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Style blog covering current trends, how-to's, styling ideas, essentials, reviews, beauty, and more
F21 X Barbie Review
2020-04-22 00:15
Hey Babes! Forever 21 seems to be doing a lot of collabs lately, Baby Phat, Cheetos, and now Barbie! I mean, the Baby Phat and Barbie collections make sense, but to me, the Cheetos one… Read More
2020-04-14 20:31
Hey Babes! Lately, I’ve been seeing tie-dye all over my Insta feed. At the start of 2019, it was all over the runways, but it’s definitely popping up a lot mo… Read More
Stay At Home Outfit Finds From Amazon
2020-04-11 14:47
  Hey Babes Social distancing is not easy. For the time being, we’ve had to completely change the way we live our daily lives. Isolating yourself can have a negative… Read More
2020’s Most Controversial Shoe
2020-03-22 01:29
  Hey Babes!     When a new slang word becomes popular, a lot of times there’s very mixed opinions. At first, you’re either all for it, or you think it’s… Read More
How To Rock The Band Tee This Spring
2020-03-06 15:54
    Hey Babes! Get ready to rock n’ roll, because in 2020 we’re going back to the 70’s with band tees! Band logo t-shirts, as well as other graphic tees, are… Read More
OOTD // Faux Fur Jacket
2020-01-23 02:17
Hey Babes! Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable sometimes. No, scratch that, a LOT of the time. That’s why I was searching for the perfect cold weather outfit a couple of day… Read More
2020-01-20 12:30
Hey Babes! After doing a little bit of research, I found that polka dots are going to be a major trend in 2020. Polka dots are a pretty classic print that has always been around, but they w… Read More
2019-12-10 21:28
Hey Babes! The fact that Christmas is in two weeks and it’s still hot enough to get a nice tan at the beach here in Florida baffles me. I mean, we’ve had some cold days recent… Read More
Trends // Plaid
2019-12-05 17:23
Hey Babes! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year, I’ve noticed that plaid is very on-trend, and not just for winter pajamas either. Besides plaid pajamas and fl… Read More
2019-09-14 16:07
Hey Babes! As I mentioned before, I took a trip to Ohio this week to visit my sister and see The Who in concert with her and my Dad. The Who is a band from the 70’s and 80’s… Read More
2019-09-10 02:08
Hey Babes! I’m sooooooooooo excited because today, my parents and I are took a road trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit my sister and see The Who in concert. We’re also bringing my… Read More
TBT // Shorts With Sayings On The Butt
2019-09-05 23:45
Hey Babes! Welcome back to TBT, a segment where I post [almost] every Thursday about throwbacks. Today’s TBT is all about those shorts we used to have with saying’s like &ldquo&hellip…Read More
Style // What To Wear To Work Out
2019-09-04 22:15
Hey Babes! I go to the gym pretty frequently. I try to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but, even though my work schedule doesn’t always allow for me to follow that routine… Read More
OOTD // Green Floral Sundress
2019-09-01 23:27
Hey Babes! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an outfit of the day post, so today, I’m going to share my super cute OOTD! It’s this dark green floral sundres… Read More
TBT // Bobby Jack
2019-08-30 00:45
Hey Babes! Growing up in the early 2000’s was dope. We had Dunkaroos, Lisa Frank, scrunchies, and so much more. If you’re a 90’s baby, you probably remember Bobby Jack. B… Read More
OOTD // Ruffled Sweats
2019-08-25 16:23
Hey Babes! As a fashionista, the last thing I want to put on is an old t-shirt and shorts, even if I’m just lounging around the house. Today’s OOTD is a little bummy, but it&r&hellip…Read More
TBT // Strawberry Shortcake
2019-08-22 20:04
Hey Babes! I love to eat strawberry shortcakes, I used to make them myself by adding strawberries and whipped cream on top of little round shortcakes from Publix. They were really good, a… Read More
Trends // The Chain Link Print
2019-08-12 23:48
Hey Babes! Recently, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of trends that have been recycled, like fanny packs, chokers, and mom jeans. But, there’s one trend coming to light… Read More
2019-08-11 06:27
Hey Babes! Exciting news! Style Babe now has categories on the home page! Now, you can see all the beauty, trending, style, TBT, and more separated into categories on my main page. This is… Read More
2019-08-10 20:15
Hey Babes! When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. Well, I kinda knew what I was going for, but I just started writing posts, taking pictures of my outfits, and post… Read More
TBT // Camouflage
2019-08-08 20:11
Hey Babes! We all know that fashion trends happen in a cycle. Things go out of style for awhile, and then suddenly make a comeback years later. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of sty… Read More
2019-08-06 18:59
Hey Babes! When you’re a girl on the go, life can be tough to manage. Constantly going from one place to another hardly leaves anytime for self-care, and the last thing you want to… Read More
TBT // Bell Bottoms
2019-08-02 03:16
In last week’s TBT post, I took you back to the 80’s with a rockin’ hair tutorial. This week, we’re going back a little further, ten years to be exact. That’s… Read More
Colors // Yellow Outfit Inspo
2019-07-31 15:38
Hey Babes! I have a love hate relationship with the color yellow. Sometimes it looks really good, other times, it looks really bad. A yellow mustang? Gross. A yellow punch buggy? Cute! I… Read More
Trending // Bike Shorts
2019-07-29 20:42
Hey Babes! When I was reading up on the upcoming trends awhile ago, I could not believe that bike shorts were about to be a thing. Like really? You only see those on people who are riding… Read More
Trending // Button Down
2019-07-27 14:59
Hey Babes! Lately I’ve been seeing buttons all over the clothing racks, especially on dresses and shirts, but occasionally you can find them on jumpsuits! The button down trend… Read More
2019-07-25 22:31
Hey Babes! Everyone knows that clothing trends change throughout the decades, but, have you ever thought about hair trends? If you look back, the way people styled their hair in the 60&rsq&helli…Read More
2019-07-18 21:45
Hey Babes! If you’re a 90’s kid, you probably remember going to school with clips in your hair. Clips like decorative bobby pins, barrettes, and those small cone-like cli… Read More
2019-07-12 14:09
Hey Babes! So many trends from the past have made a comeback over the years, but one from my childhood that I love is overalls! Believe it or not, overalls have been around for a long tim… Read More
2019-06-27 19:01
Hey Babes! As usual, this week’s TBT is super nostalgic for me, because I used to love wearing it and it’s definitely something from my childhood that made me who I am today… Read More
Trends // The Bandana Print
2019-06-27 00:35
Hey Babes! When I was in school, (and yes I feel so old for saying that), bandanas were against the dress code. Why? I have no idea. Something about “gang symbols” or whatever… Read More
TBT // Link Charm Bracelets
2019-06-20 19:55
Hey Babes! The other day on Facebook, an ad for an event came up on my newsfeed, and I suddenly felt really old. The event? A 2000’s party. What? I can’t believe the decade I gre… Read More
2019-06-04 22:43
Hey Babes! Sunday afternoon, I went to brunch with a group of my friends. I haven’t had a Sunday off in weeks, so I was super excited to be able to spend quality time with the peo… Read More
Trends // Micro Bags
2019-05-31 20:59
Hey Babes! When you’re a girl, carrying your belongings in a purse is essential. You need your phone, wallet, makeup, and whatever else to get you through your day. I have a lot of d… Read More
2019-05-27 04:27
Hey Babes!A long weekend means sales, sales, and more sales! I’ve listed a ton of great sales from the stores on my “Shop With Me” page, check them out! Don’t for… Read More
TBT // Slap Bracelets
2019-05-23 22:05
Hey Babes! Welcome back to TBT! While a lot of 90’s fashion trends have seemed to make a comeback, chokers, nude lips, butterfly clips, etc., there’s still one thing from… Read More
2019-05-22 23:53
Do you ever put together a new 10/10 outfit and just want to wear it all the time? I definitely do, and it happened to me this week! Previously, my favorite outfit was some type o… Read More
Trends // Tassels
2019-05-20 23:33
Hey Babes! There’s so many cute trends this spring! Coral, jumpsuits, and the one I’m writing about today: tassels! Tassels are everywhere right now, and they are the perf… Read More
2019-05-18 13:32
Hey Babes! Some days are a lot busier than others. It can be hard to balance work, hobbies, and a social life. And if you have kids or pets, the struggle is even more real. There just… Read More
2019-05-15 17:36
Hey Babes! Jumpsuits are a huge spring trend, and I can see why, they’re super cute! Awhile back, I did a post all about them, which you can read here. But, I’m posting an… Read More
Ilmakiage // Beauty Post Of The Month
2019-05-06 00:28
Hey Babes! Most of the time when something is “free,” or highly discounted, it’s really not, or it turns out to be a giant scam. However, I came across an awesome ma… Read More
TBT // Lisa Frank
2019-05-02 21:49
Hey Babes! Welcome to the fourth installment of TBT! I have a lot of good throwbacks coming up, but the one I’m writing about today will probably be my favorite of all t… Read More
Review // The Lumee Phone Case
2019-04-27 14:44
Hey Babes! When it comes to taking a selfie, angles and lighting are everything. For angles, it’s pretty easy to maneuver the camera around and see which way you look the best… Read More
TBT // Happy Bunny
2019-04-25 09:59
Hey Babes! Who here likes Grumpy Cat? You know, the fluffy cat with the angry looking face? There’s tons of memes, and even merchandise, of him. Well, I like Grumpy Cat as m… Read More
Eyes // Getting A Lash Lift
2019-04-23 13:06
Hey Babes! Lately, I’ve been really wanting some eyelash extensions. But, they’re expensive and you have to take REALLY good care of them. Also, you need to fill t… Read More
2019-04-22 02:55
Happy Easter Babes! I was scheduled to work today, but I had the cutest outfit picked out that I’m going to share with you Babes. The best part about it is, that it has mult… Read More
2019-04-20 17:36
Hey Babes! Tomorrow is going to be a super exciting day for me, because I FINALLY got a job, my first one since graduating in December 2017. On Sunday afternoon, I had an inte… Read More
2019-04-13 20:44
Hey Babes! I love the sun. I love being in the sun, talking about the sun, and anything that has the sun symbol on it. I even have a tattoo of the sun on my upper back. The sun i… Read More
2019-04-11 23:09
Hey Babes! Welcome to a new segment on my blog called “TBT,” where every Thursday I’m going to write about an old trend that has either made a comeback, or a… Read More
2019-04-03 13:08
Hey Babes! I just thought you should know that my #NOWTRENDING and Meet the Blogger pages are updated! Check them out and let me know what you think! What is your favorite t… Read More
2019-04-03 02:34
Hey Babes! There’s nothing like a cute outfit! But, what’s even better (for me anyway), is when you go shopping and pick out a cute new piece! Whenever I get new clothes, I am a… Read More
Eyebrows // Beauty Post Of The Month
2019-03-31 16:17
Hey Babes! Can you believe it is already April of 2019? As promised, I am posting on this blog more frequently. Since I haven’t done a beauty post in awhile, that is what I’m… Read More
Trends // Tie Dye Is Making A Comeback
2019-01-17 19:21
Hey Babes! New year, new you! For many, January is the month for starting over, and getting a fresh start. It’s also the busiest time for gyms all over the USA, and it will be unti… Read More
2018-12-30 18:45
Hey Babes! I hope you’re all preparing for the new year! I can’t believe 2019 is less than two days away! Yesterday, I posted some awesome New Year’s Eve dresses to chec… Read More
2018-12-19 22:51
Happy Holidays Babes! Can you believe there’s only six days until Christmas? I sure can’t! I’m super excited because this Saturday we’re traveling to Indiana to vis… Read More
Trends // The Belt Bag
2018-11-11 01:00
Hey Babes!‍ Remember somewhere around 2010 when everyone thought fanny packs were over? Well, I have some news for you. This fall season, the fanny pack, aka the “belt bag,&rdqu……Read More
2018-10-31 22:27
Happy Halloween Babes!‍ If you’re in need of some makeup inspo for tonight, check out this video I put together for a simple Halloween look. My favorite part is the lips! I hope… Read More
2018-10-16 19:13
Hey Babes! Tie front tops have been in for awhile now, but how do you style them? First, let’s talk about what you can wear under a tie front top. You can wear a tank top, crop top, or… Read More
2018-10-13 21:10
Hey Babes! I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that this post isn’t anything but an announcement (as the title says), but the good news is that what I’m an… Read More
2018-10-11 19:46
Hey Babes! Russet red, navy, and army green are just a few of my favorite fall colors, and all the colors in this striped off the shoulder jumpsuit from Target. Not only do I love the color… Read More
Sweaters // 30 Under 30
2018-10-05 21:26
Hey Babes! It’s time to get cozy! For this weeks post, I put together a list of thirty sweaters all under thirty dollars, so you can feel comfy without breaking the bank. Hope you enj… Read More
Makeover // Beauty Post Of The Month
2018-09-29 21:26
Hey Babes! Fall is officially in the air, and I’m super excited for this week especially because it’s my birth week! I’m excited for my birthday, but I’m not exci… Read More
OOTD // Plaid And Suede
2018-09-20 15:17
Hey Babes! Beanies, booties, scarves, tights, fall fashion is just so much fun! Today’s OOTD is perfect for fall, and it’s all from Old Navy! I’m not a huge fan of the m… Read More
2018-09-15 17:31
Hey Babes! Having a good, cute handbag is crucial to any girl’s outfit, where else are you supposed to store your wallet, keys, chapstick, makeup, and other necessities? Well, I gue… Read More
2018-09-08 19:17
Hey Babes! I’m sad to see summer go, but excited for fall to come. Fall means hay rides, pumpkin patches, scary movies, and many people’s favorite holiday: Halloween. However… Read More
2018-08-21 20:13
Hey Babes! Happy August! This summer just flew by, I can’t believe school is already in session. For today’s post, I have a super cute OOTD that I can’t wait to share wi… Read More
2018-08-13 20:14
Hey Babes! It’s always exciting when a beauty brand launches a cool new product, like when Too Faced came out with the Sweet Peach palette about a year and a half ago, or when Tarte… Read More
2018-07-10 20:31
Hey Babes! When you think about it, fashion trends are really interesting. The newest trends are seen on the runway first, and then they eventually trickle down to fast fashion retailers… Read More

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