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Jouviance Collagen Boost and FocusFX Eye Boost Skincare Review

I must admit that over the years I have probably neglected my skincare regime, but since hitting my 50's, I've have taken a renewed interest. I enjoy trying new products and find the process of applying creams, lotions and potions very relaxing.

I'm always on the lookout for new products that promise to turn back the clock on my ageing face. Although I don't have major wrinkles (yet), I do have some that I would like to reduce, or at least not allow to get any worse. My main concerns are under eye wrinkles, the eleven lines between my eyes and the vertical lines from my nose to mouth. I have a few worry lines on my forehead (no idea how I got those), but not too bad. I would also like to improve my skins texture and put a hold on any sagging issues.


After some research, I came across a skincare range by Jouviance. They are a Canadian company who call themselves "a leader in clean beauty." All their products are free of parabens,  sulfates, phtalates, mineral oil, colourants and artificial fragrance. They are also cruelty-free. As they are sold in my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I figured it would be easy to give them a try.  

I decided to get two products, the Jouviance Restructiv Srd Collagen Boost for my face and Jouviance Restructiv SRD FocusFX Retinol Eye Serum for, guess what, my eyes. So, these are my thoughts.


Jouviance Restructiv SRD Collagen Boost Retinol Wrinkle-Filling Serum

This serum is used after cleansing and promises to "offer the same skin-plumping results over two weeks as a hyaluronic acid injection." It said it would plump my skin, smooth my fine lines and wrinkles and brighten my complexion. All that sounded great to me, so I was very excited to try it.

The pump bottle comes in an attractive pink and white box. The box has all the directions for use, ingredients etc. It also claims that 87% of people saw a reduction in fine lines, 86% saw improvement in wrinkle depth and 85% saw a reduction in deep wrinkles. Aren't the last two the same thing? Who knows. 

The bottle contains 1 fl oz (30 ml) of product and costs $55 CND. When I purchased it, Shoppers had it on special offer at $44 and I used my Optimum points, so it didn't actually cost me anything. But, obviously this would normaly cost $1.80 per ml. 


I used the serum on my whole face both morning and evening. I used two pumps on my face and one on my neck. Now, it is at this point when I have to confess that I forgot to take a before photo of my face. I really meant to so that I could see any differences, but I just completely forgot, put it down to my age! 

I used this product for 4 weeks, this is when the product ran out, but did it work? Well, yes and no! I definitely saw a reduction in the visibility of my pores. As I have oily skin, the pores on my nose and forehead can be a problem and this product did seem to make a difference here. They were much less noticeable. My skin also felt nice, but I have had the same feeling with many other products, so this is not a huge bonus. I did not notice any difference in the fine lines and wrinkles on my face. 


Jouviance Restructiv SRD FocusFX Retinol Eye Serum

Like the Collagen Boost, this product is nicely packaged and comes in a small bottle with a dropper tip. The tip has a small screw top that protects the end, but be careful not to drop or lose the end and it is tiny. 

You get 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) for $45 CND. Again, I purchased this from Shoppers when it was on sale for $36 and I used my Optimum points to get it free. But normal cost means the product is $3 per ml.

With this, I found that tipping the bottle upside down, shaking the bottle a little to encourage the serum into the dropper was the best solution. Then it was a tiny squeeze on the sides of the dropper to release a blob of serum on a clean finger and apply gently to the eye area. I only needed one blob for both eyes

I used this twice a day and applied the serum all around my eyes, underneath, sides and my lids. I also used this serum on the eleven lines between my eyes. This meant that this area received the benefit of both products. 

I have been using this for 5 weeks, it lasted longer than the Collagen Boost, and I still have a few days left. So, I would say this product would last for 6 weeks roughly.

Although I have not noticed any real difference in my under eye creasing, I have noticed a subtle difference in my 11 lines. They appear plumper and therefore not as deep. I particularly notice this when applying foundation as it doesn't get caught in the creases as much as it used to. 

As I mentioned, I have been using both products in this area, so whether one works better than the other or it is a combination of the two, I'm not sure. 



I enjoyed using both these products but didn't see as much improvement as I would have liked. Although I am happy that my 11 lines look slightly reduced and my pores are less obvious, I would not say the difference is enough to justify the cost.

If I were to use these products regularly, based on my findings above, it would cost $1,030 CND per year, or almost $86 per month, plus tax. I really don't think the results justify that amount of expenditure. 

I was looking on the Jouviance website and they have a product called Magistrale which is aimed at mature skin, so it may be that I tried the wrong product for my face. The Magistrale retails for $95 for 1.7 fl oz or 50 ml, so $1.90 per ml, just a little more than the Collagen Boost, but as their is more product, hopefully it would last longer. I may try this one out to see if I get better results. Hopefully, by trying several products over time I will discover the one that works for me.  

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Jouviance Collagen Boost and FocusFX Eye Boost Skincare Review


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