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Barcelona On A Budget

I booked my tickets to Barcelona on a whim with no preparation, hoping that forcing myself to be in a strange city with no friends or support will reignite the spark I had before back into my life. I quit my job that left me extremely unhappy and contemplating life everyday. I knew I had to do something to force myself to get out of my shell and be like the person I was three years ago. 
I set a £200 budget for two and a half days including my travel, accommodation and spendings. I know £200 is a lot of money, but including travel and accommodation, its on the lower end for a holiday in Barcelona. Setting this cash aside help me to stick to a schedule and budget, be independent, which helped to bring some confidence back into my life.
I researched heavily for a few hours before I left with budgets set aside for different activities and my hotel and accommodation. I was able to witness most of Anthony Gaudi's Key Architecture pieces in person which left me in awe. 

how to get around and tips

  • Hello Barcelona has a great offer on for bus and metro travel with unlimited travel for approx 7-8 EUR a day ( 72 Hours for 21.2 EUR). This is extremely helpful because nearly ALL tourist spots are accessible by the Metro (Park Guell requires the bus, but again its included in the Hello BCN Travel Ticket), and it also includes travel from and to the airport. Its possibly the best option if you plan on visiting a lot of spots in your short visit. Buy them here. As soon as you get to Barcelona Airport, there's a bus at Terminal T2-C which stops off at the city centre for approx 5.9 EUR, but if you're willing to walk for 10 minutes you can always get to the metro, validate your Hello BCN saver ticket you've bought online and get to your destination. 
  • People are either friendly or rude, and while they will try their best to help you, they'll do it in Spanish which doesn't help if you're not fluent in it. The best thing you can do is to be well prepared and also have google translate on at all times as it'll help you get around.
  • Get EU Subscription for unlimited internet access. Barcelona city has free wifi but the connectivity isn't the best. Most cafes have free internet - all you have to do is ask a waitress since it requires a password. 
  • Download the Barcelona map on Google Maps and save it on your phone. This helped me a lot to get around.
  • Pick Pocketing can be an issue in certain streets and on the Metro, and I remained vigilant throughout my trip, so make sure to avoid keeping your wallet and valuables in the outer pockets of your backpack.
  • UBER is not a thing in Barcelona. However you can get similar apps such as Hello Taxi! which is available both on Google Play and Apple Store. Get It Here
  • Avoid gift shops if you want to get souvenirs. Go to La Rambla on your way to the Cathredal. Street vendors sell stuff for half the price right outside Sagrada Familia as well (really pretty magnets for 1 EUR!).
  • Free Walking Tours are extremely good if you want to learn more about the city and its history and culture. It doesn't cost you anything and is extremely informative, and most guides are quite funny and informative. Book them here
  • Hop On and Off Tours helps you get to the main sights around Barcelona, hop off when you want to visit a site you fancy, and hop on the bus again when you're on to the next site. Costs | 29 EUR - Book here.



This is your go-to stop to shop till you drop. There are two Sephoras, an amazing beauty department store called 'El Cortes Ingles' which even had the latest Chrissy Teigen BECCA Collection on display and every brand under the sun, and they also had amazing deals on where a tax refund of 20% is given as store credit when you spend 90 EUR or more. They have the most beautiful displays at H&M, Zara (probably two of them in the same area!), and Other Stories and a few Italian handbag brands. This is the best place to go to if you intend on shopping for clothing and makeup, but it can add up and take a large chunk of money out of your budget. Its a beautiful street in itself, although very touristy, and Casa Batllo is walking distance from the Passeig De Garcia Metro,and has a lot of good but slightly expensive Tapas places.

 cheap deals | la rambla

La Rambla was something I wasn't extremely keen on at first, but quickly grew to love it. Again its filled with a mix of both tourists and locals, and a lot of vendors with small shops which sell souvenirs you get at  gift shops for half the price, and you can bargain as well! The Gothic Quarter is quite close to La Rambla and again is a favourite spot of mine for the beautiful architecture. La Rambla is the best spot if you're looking for good bargains, and I was able to pick up Frida Kahlo prints for myself  (I don't want to sound pretentious but I actually loved them), and something more contemporary for my boyfriend which came up to 8 EUR.  I stumbled across the shop - Pósters Verkerke | C/ Cardenal Casañas 10 - 12, 08002 Barcelona, and wanted to buy everything but decided against it and got two pieces.


I couldn't take any photos here as my battery died, but if you love markets, you need to stop by La Boqueria. Its primarily a fruit/meat market with a lot of interesting cheeses on sale. As much as I loved it, if you're not that fond of being surrounded by a lot of people (which I'm not), avoid this place. If you're visiting Barcelona on a weekend, a lot of parks have quieter and equally good food markets where you'd be able to snap a good deal.

casa battlo

Casa Batllo is a UNESCO Heritage Site located in the heart of Barcelona (just a few minutes by foot from Passeig De Garcia Metro).  Its a beautiful building, which despite being owned by a family at the moment, is rented out for events and being a heritage site can be entered by visitors for a fee (which helps maintain the building). 
You're given a mobile device with headphones upon entering for an audio tour and an AR experience. Gaudi's architecture being quite distinctive in style can be spotted from far away, and my trip to Barcelona has made me appreciate architecture a lot more . I think the entry is overpriced for what it is, as Sagrada Familia and Park Guell's a lot cheaper, and in my opinion a lot beautiful, however a few people I know preferred Casa Battlo the most, so its good to check it out.

Location | Passeig de Gràcia, 43 08007 Barcelona
Website |
Entry Fee | 23.5 EUR (28 EUR on the door)

sagrada familia
Possibly the most famous piece by Gaudi, The Sagradia Familia needs to be in your iternary if you plan on visiting Barcelona. The entry fee is a lot lower than Casa Battlo (and if you're on a budget, I'd recommend visiting this over Casa Battlo, since its a lot more beautiful). The building is still in construction, and while it looks stunning from far, its even more beautiful inside and probably the most beautiful building I've ever entered in my life.

You can get priority access tickets here (best to skip the line!) and if you're below the age of 30, you get a cheaper deal for 13 EUR. Its easily accessible by the tram, as there's a dedicated tram stop just for Sagrada Familia.

park guell

You need to get your walking shoes for this, as its a 45 minute journey on the bus, and you then have to walk stairs continuously for six minutes upon which you'll come across this beautiful view of the city of Barcelona (on a top of a hill). You'll have to do another eight minutes of walking before you enter the Park Guell ticket office, where tickets are just 8 EUR.  If you're on a budget, you can get to the free areas of the park, but the monumental zone is stunning and lets you enter the beautiful parts of the Park which had been designed by Gaudi.  I cannot recommend this spot enough, and I do think its worth every penny you pay for entrance.


You can get tickets here for £6 . Its accessible by a bus you can catch from the city centre, and buses back to the city centre runs upto 12 AM.

barcelona cathredal

Again a favourite spot of mine, although I know a few people who got in for free at night. After Sagradia Familia, this has to be my second favourite piece of architecture. The queue for the tickets don't run long, and since its in the Gothic Quarter/ La Rambla, its surrounded by a lot of market stalls and you can always sit by the stairs with a snack and enjoy the view of the city.

Tickets cost approximately 7-8 EUROS

cheap eats

churreria laietana

Churros with Chocolate Sauce | 3.50 EUR (Can be split between two people)
Location  | Via Laietana, 46, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

I came across this on Trip Advisor, and also spoke to a few locals (and makeup artists in Passeig De Garcia), who recommended this place. I normally do not like Churros, and most churros I came across in the city were not freshly made, but this gem of a shop had the longest queue, and the best coffee and churros. It was really cheap as well, since freshly made orange juice costs approx 1.5 EUR. They served the best churros I've ever had in my life!

rosa negra

Location |  Via Laietana, 46, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

This place was conveniently placed right next to the churros place, had a bright ' Mojitos for 3.5 EUR' sign on, and I also fancied a cocktail so I stepped and despite it being just 5 PM in the evening it was packed with locals (Spanish locals tend to have dinner past 10 PM).  The chef is from Mexico City, they make their own Chipotle Sauce every morning, and the food there is what I'd consider to be the most authentic Mexican food I've ever had with a lot of guacamole and chipotle. The drinks were sweet and alcoholic, but cheap and I was very happy spending money here as I got my money's worth. I ordered a bit too much and only managed to finish my tacos and guacamole, and gave away the nachos with some guac to a homeless person. It closes at 11 PM so its perfect if you don't like eating late into the night (I prefer having dinner at 7 PM). 

Average Spend | 3.50 EUR (for Margeritas and Mojitos) to 6 EUR per Cocktail. Mains average around 9 EUR. Expect to Spend 15 EUR in total.

for tapas

LA TXAPELA Paseo de Gracia, 808007 BarcelonaSpain

If you eat meat (pork, beef, venison etc) , this place would be the closest thing to heaven, but avoid this place if you're a vegetarian or pescatarian unless you're happy with calamari, tuna, and brie. I did like it, but I eat chicken which was rarely found in the tapas they offered, and they did have really good potato dishes! This place was recommended to me by five locals,  so its a really good restaurant to try if you're on a budget, eat meat, and want to try a lot of different things.

 Average Spend : 1.90 -2.50 EUR per Piece, 10 EUR in Total pp

local tips

I didn't have the best tapas the first time around, and since I had tacos on the last day I realised that maybe I haven't had the best tapas in Barcelona so I chatted around with a few locals and asked them a lot of questions (this trip has helped me get out of my shell!). I'll be trying these spots around the next time ( I will give Churro Heaven a visit on my next visit to Barcelona),  as I had been recommended these restaurants to dine at by several local Spanish people ( I asked questions while I simultaneously petted their dogs). I have also included  places I managed to get through in my short stay in Barcelona (I managed on 2 hours of sleep on my last day, but thats because I couldn't get enough of the city and didn't really fancy sleeping in a place this beautiful).

for tapas
Jaica | Carrer Ginebra 13, Barcelona | Average Spend : 4 EUR per Tapas
Can Eusebio | Vilà i Vilà, 84
La Bombeta | C/ Maquinista, 3 08003 Barcelona

I wanted to exclusively avoid expensive and non-spanish food while I was there, but I'd recommend looking at trip advisor if you're just after quality. You might struggle a bit if you're a vegetarian or pescatarian as tapas have a lot of chorizo and Iberian Ham, so please do your research! 

fun things to do

If you're active and like hiking 
Sant Jaroni  | Climbing this for three hours will give you a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea from Mt Pyranees
Park Montjuic  | Climb up Montjuic Mountain and get a spectacular view of the city.

If you like the nature 
Jardin Botanico de Barcelona | This is a beautiful botanical gardens which is worth stopping by 
before heading to the Olympic Area and you also get free entry on Sundays after 3 PM!

Parc de la Ciutadella | I unfortunately had to skip this as I could only visit a few spots over the two days,
but I hope to go here on my next visit, since its close to the city centre and is a  breathtakingly beautiul

If you like architecture
The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar | I'm not religious or Christian but this is a divine church that I fell
in love with, and I would probably be very inconsiderate and force my family and friends to let me
get married here. A lot of people get married here, and since you can't really get married at Sagrada
Familia, this is the best option if you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day in an exotic 

If you like shopping 
Barri de Gracia  | Filled with a lot of pop up boutique stores, I managed to resist my urge to shop here,
but I'll definitely come back here when I have more money on a holiday to take some beautiful pieces

Spots that are Free
Magic Fountain   | I managed to go here with a few people that I met at my hostel after dinner. The fountain 
changes color from 9 PM till 11 PM, and is the perfect way to end your night out (mine didn't end after that!).

Barcelonata Beach  | I had to skip this, as some locals told me its not as great as the other spots in the city,
but I hope to visit the beach on my next trip to Barcelona.

I hope this post was informative in some way and inspires you to visit this beautiful city as I fell in love with it, and I hope to visit in the near future. Please leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite spot was in the city and any good tapas recommendation?

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Barcelona On A Budget


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