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5 Tools Everyone In The Augmented Reality App Development Industry Should Be Using

Before getting in depth about the best Augmented Reality app development tools, let us first understand what does AR app development means?


Augmented Reality simply means making use of the virtual media with respect to the real world objects. This target can be achieved by combining the effects of the image captured by making use of the phone’s camera.

This helps us capture the real world object and then combine them with the virtual objects to get the final image. This technology is getting wider acceptance and also is turning out to be far more advanced and well-developing.

Various applications exist in the market today that showcase their characteristics over various areas of businesses ranging from marketing to education.

This year might prove to be one lucky me for this industry as it is being backed up by Google and Apple this year for they have developed their own open-source frameworks to strengthen the mobile app development through the AR app developers.

With a high edge competition being faced by both the companies, the only beneficial phase coming up is the AR app development.WIth such is coming up form the technology sector, let us consider some of the best tools for the mobile app development:



kudan Ar apps

Kudan and Vuforia(which has been discussed in the later part of the blog are considered to be each other’s, major competitors. However, it works on both the platforms effectively, that is Android and iOS. This tool proves to be a very competent one with the information of the market spokesperson. Let’s check out some of its major features.


  • It is fully functional with the high-quality 3D Graphics also equipped with the tools shader and texture morphing.


  • It proves to be functional with both market-less and market-based tracking.This, in turn, allows the users to be able to use the 3-dimensional content in its true form and in true-environment.


  • This has been made agile so that it can be used in a number of ways such as being embedded in the chipset or having a head-mounted display.


  • It also proves out to be supportive of various cameras sensors such as allowing the virtual content to be telecasted on the destined location.

Despite the good features, it also has its own set of drawbacks such as the major app crashes,  problems with the Crash Editor or problems with the test-licensing key installation.The licensed version of the application is priced for $1230 whereas a free testing version is also available for its customers.




As discussed before, Apple now has its own framework for the AR app development, entitled as ARKit. The high scalability of the app makes it a marketable product in the industry. It has a higher reach for the audiences, despite being a platform only for the Apple devices. Let’s check out its features:


  • High-end understanding of the scene and light estimation.It comes up to be providing excellent services with the plane surfaces.


  • This system is well-equipped with the True Depth camera to determine the accurate positions and expressions of the face of the user, that helps to apply original effects in real time.


  • Vio, that is the VIsual Inertial Odometry is used as a merge tool to fuse up the camera sensor data along with the Core Motion data to measure the accurate movements without any disturbances.


As the Apple devices these days come well-equipped with the A9, A10, and the A11 processors, this kit provides to be an effective tool for development purposes.Its executions mainly depend on the power of the heavy computing that Apple is taking extensive care of.

The best part about this is that it is totally free.Thus, this application seems to be catalyzing the AR app development procedure.Hence, it comes up as a great tool for the developers.

Vuforia :


Vuforia ar app

Vuforia is considered to be the leader with the Augmented Reality app development. This has been proving a full support to a large number of the variety of platforms such as Android, iOS, UWP and Unity Editor to name a few.Some of its eye-catching features are:

It helps to play the videos based on the various specifications that are being provided to the software.


It has its own set of unique barcodes which have been entitled as the VuMarks. These VuMarks have the function of encoding the data as well as can also be used as markers.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

It comes up with the efficiency to identify both 2D as well as 3D objects such as boxes, cuboids, planes, cylinders etc with the help of the Vuforia Object Scanner.

For faster processing, this can be integrated with cloud solutions.

The SDK for this software is available for free, but it has its own set of limitations in the watermarks as well as the functionality. To get the maximum out of Vuforia, one needs to go for the commercial licenses that would cost around $99/mo for the cloud one and $499 for one time per application.



Wikitude ar mobile app

This is another masterpiece for the Augmented reality development; for along with its usability for the Android as well as iOS platform, this can even be used for the smart glasses.This software also has its own SLAM technology which helps to render the 3D images. Let us have a look at some of its features:

  • Significant backend development for the geo-referenced data.


  • High-quality image recognition and tracking( based on SLAM)


  • Keeps the database of images for faster-processing and easier identification.


The all-new Wikitude SDK 7 comes up with advanced camera positioning, better positioning, and advanced camera options.Wikitude comes up with a free trial version that is inclusive of all the features only depriving it of the watermark; whose pricing starts from 1990 euros.However, it does not support the Unity Editor, that results in the further complication of the augmented reality development.




This can be considered as a software developer because of the cold-war prevailing between Google and Apple.This was launched by Google right after Apple came up with the ARKit.Thus, because of the existing rivalry between the both, it is considered to be a major threat to ARKit.

IT has wider reach as it is available on all the Android devices(that is Version 7.0 and more). However, we can not say more about it as it is merely at its initial stage now. And once it comes out in its full form only then its effectiveness can be brought to discussion in full form.


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5 Tools Everyone In The Augmented Reality App Development Industry Should Be Using


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