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Easy and quick way to Speed Up your Website

Nothing is annoying than a Slow website. Right??

A slow website is not preferred by the end-user and gives a bad impression to search engines about your business. This means it will surely bring the website’s lower ranking in search engine results. This leaves minimum page views and low conversion rate optimization.

Do you have a website?

If yes, as a website proprietor, the impact of the website speed on traffic, conversion, and revenue must be checked properly. Based on the research, 47% of people loves to visit the website that loads instantly, i.e. less than two seconds and 40% of people will get away from the site if it takes more than 3 second to load. Since they do not desire to spend much time in a slow website, website speed should be taken in the main concern.

Let’s find out what’s slowing website speed

1.Ad network code

Ad revenue might be advantageous for your bottom line yet ad network code most of them which are based on JavaScript makes your web page slower.

2.Analytics tags

Analytics is very worthy but based on JavaScript the analytics tags may harm the loading time of web page. Luckily, there are many analytics providers offering effective delivery yet most of the publishers boost inadequate using various analytics providers needlessly.

3.Bloated HTML

Bloated HTML does not just rise the quantity of data that should be transferred to your uses, it can cause noteworthy influence on the performance of JavaScript while you manipulate the DOM.

4.Forgetting to Gzip

If your server is not configured to go along with Gzip compression to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, you are likely to transfer an expressively larger amount of data than you are expected to.

5.Public network for private data transfer

One of the key things most of the publishers carry out while starting to scale is to split their website and database server. Yet, most do not connect to using a private network, developing a great blockage and point of failure, which can imply influence the performance of your web page.

6.Un-optimized images

On an image-heavy page, around 5-10% reduction in the file size per image will surely have a visible impact.
Are you looking for easy way to speed up your website speed?
Here, in the article, I will be sharing some effective ways to speed up your website. Better backup your website before following with these steps as some of the steps might need editing file which can harm the website.

Let’s get into the points that illustrate easy way to improve your website speed:

1.Resize images before uploading

Generally, the image size makes a great difference to website speed. Larger images and content makes your website speed slow. And, without an image, the website looks boring. So, instead of removing them better start optimizing and resizing the image before you upload them.

When you are using Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, you likely notice you are allowed to upload the image at full size then adjust the display size in your website’s backend.

And, if you upload the image without resizing then the website can slow down. To get rid of this, better resize the images before uploading them to the website.

2.Eliminated unwanted plugins and Add-ons

Unwanted Plugins and add-ons will slow down the website speed and if you are using blogging CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Remember, it is not only about the number of plugins you have installed on the site but also quality.

A website that consists of 50 plugin loads faster compared to the website with 10 plugins if you use the plugins with minimum scripts, styles and the plugins that work on the different types of remote requests and includes additional database queries to all the pages of your site.

Truly, plugins improve the functionality of a website and it is essential to use the plugin that is necessary.

3.Be sure your website’s script are updated

Based on the CMS or eCommerce platform your website used, you may require checking regularly determining whether new releases of website scripts are available. If they are, upgrading website instantly is a wise step.

Website script always works to improve the code for future releases, mostly while dealing with website speed. To update your script to the recent version could become durable, reducing the coded roadblocks that avoid your website to load instantly.

4.Advance your hosting plan

So, are you aware of your hosting plan?
This is one of the easiest ways to improve your website speed checking out your server. Usually, when you first start the process, you go for cost-effective solutions and sign up for shared hosting.

Yet, with the increase in the website usage and content, the website becomes slower. Also, you can encounter this by improving your web hosting plan and proceeding towards the dedicated hosting plan.

5.Allow Caching

Caching assures an instant experience for your website visitors by loading a version of your website on the browsing and operating than to the version till the website is updated and you attempt it to refresh the version of the website when they are obliged.

Besides, allowing caching for your website can improve its speed expressively, and based on the research, it is said that, to enable a full cache for a website reduces the website loading time. There are lots of techniques for enabling website caching based on the platform you use.

6.Install Google PageSpeed on your server

The PageSpeed is an open source server module from Google that will automatically optimize the speed of your website, making the modification on your server and file, applying website performance best approach without needing you to carry out anything.

If you are a tech expert, you can Install Google Pagespeed by yourself. If you do not have much tech knowledge, then you have to ask your web host or developers to install it for you.

7.Optimize your database regularly

This is mostly ignored, but one of the most influential ways to improve your website speed. It is usually operative if you use WordPress or any other CMS they depend deeply on database usage.

Some CMS and plugins you install depend on your database to save data, this enhances the data stored in your database as you use a plugin that slows down the speed of your website. This particularly puts on the plugins that save logs, statistics and user data. Indeed, you can speed up website by cleaning up your database and optimizing it on a regular basis.

Wrapping Up,

Since, the average internet connection speeds increase over the globe, website users are becoming less and less easy-going of slow load times. Simultaneously, search engine Google has specified clearly that it likes to reward fast websites with advanced positions in the organic search results.
After following the above points, your website surely speeds up. If you know more about apart from above, please let me know commenting in the box below.

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Easy and quick way to Speed Up your Website


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