-28 17:20
Typing this new blog post using my new keyboard that I got off Amazon. I LOVE it! The keys make the most amazing clicking noise. It makes typing this post way more fun than it would normally… Read More
Lately! Volume 7
2021-03-19 03:51
                Writing this post in the airport waiting for our plane to board, coming back from a weekend trip to California. It… Read More
Lately! Volume 6
2021-02-25 03:29
Currently sitting on my couch with a cup of tea watching the snow fall out the window. I can't believe we are almost to the end of Feburary!!!! It's unreal. The year is flying by. What… Read More
Lately! Volume 5
2021-02-11 20:09
This week has been busy!!! It flew by and I honestly can't even believe that it is February.... so here we go with another "what I've been up to lately" post!What I'm Eating Chobani Coc… Read More
Destination: Virtual France
2021-02-10 03:24
Lately I am so itching to take a trip (I imagine most of us are feeling this way). Because travelling, especially international travelling, is off limits at this point, I have been collectin… Read More
Lately! Volume 4
2021-01-31 19:44
Didn't do a "Lately!" post last week so I have some things to catch up on, let's go!What I'm Eating Simple Truth Turkey Burgers This year is the year of ground turkey for me LOL! N… Read More
The Winter Capsule Wardrobe
2021-01-19 03:27
The other week I stumbled on a blog article about cleaning out your closet for the new year and creating a "capsule wardrobe." I have been wanting to do this for soooo long. But I usually ju… Read More
2021-01-13 04:00
The first Lately Volume of 2021! Let's go! What I'm Eating Ground Turkey Meatballs The start of 2021 means New Years resolutions, and one of mine was to get better at prepping… Read More
2021 Goals And Vision Board
2021-01-09 04:14
Happy 2021! Kind of a disheartening beginning.....but trying to keep a positive attitude nonetheless. The past couple weeks I've seen a lot of posts and insta stories where people are making… Read More
2020 Recap - A Weird Year
2020-12-31 04:33
I can't believe we will already be ringing in 2021 in just a couple days. It is crazy!!!! This past year has been an absolute blur and honestly I just feel blessed to be entering 2021 still… Read More
2020-12-12 00:45
 Lately I don't have a main topic I want to talk about on this blog so I thought I'd put together a mish mash of things that I've been into recently.....What I'm Listening To Parca… Read More
Holiday Outfit Inspo
2020-12-07 00:56
     It's that time of year! Sparkly dresses, sequined sweaters, and cableknit turtlenecks. This year is a bit different with no big get togethers but I still think it's… Read More
Our Christmas Decor!
2020-12-06 03:25
 I love decorating for this time of year! ❤️ I turn on my Nat King Cole and Lou Rawls and jam while making our apartment as cozy as possible. Since we are quarantining whi… Read More
Trying Out Upcycling
2020-11-24 19:25
In an effort to try to be better to the environment I have hopped on the upcycling train! There are so many ideas out there for ways to repurpose items that you already have, all you have to… Read More
Where I Shop For What - Style And Interiors
2020-04-22 14:23
I've been doing way more online shopping than I should be during this quarantine. But I've been trying to make it "productive" shopping, i.e. identifying items that I actually *need*. Lately… Read More
Girl Boss Looks I'm Copying
2020-04-16 03:01
I am always looking for new powerful woman looks for work/life in general. Obviously right now I don't have a whole lot to get dressed for, but honestly I have found that the days I try on m… Read More
2020-04-10 22:09
Hello!!!! It's been so long, time has completely gotten away from me in the last two or three months with applications and the recent state of the world. Anyway, I wanted to pop on and write… Read More
2020 New Years Resolutions
2020-01-04 03:16
.....And just like that another year has come and gone.... so crazy how fast it goes! Reflecting on the past year I believe it has been one of great growth for me. This growth hasn't been vi… Read More
Target Must-Haves For This Season
2019-11-23 01:19
It's that time of the year people!! The time of year when I walk into Target and walk out with about 239842937498237 more items than I intended (kind of just a normal thing for me though). I… Read More
We Rebranded! Shop Our New Designs!
2019-11-04 01:39
After learning about Bonfire, a website where you can create and sell custom t-shirts and sweatshirts, I had to give it a try! I love that non-profit organizations and social movement groups… Read More
My Fall Baking Extravaganza
2019-10-21 04:02
I know I've mentioned before that this is my favorite time of year, especially for baking! I love cinnamon, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon cookies, cinnamon everything! As I've been studying for t… Read More
My Fall So Far - Photos To Get You Inspired
2019-10-06 04:20
And so my favorite season has arrived! I love fall, everything about it. The food, the outdoors, the movies, etc. I've already done quite a few of the fall activities on my list, so I though… Read More
Spice Up Your Apartment For Fall
2019-09-13 04:05
It's starting to cool off, the days are getting shorter, and I can see a hint of orange in the leaves. It's officially my favorite time of year, FALL!!! I always feel sort of conflicted abou… Read More
5 Baking Recipes To Try This Spring
2019-04-24 15:07
Spring is back! And so am I! It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and write an article. But I am back and ready to talk baking!! Since finishing up school and beginning work… Read More
Five DIY Food Gifts For The Holidays !
2018-12-10 22:48
Well the christmas shopping is in full swing and I am struggling to keep up with a busy schedule. Despite the long list of things that I have to do before the holidays roll around, I'm still… Read More
An Ongoing Fight
2018-11-11 22:53
Anxiety I haven't written an article in a while so I thought I'd start back up with a topic that I'm all too familiar with and that is relevant to many of us, anxiety. My goal in writin… Read More
Curl Up And Have A Perfect Fall Movie Night
2018-10-16 03:11
One of my favorite things to do this time of year (any time of year really) is curl up, grab a warm beverage and some popcorn, and watch a movie. Having an amazing movie night isn't as simpl… Read More
10 Random Habits To Adopt
2018-09-10 02:16
 I love the morning. I love getting up and getting out of the house before anyone has even thought to brush their teeth. I also love the smell of lavender, walking barefoot in dewy gras… Read More
2018-09-04 00:26
 Wow, I have not blogged in a while. Life has been very busy since starting my new job. But now it is the middle of August and I am starting to gear up for fall! This means pulling out… Read More
What's On My Autumn Wish List
2018-09-04 00:25
 I love love LOVE fall, I would probably go as far as saying that it is my favorite season (although this is debatable because I love Christmas as well). One of the aspects of the seaso… Read More
10 Ways To Lower Your Stress Levels
2018-07-22 22:08
 Stress is such a huge factor in our lives and I don't even think we realize it. There are times when I will get to a certain point in the day and realize that I've been clenching my sh… Read More
Young Adult Apartment Necessities
2018-07-10 19:49
Well, I have officially signed a lease for my first official adult apartment!!! I'm pretty excited about the place, and not to mention it is next to everything that I could ever dream of, n… Read More
2018-07-01 21:10
I have always wanted to go to Paris. A typical aspiration for a young hopeless romantic, I fantasize about walks along the Seine River, and lavish picnics in the Luxembourg gardens. But whil… Read More
8 Books You Need For The Poolside !
2018-06-21 01:14
Now that I am graduated and don't have any homework to do, I am trying to do some reading in my freetime! One of my favorite places to read in the summer is out by the pool in the warm sun w… Read More
Some Things I'm Working On Post Undergrad
2018-05-16 01:12
So I'm sitting here on the evening after graduating from UW Madison undergrad. Graduations are always bitter sweet because you're moving on to new and exciting things, yet leaving behind the… Read More
Round Two Of
2018-04-17 14:37
Okay so we're back with the "things" of the week -- round two !! Enjoy !1  Pocket Water Color Set I owe this idea to my mom, who suggested I get one of these after I had been… Read More
2018-04-09 01:03
 This week I've decided to start a new article "line" as I would call it, the "things" of the week. Basically I will go through a list of things that I think are cool/important/relevant… Read More
Cultivating Your Personal Style
2018-03-09 02:34
I'm still working on the skin article for this week, turns out having two jobs and school has really busied up my life. So instead I have decided to make this week's article all about cultiv… Read More
How To Cheese Board Like The French
2018-02-23 02:25
It is 19 degrees today and I am dreaming about spring and summer. This January and February stretch has been so cold that sometimes I like to do something that will remind me of the months o… Read More
Your Guide To Holiday Party Attire
2017-12-20 03:20
 Finals season is upon us and I am in the throes of studying for three different subjects while still trying to maintain any semblance of holiday spirit. In my breaks from studying I ha… Read More
Click Here To Download !
2017-12-09 03:06
Hi everyone,Excited to be bringing you the first of many biweekly newsletters ! This week's includes the "femme of the week", a delicious breakfast recipe, some reading suggestions for the s… Read More
Thanksgiving Craft One: The Paper Turkey
2017-11-13 00:35
This week I have decided that as a "countdown to Thanksgiving"I'm going to post an article a day with various things you can make for your celebration. So today is all about the paper turkey… Read More
2017-11-10 01:02
Its getting so chilly outside and I'm getting so excited about the holidays! In light of the recent frigid weather, I have been doing some online scarf shopping and getting ready for the lon… Read More
A Peek Into My Desk Space
2017-11-05 00:15
 I have always felt that organization is absolutely essential. I am so much less stressed when things are neat and tidy, and can work so much faster when I keep track of the items In ne… Read More
The Perfectly Chic Halloween Get Together
2017-10-31 01:43
 So this past week my sister and I had some extra time, construction paper, and cupcake mix, and we decided to throw a little Halloween inspired get together. I love decorating the apar… Read More
Making Your First Priority You
2017-10-26 16:29
 The past three weeks have been absolutely crazy. I mean college life is always crazy busy, with classes, my lab job, and trying to maintain any semblance of a social life. In the past… Read More
Levi's And What To Pair Them With
2017-10-05 18:26
 About a month ago I decided I had had enough of the three pairs of old jeans I've been wearing for three years. I decided to invest in some Levi's, and it was honestly the best purchas… Read More
The Art Of The Coffee Table
2017-09-29 02:47
 As I prepare to graduate college this spring and move into the real world (eeek :/ ), one of the things I'm more excited than nervous about is decorating an apartment of my own. The li… Read More
10 Things To Be Excited About This Fall
2017-09-07 13:40
So the recently very chilly weather has got me thinking about fall. I honestly think that fall is my favorite season. The thick sweaters, spicy scented candles, and beautifully colored crunc… Read More
2017-07-27 02:54
So one of the things I love doing during my week when I get even a few minutes of free time, is browsing through my Pinterest. I love looking through various outfit, food, and makeup ideas a… Read More
2017-07-22 19:33
During the week I am kind of a crazy person, going from one place to the next with barely any time to sit down. This means I am carrying my entire life in my bag (a lot bigger than the one p… Read More
2017-07-18 13:29
Image by: Angélne MélinAh, the weekday blues. They are way too familiar to all of us. That heavy and tired feeling you get as you pull yourself from the bed that feels lik… Read More
2017-07-11 20:30
"Find 'your' perfume before you turn thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years."- How to be Parisian, pg. 3  Smells can bring us back to places, people, different times in our live… Read More
2017-07-09 21:48
Modeling your diet after the french means trips to the outdoor market, fresh foods, and meals containing all natural ingredients. To quote, "the unparalleled succes… Read More
2017-07-04 03:11
The Fourth of July is all about food and I love it. This weekend I decided that the absolutely beautiful weather meant it was time to pull out the picnic blanket and basket. I put together w… Read More
2017-07-03 12:38
"Fashion fades, but style endures" - Coco Chanel   Parisian style is simple yet classic, it is chic yet easily affordable. Here's three Parisian inspired tips mixed with some of my… Read More
2017-07-03 12:32
I thoroughly enjoy getting up early. Not four in the morning early or anything weird like that. But I love being up before everyone else, getting my day started before my next door neighbors… Read More

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