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Korean Skincare! The 10 Steps to Repeat as Routine for Flawless Skin

Ever wondered why any Korean woman tends to show off the most perfect Skin of all? It’s like there must be some kind of good genes running around!

Well, as much as genes can determine the quality of your skin, how you take care of it and how well you master a good beauty routine does 80% of the job.

Koreans tend to have a healthy, vibrant and ridiculously flawless skin because they are tight with their skincare!

How many of you tend to start one only to see it fade away in about a week?

Most Korean women with “that” perfect skin are particularly aggressive in following a routine – maybe there’s something we can learn from that discipline… I know I should!

Of course there is never anything magical. If you want to achieve clearer skin and improve it overall with a Korean routine you will probably have to step your game up.

Most of us are using 2 to 4 products for skincare. The Korean Skincare is comprised of 10 steps or products. So… not for the impatient type!

But, if you are really dismayed at our your skin looks this routine is one of the few that actually work.

So the time and investment will for sure deliver what you have asked for!

There might be a few extra steps than your normal routine but if you follow these, come back in a few weeks to show the results off!

The Korean Skincare Routine for Radiant Skin!

  • 1 – Oil Cleanser

As you’re about to see, half of this routine is about getting all the junk from your skin. No residue is left behind – it’s about clearing and cleansing your skin the best you can.

Firstly, you will have to use an oil cleanser.

This oil is to be applied on dry skin – it removers make-up and any other oily product leftover. It also removes pollution particles and all the nastiness you can get outside!

  • 2 – Foam Cleanse

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

Be mindful – all the products included in your routine should be recommended for your skin type and specific problems.

They can’t be aggressive on your skin because you are doing many steps and using those would destroy your skin! Use mild cleansers only.

This is a water based cleanser – applied to wet skin to remove (even more) impurities. Sweat and any dirt!

This double-cleansing is essencial to the Korean skincare routine and it is why it got so famous. After a double-cleanse, there won’t be a spec of menace to your skin’s health around!

  • 3 – Use a Mild Exfoliator

Exfoliating your skin will unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

By removing this dead layer of “skin debris”, the truly bright skin underneath is revealed to shine!

You should not exfoliate everyday though! Go for three times a week if your skin is tougher but do it only once a week for more sensitive skin.

  • 4 – Toner

Oh toner… I can’t remember the last time I applied one of these. I am so at fault with my skin!

This fourth step is to be followed because after such deep cleanse, you’ll probably notice your skin is fragile. With toner, you will hydrate it and prep it at the same time (for all the next products to be absorbed).

  • 5 – Apply the Essence

“Essence?!”. Yes. This is a purely Korean step that you can’t run away from.

Essences are mandatory in this routine and they are key to achieving flawless, radiant skin.

It’s a specific kind of treatment product – like a serum or a booster.

But the product is more watery and liquid, appearing more like a toner than a serum.

The Korean serum or booster? It’s essence. 

  • 6 – Apply Serums or Boosters

This is not a necessary step for all women.

You should however go for it if you have redness, brown spots or pigmentation.

This is to say – if your skin is not looking even in it’s tone, apply the right treatment to the problem areas (always as serums or beauty boosters).

  • 7 – Use a Mask

Next step? Using a mask. Just not any mask!

You have to define which properties your mask should have according to your skin needs.

A hydrating mask is a good-to-go option for anyone but there are a lot of different specific treatments on them.

You can opt for a brightening mask if your skin is a bit dull, you can go for a balancing product if you have oily and dry skin, or even combat tired eyes with the right mask!

Like the exfoliant, it should be used sparingly – twice a week or according to the problems of your skin and the recommendation of said mask.

  • 8 – Apply an Eye-Cream

As you can see, the Korean skincare routine has it all – and it does seem a lot… but it’s simple!

As you would normally compact “eye cream and face cream” in one step, the Korean way divides every single product and their target.

So, at step number 8 we find eye cream!

Depending on the eye cream of your choice, it can go from taking care of dark circles to reducing fine lines.

Any under-eye concern should be targeted with the adequate eye cream.

  • 9 – Apply a Face Cream

You will finish of with a face cream to lock in the moisture of the skin.

Hydrating your skin is always the key for a healthy and vibrant looking face!

  • 10 – The Ever Important SPF!

Applying SPF is probably the main reference of Korean skincare.

Right after or along the application of an Essence, SPF is essencial.

It will prevent your skin from harmful sun rays and free-radicals when you are outside.

SPF is to be applied in the winter too!

Print these steps and put them in your bathroom wall. 

Stick with it and show us your before and after!

Here is some inspiration for better skin:

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Korean Skincare! The 10 Steps to Repeat as Routine for Flawless Skin


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