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How To Get Content Ideas For Your Blog

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The simplest and the most effective way of getting success in the online world is to produce great and prolific content.

It is the secret to online success.

You have to come up with quality content, and that’s too on a regular basis.

There is no other way round.

You simply have to come up with “enough” content for your blogs so as to keep them alive and full of visitors.

“Content is King” for sure, and you probably know this fact, but it sometimes becomes achallenging task to come up with great content ideas.

Even the most competent writers suffer from what is known as writer’s block.

They simply don’t have any clue what to write for their audience.

Most bloggers at some point of time in their blogging career face this problem.

They don’t get any inspiration to write unique and quality content for their targeted audience. They don’t have any fresh blog content ideas with them. Even a research conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs brings out this very fact. The study revealed that more than 50 percent of small businesses, bloggers, and even enterprise businesses have admitted that producing enough content is a content marketing challenge for them. The reason behind this is pretty obvious. They do not have any new content ideas with them.

So the problem of getting new content ideas is a daunting one and needs to be tackled effectively.

However, there is a silver lining to it.

There are many techniques which when followed will help you to come up with new content ideas and will make the content marketing process easy for you.

If you are one of those who find it difficult to get content ideas for your blog posts, then read on as we present you numerous ways of getting new content ideas that will help you to touch new heights of success in the online world.

How To Get Content Ideas For Your Blog.

Different ways to get Content Ideas

1. Ask Your Followers – You eventually write for your followers or target audience. So it is a great idea to ask them what they want in your blog post. They have their questions, needs, goals, and it is always better to develop content around it so as to answer their doubts and queries. You derive two fold advantages out of it. First, you get blog content ideas, and secondly your blog content is instantly liked, shared and promoted by your targeted audience.

2. Facebook Group – This can be another very powerful medium for getting blog content ideas. So go on and build your Facebook Group. Make a point to encourage conversation and keep on adding people. As your Facebook Group grows, you get to have numerous new ideas for your blog. Their very questions and posts will serve as a guideline for new content ideas for you. You can also join other Facebook groups related to your website Niche to get some more content ideas.

3. Use Blog Search Engines – Blog search engines like Technorati, BlogCatelog can help you with niche specific content ideas. You can segment your search according to your niche and then you can find blogs matching your category or niche. You can derive inspiration from all the related blogs in your niche and then it becomes easy for you to create new content ideas from it.

4. Search for Infographics – Infographics can serve as a great starting point for new blog content ideas. You can get lots of infographics related to your topic on Pinterest. So if you are searching for content ideas on social media, you just have to type in the search term (here, social media) followed by infographics and you are bound to get hundreds of awesome infographics on your topic.

5. Use Forums – Forums are a storehouse of information. In Forums, people come for solutions to their problems. They ask questions and get relevant and useful answers for it. Forums can be your goldmine for new content ideas too. The information supplied in Forums can be used for creating blog content ideas. You get to know what people are asking and looking for and so can frame your content ideas and posts around it. For this, you have to search the Google to find out forums related to your topic. You need to key in “(your topic) forum” in Google and hit enter. Check out the top results which have loads of views and replies. You can then use this information to create new ideas for your blog posts.

6. Check Out Quora – Quora can be another great place where you can find hundreds of content idea related to your niche. It presents several articles related to a topic and so you get to have diverse points of views. Your knowledge is enriched, and you feel encouraged to come up with unique and new content ideas. So you need to look out for Quora topics that relate to your specific niche.

7. Read Other Blogs in Your Niche – One of the key techniques of becoming productive and creative is to read other blogs in your niche. This helps to enrich your knowledge and thus make it easy for you to come up with new content ideas on a regular basis. You should develop the habit of visiting new blogs (in your niche) daily. This way you come to know on what topics the other bloggers are writing and also get a chance to connect with their owners.

8. Blog Comments – It is another place from where you can get content ideas for your blog posts. So you should make a point to go through the blog comments whether it is from your own blog or it relates to some other blogs. Blog comments are filled with user’s views and feedback and can serve as a starting point for new blog posts.

9. Content that you have already shared on Twitter – Find out which of your blog posts have got the most number of tweets or retweets. Carry out further research on such posts and topics and come up with entirely new content based on them.

10. Do Keyword Research – You should carry out keyword research to find out low competition keywords in your niche and base your articles or blog posts around them. You can take the help of free keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner.

11. Use Stumble Upon – Stumble Upon provides “Discover” option which you can use to find latest trends and content specific to your own niche.

12. Check Out Speaking Events – Speaking Events can be considered a goldmine of the latest information. So check out webinars, workshops, and podcasts which can turn out to be a source for endless content ideas for you.

13. Use LinkedIn – You can join groups on LinkedIn which are related to your niche. They can help you with various topics on your niche. It will be most appropriate for you if you join LinkedIn Groups with many members and active discussions.

14. Search for Top Blogs in your Niche – Finding the top blogs in your niche helps tremendously to come up with new blog post ideas. So do a little bit of Google and find out top blogs in your niche. Then search for such posts, which have lots of comments and interaction which signifies that they are popular and be used for content creation ideas.

15. Recycling Your Own Content – The Internet is fast paced and changes quickly. It might happen that the content you had created earlier might have become outdated and needs an update. It is a good idea to recycle your own content so that it remains relevant for your visitors. You can update your blog post, do a podcast on it, include a video, etc.

16. RSS Feed – You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed of some of the top bloggers in your niche so that you always have fresh content ideas with you.

17. Yahoo Answers – It is very good source of information. You can check out which questions have been answered and can further use them as new content ideas.

18. Guest Posting – If you do not wish to do research or lack the zeal to write, then you have another viable option of Guest Posting. You can invite friends in your niche to do guest posting for you. This way you can get new content for your blog.

19. You Tube – You can embed videos from You Tube into your own blog. You can even add a summary to it and go on to enumerate important points discussed in it. By this way, you can get a content idea and relevant video for the content.

20. Study the Leaders – You can study leaders in your industry. They are a storehouse of information. You can learn many important aspects related to your niche. This way you can enrich your knowledge.

So you see that there are numerous ways in which you can get content ideas. However, you should be selective in choosing the techniques for finding new content ideas for your blog posts so that you can take full advantage of the methods with minimum investment of your time and efforts. You have to make sure that you never run out of content ideas. The different ways of getting content ideas as described above will help you to be full of content ideas at all times. This way you will be able to deliver unique and quality content and that too on a regular basis.

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How To Get Content Ideas For Your Blog


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