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Follow These Steps to Choose the Best WordPress Theme


It has always been a tough decision to choose Wordpress theme. If you are one of those who finds it confusing or frustrating to filter out the best theme for your business WordPress website, well you are not alone. I am just like you. Let me solve your question in a fast and easy way.

I have faced this situation when I need to pick the best theme for my website, I surf through hundreds of theme templates, and to be very frank as the number grows the confusion and frustration grow. Here are the six points to choose WordPress theme for your website.

  1. Check the overall layout
  2. Check above the fold design
  3. Product/Services page
  4. Portfolio page
  5. Mobile friendliness
  6. Colors & typography

Check the overall layout:

We all know the best-looking layout is the right one to go with, but how to choose the best layout?

Take a look at the Home page design. Why look at the home page? If you have google analytics set up for your existing website and you ever looked at the statistics, you would find that the Home page is the most visited page in your entire website.

Make sure the template you are looking offers a decent variation for home page design. Pick a layout that has a decent mix of image and text content. The visuals offer a good visual experience and text clarify the stuff. A win-win situation both in user’s and search engine’s context.

Please make sure you don’t pick the image heavy template, generally, the theme you purchase would not contain the images that you have seen in the demo. And if you don’t have much time finding the right images for the template, the outcome wouldn’t be the one you ever expected.

Above the fold design:


Above the fold, contents are the website content that you see on screen without moving the scrollbar. Or in general, words what users see without performing any action when a website gets loaded is known as above the fold content.

It’s the most valuable real-estate of your website. This section should be used to showcase your most valuable services/projects that you are sure would help you drive conversions. Above the fold plays a vital role in bringing engagement, reducing bounce ratio and improving conversion of your website.

Make sure the template you are watching has the best above the fold design. The design should match your business domain. It should be capable of housing all of your desired services or products.

If you want a quick summary, choose a WordPress template that offers at least one image slider and three/four service/product display under the image slider. All these should be visible without page scroll. That the template to consider.

Product/Service Pages:

Let us assume that you have applied above two filters and have some templates that fit within those parameters. The very next important thing comes in place is the produce/service page design. Let’s assume that a visitor liked your home page, read a short summary of your products/services. Now he is interested with one of your services. He opens the service/product page, this is the main page to educate your potential customer and convert that visitor into a buying customer.

What you need to make sure that the template has a good mixture of images and text on service/product page.

Product Company:

The image size should be large enough that you can showcase your product if you are a product company. The text section should be well organized and have a large enough font that is easy to read. The description text should complement the image and allow you to write long enough product description.

Services Company:

The approach of service page is slightly different from the product page. You should look for the elements collections you get with a template. If you are a services company you may need vectors, icons, and images to showcase a service in a good detail.

You know all the good template comes with elements pages where all the available elements are displayed. Visit the page and make sure majority of your visual needs covered with the template.

Portfolio page:


The portfolio page is generally a collection of images and text that help you showcase the work you have done so far. Consider this page seriously this page helps you make a positive effect on your visitors.

With portfolio page, we are targeting serious potential buyers if you closely observe visitors flow you may find that a visitor who likes your product/service is most likely to visit the product/service details page. And the who likes your product/service is most likely to visit your portfolio pages to make sure you are experienced enough to handle his task/project.

If the portfolio page design is good enough to showcase the image and description in a good way, you may experience a better conversion from your website.

Mobile friendliness:


It’s a Mobile-first era and so does your site should be. If marketingland report to be believed Google is getting almost 49% of total search traffic from mobile devices. You can’t miss that mobile audience at any coast. Google would notify the user on mobile devices saying “site is not mobile-friendly” at the bottom of your site link.

How you can make sure that the template you are surfing is mobile friendly or not?

Check description: If the template description says it’s responsive or mobile friendly then it is. If it says it uses Bootstrap framework then naturally it’s responsive and mobile friendly.

Practical test: Get the template’s fullscreen preview. If you are on chrome hit F12 and then Ctrl + Shift + M. Select any mobile device from the drop-down at the top of the screen. On firefox hit Ctrl + Shift + M and select the device from the dropdown on top. If you see template without any horizontal scroll you are good to go.

Most templates in 2016 are responsive and mobile friendly, and that is the reason why I have included this point later in the article.

Colors & typography


Colors play an important role in improving the User Experience. Please make sure the template you are picking matches your business domain. Color makes the website vibrant but also make sure the template uses max 3-4 base colors. Because more colors would spoil the user experience.

Typography is related to fonts used in the template. Fonts size should be easy to read. You should also check for the typography section of the template where different kind of font size and weight are showcased. It will help you decide that the fonts and styles used and available in the template are matching your needs or not.


In a conclusion I would say, it’s easy and 6 step process to choose WordPress template for your business site. If a template you choose has a good overall design, product/service page design, portfolio design and uses good colors – typography and mobile friendly then that’s the best template to go for. No more surfing, confusion or frustration welcomed!

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Darshan is a founder of AlphansoTech a WordPress development company. He regularly writes a detailed article related to WordPress. You can connect with him on various social media platforms.



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Follow These Steps to Choose the Best WordPress Theme


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